Wednesday, February 11, 2009

France vs. Argentina (Highlights & Goals)

Sebastian was right, keep those words aside and just let the video do the talking. I just hope the good people at YouTube will not remove this video.
Viva La Argentina!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello All

Congrats on the win, I think the team played the best rhythm in the last 5 minutes of the first half

I think after the first goal 40th minute the maradona orchestra was at its best

I am very very very glad that finally we have a decent goal keeper; he did extremely well in the game.

The defense is in a better state than before but still some gaps have to be managed.

And I believe the team needs to speedin up the pace of play.

Overall it was a nice match beautiful touches by messi and kun

viva la Argentina
Mohammad O. ali

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birth To Batistuta! Feb 1st was his birthday.


Poor goalkeeping performance by Mandanda.

Anonymous said...

Superb goal from Lionel Messi. Gago and Mascherano play well in midfield battle with the France midfielder.

Sir Raul