Thursday, October 16, 2008


I believe Mundo Albiceleste is the first source in English to confirm that Alfio BASILE is no longer Argentina's manager.

Only 2 minutes after we posted an unofficial announcement, we can now confirm it.

All the major newspapers and sports websites are announcing it.

BASILE is gone.

Mundo Albiceleste readership's prayers have been answered and now it'll be time to pick a successor for Coco.

I apologise for the flooding of posts, rumours, versions, confirmations, denials and reconfirmations. I've been following this matter very closely and I decided to update the blog everytime I heard something new.

Do take your time to read and analyze the probable replacements for BASILE as I'm very interested in knowing what you have in mind and who is your pick to become the new Argentina manager.


Batigol said...


I don't mind who will be the new coach, as long as he do a good job and:

1) continue to let Zanetti to be the captain

2) use Di Maria as a starter

3) Carrizo in goal

4) Use a centre forward (try out both Cavenaghi and Higuain)

5) Try not to depend too much on Riquelme

6) Messi is a must

Anonymous said...

Such a very good news
I wanted Pekerman to be back .I thought he manage the team very well .Give a chance for the youngster .play offensive and excited style .


Batigol said...

but i think Pekerman was the man to blame for the world cup 06 exit.

Pekerman made incorrect substitutions for our quarter final match against germany to cause us a defeat. The right back position was a problem throughout the tournament due to Pekerman's refusal to bring in Javier Zanetti.

Anonymous said...

Sergio BATISTA is the man 4 me.... i like the brand he plays and gets the best out of players... this is a new day from argentina futball and i cant wait BRING IT ON

p2bn said...

Well, I am not celebrating really. The team played bad but you can't just blame the coach guys. And come on don't say try not to depend too much on Riquelme yet say Messi is a must. Everyone must play his part, otherwise we saw yesterday what happened to Messi also. Football is a team game with occasional flashes of brilliance by individuals. So please no flaring here. WE MUST PLAY AS ALBICELESTE. The individual genius will be a bonus.

I think when Basile took his puff, he knew he was no more. His plan failed miserably and he felt it at that moment. I am for Batista. Seeing him in olympics have made me feel that he can do good with the team. But whoever comes, we must have only one thing in mind, to get the cup in 2010.

Thank you Seba for the constant updates.

Vamos Albiceleste

Batigol said...

I think it is a very good time to change the coach now. Our next competitive match, the wc qualifier match, will be on 28 march 09. Before that we have 2 friendly games, against Scotland and France. The new coach can just get himself prepared before the real action.

Lopez, India said...

I think Sergio BATISTA who lead argentina in Bijing Olympics and won the gold will be the best option .

jOE said...

I disagree with alot of you regarding Batista as a succesor. Not that he is bad but there are a couple that is better. I was not that impressed with him in the olympic. I think Gallego is better choice he seems to know the game very well. Winnig the leageu with three diffrent teams is incredible. I would choose the following. first Gallego, second Pekerman, third Bianchi, fourth Batista, Fifth Simeone.


Anonymous said...

What about Carlos Bilardo? He said recently that he would like to return to coaching.

Why not?

joe said...

My future team


Zanetti Demichelis Milito Heinze

Macherano Gago

Messi Riqulme

Teves Aguero

Di Maria
Lisandro Lopez

batigol said...

Basile was the man to blame.

I did not watch the game yesterday, but the lineup told me that there were only 3 attackers, Aguero, Milito and Messi. Just like the match in Peru, 3 defensive midfielders were used.
It was just too defensive.. how could we come back from a 1-0 deficit?
There were no decent attacking midfielders on the bench for substitution, Di Maria was not even listed in the bench. With Maxi Rodriguez injured, we had no option in yesterday match. Why Lucho was not called up? How about D'Alessandro?
6 consecutive draws, 1 narrow win and a first defeat by Chile in history, the results are totally unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

You know I never like seeing a old man lose his job or have to step down but he had to do it! That simple, he had to step down for the good of the team and its fans. Ciao Basile, and who comes in???


Anonymous said...

WOW Seba a lot of work you put on today. This website is blocked from my work, I come home do some reading then watch the Baseball game then come here and see all of this. You are a scholar my friend!


Seba said...

Thank you Jack. I was inspired! And what a great timing I had. Not everyday you see a change of manager, do you?

