Tuesday, February 10, 2009

KUN to beat Carlitos to a place in the starting XI?

The day before our international match with France (Diego MARADONA said there are no friendly matches, but international matches, so Mundo Albiceleste follows his lead and from now on we will also call this kind of matches as "international matches"), it seems that the answer to the question of: "Who will join MESSI in the attack?", starts with Kun and ends with AGÜERO.

Apparently, even if Diego refuses to confirm his starting lineup, he would decide to include one extra midfielder (it could be Jonas GUTIERREZ) instead of using the three short guys up front: TEVEZ, MESSI and AGÜERO.

There are still chances that MARADONA could change his mind and decides to use Carlitos as well as Kun, but it appears that his son-in-law has the upper hand over TEVEZ, another of his favourite players.

The probable lineup could be:


If not, it would be TEVEZ instead of GUTIERREZ.

Regardless of his lineup, MARADONA said he will ask his team to attack France and play offensive football.


John said...

That’s the way Diego!


That’s look like a very strong line up already but instead of HEINZE, I would rather have BURDISSO or maybe give Walter SAMUEL a slot in this team upon his return. Or maybe let DI MARIA start on the left instead of Jonas.

Hopefully we will get to see the likes LAVEZZI, LOPEZ, DENIS and Lucho GONZALEZ given some substantial minute on the field.

As for the goalkeeper, I wouldn’t mind seeing Sergio ROMERO for a change as I’ve heard he has been keeping clean sheet for his club since December. Not bad at all.

Finally hell yeah! There will be showing the match live so it’s going to be an early wake up for me on Thursday morning.

Batigol said...

I don't really like the idea of playing Mascherano and Gago at the same time, it is too defensive.

I also do not like the idea of having small strikers, we should have a target man in front, someone who is tall and good in finishing, like Higuain or Cavenaghi.

No Gutierrez from the lowly Newcastle please! Bring on Di Maria.

I know Carrizo is having a very poor form in Lazio recently... hope that Diego will judge their form and use Romero if Carrizo is not fit.

Just curious to know if Messi will be wearing the number 10 jersey..

My line up (4-3-3):

Zanetti Demichelis Samuel Heinze
M.Rodriguez Mascherano Di Maria
Messi Denis Aguero

Forza_albicelestes said...

I believe the only Chng That I would make is Samuel for Heinze and Romero for Carrizo.Carrizo is being very poor rite now.Also if Diego Chooses to go with 4-3-3 then I would put Lucho in for Maxi.Di mari is still not ready for the NT.Jonas is playing well for NFC so he should be in there b4 DI maria.

John said...

Batigol, I’ll agree with you that we should have a target man up front. And it looks like we do think alike because I did had both HIGUAIN and CAVENAGHI in mind. Having said that, maybe Diego could use Lisandro LOPEZ for that role.

I wouldn’t say having MASCHERANO and GAGO might make it look too defensive. GAGO is well known for supporting in attack, ala Fernando REDONDO.

I have no issue about Jonas GUTIERREZ because he is a good player. We cannot be too harsh on him about Newcastle current form because he is not solely to be blame.

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Anonymous said...

Tevez coming on as a sub in the second half, with his pace can cause a lot of problems for the french defence, who hopefully will be tired after the first half of trying but failing to contain us!

Vamos Vamos Argentina!