Thursday, February 19, 2009

Son of Kun. Grandson of Diego. Welcome Benjamín!

Welcome to the world, Benjamín AGÜERO MARADONA!

Today in Madrid, at the Clinica Montepríncipe, Giannina MARADONA, Diego's youngest daughter and Sergio AGÜERO's woman, gave birth to her first child.

The Atletico Madrid striker skipped his training session to be with her and Diego MARADONA himself is believed to be at the clinic to see his first grandson.

Congratulations to the parents and here's hoping Benjamín decides to play for Argentina in the future! ;)


Sebastian said...

Well...there's a TV channel in Argentina saying the baby is yet to be born...

They also say his name will be Benjamin and not Leonel.

I'm reading a huge number of written media suggesting otherwise.

Just though I'd let you know of the different versions.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Leonel Aguero Maradona, that's what they have named him.


Sebastian said...

I've added his second name to the article. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

you're welcome Seba.


John said...

Congrats to Grandpa Diego & the AGUERO's!

andaman said...

Congrats to Kun & Gianinna the new parents and to grandpa & grandma Diego & Claudia.

Tonymed said...

Welcome Benjamin
May be the 3rd generation ,Diego ,Kun then Benjamin