Guess which team I support in the MLB? Yep! You're right! The Red Sox. They are the only team with something red in their uniform that I support. I only do it because I hate the Yankees and when I asked which team should I support if I hated the Yankees, somebody told me it was the Sox. I watched the game too and it was incredible. I read it was the biggest comeback in a playoff match in 79 years! They were trailing (and virtually eliminated) 7-0 with two outs in the seventh inning and yet the won it 8-7. It was brilliant.

Back to football. Thanks for all the comments, everyone.

Somebody said BILARDO. I saw him on TV tonight and when he was asked he said: "I like challenges. I would manage Argentina again if asked."

Then I started shaking...

...if BASILE played all 4 from RIQUELME, MESSI, AGUERO and TEVEZ, he may play just one! And things could get really really horrible!

For those who remember just Mexico 86, please remember Italy 90 and how horrible that team was (if it wasn't for the penalties....)

No more BILARDO. Time to move on. Please!

Anonymous said...

one name: valdano

Seba said...

VALDANO? Not in the radar. Much more a business man than a football manager these days.

I don't mind him, but I don't think he is up to date and it'll be almost impossible for him to win the public opinion over.

Chainsaw said...

Batista and Simeone are my choices. As I love Batistuta so much I don't want to look at him just like the way I fel about the last coaches. And he don't have any experiences in coaching so we better don't expect him much from him.

Mohd said...

my preference is diego simeone. my prefered formation (pleeeaaase someone try it):
-di micheles

Anonymous said...

Zanetti can't play anymore. He's not even playing the 2010 WC (in the case we qualify for it).
Cambiasso? Never again please. Heinze, I don't know what to say about this guy. Agüero... I never liked him. Di Maria is a MUST; he acts like a real player, not like a star. I'm not so sure about Tevez, and I think it's probably the same problem with Messi: no playmakers appropriately helping them.
Messi can't be a replacement to Riquelme. He's not that kind of player, and it's time to play a different football (see Brasil, almost same case, Ronaldinho is over), without Riquelme. He was great, but it's over.
Carrizo is great. The defense seems a bit disorganized to me, we need a strong figure in that position.

The coach can be almost anyone; you can play any style you want, it's not that we lack players. Honestly, I don't have a preference, I'm going to support whoever takes the control. Bianchi is maybe the people's candidate, but is hardly going to accept.

Just someone (no 'Simeone' intended here) with intelligence, and without fear. We SUCK right now, so let's change, don't be afraid.

Nice blog by the way, I'm reading you more often!

John said...

Wow!!! This is getting crazier that I though it would turn out. I must say this is coming due after woeful time the national team has been going through. At this moment, I supposed there is no need to praise Coco’s move with loud words as I believe he has gone through enough already for the past 24 hours or so. In a true gentlemen manner, I wish him all the best to him in the future.

Among the names that Seba have mentioned in the previous article, I must say the best that I can think off is either Diego SIMEONE or Carlos BIANCHI.

SIMEONE is young and I believe he can bring something fresh into the table. Inexperienced might be the only factor that he wont get the job.

BIANCHI success with Boca and Velez speaks for itself but I’m puzzled by his history with GRANDONA.

For me the only two factors that I’m keen to look forward in the next manager have to be: -

1) Tactical wizard and not defensive approach

Now why am I saying this? Well first of all I’m not a fan of defensive football but I guess we need someone who knows how to implement various tactics depending on the opponent we play. So what if we play boring football? It is always better to be boring and winning rather than being attractive and losing.
I know that is not what Argentina is known for but then again just how long more do we need go through this.

Apart from that, the new coach must have a plan B all the times. I have notice this over and over again that we often depend on one player always. And things don't work well, everything else falls apart. This has to stop.

2) Globalization

The fact is very clear that while our players are well travelers but our coach don’t seem to have that type of success. BIANCHI was a disaster in Europe.

The best person that possesses this quality is Hector CUPER. I know he is often criticized for being too defensive but he has the knowledge and experience of European football. We need that if we are going against team from Europe.

I’m sure many of you will disagree with me on this choice and I do respect your opinion but when was the last time we had an Albiceleste coach as successful as he was in Europe.

About the idea of a foreign coach, I have to agree with some of the names that were mentioned. But as we all know this is highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

no matter who will the next argentina national coach i think from now on he should the for the world cup and not trying players who haven't the inernational level ;then the sqad should be like this carrizo;romero;ustari;gonzalo rodriguez;coloccini;garay;zanetti;heinze;gabriel milito;gago;mascherano;maxi rodriguez;cambiasso;lucho;riquelme;messi;aguero;tevez;zarate;higuain;cavenaghi;diego milito;di maria and for god sake stop bringing us demichelis;gutierrez;burdisso and diaz