Sunday, February 08, 2009

NBA News - Manu Steals Help Spurs Beat the Champs

The San Antonio Spurs rested up before playing the Boston Celtics, and it paid off. The Champion of 2007 overcame the 2008 Champs by 105-99. The Spurs won for the ninth time in 11 games.

Manu GINOBILI scored 19 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals & a block shot off the bench, playing more than 31 minutes after sitting out Tuesday’s game against Denver (alongside Tim DUNCAN, Tony PARKER & Michael FINLEY) with a bruised hip.

“If I would have played in Denver, I wouldn’t have been this fresh for sure,” Manu said. “It was very important for us to get rest a couple of days.”

Manu hit four free throws towards the latter stage of the game with ease despite of all the distraction from the crowd at The Garden. But his main highlight of the game came when the Celtics were in bounding the ball when Manu stole the pass and drew a clear-path foul, giving him two shots and the Spurs the ball.

Fabricio OBERTO only played for 1 minutes plus from which he posted just 2 points and couple of rebound.


Bruno Pongas Fernandes Batista said...

Un gran partido de Manu junto con Duncan y Parker. Gracias por estar siempre conosco en said...

Manu played well. Its always a good sign when he is making 3s. He also did a nice MJ crossover on Ray Allen.

Teach said...

It wasn't a huge statement by the Spurs because they looked like they might get run off the floor at the start of the 3rd. Still, they did show that they can go on the road and beat an elite team. Something they've struggled to do this year. The thing one has to like about this team is they don't scare easily. When they were in dire need, someone always came through, whether it was Manu with a 3, Bonner with a jump shot, Duncan with a quiet bank shot, or Mason's killer at the end. Unlike last year, the Spurs can put a lineup on the floor where a team has to guard all 5 players.

Yaj Nitsuga said...

Agree with Teach...this is a better offensive team for the Spurs than we've seen in awhile. Stats aren't showing it yet, but they are slowly increasing their scoring average as the season goes on.

Bonner has been a big surprise after doing next to nothing last season and Mason was a great off season pickup. The Rook, George Hill, has even made good contributions...he was big early in the 4th quarter of this one.

I can't wait to see where this team is in April.

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