Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MESSI, KUN and DIEGO (MILITO) together v. Chile?

It's not confirmed, but after the latest training sessions, it looks like BASILE will finally pick a big, physical centre-forward to join the little ones on the attack: Diego MILITO.

Hi everyone! After I came back from China, I've been incredibly lazy and all I did with Mundo Albiceleste was to read and watch what John wrote and the comments you all left.

I guess it's normal after two months of really intense work in a place in which everything you see is new to your eyes.

Slowly, very slowly, I'm getting back into the normal rhythm.

Ahead of a crucial game like the one Argentina have against Chile (without suspended RIQUELME and TEVEZ), I want to share with you the news about the probable attacking lineup and my views on that.

I've always been a big fan of Diego MILITO. He came through the youth ranks at Racing Club (my team) and I've noticed some great qualities in him right from the start.

Of course he didn't stay for long at Avellaneda and he started a great career in Europe. He's not one of those high-profile players and he never gets all the credit he deserves, but go and ask Genoa and Zaragoza fans what they think about Diego MILITO.

He almost went to Tottenham Spurs in the offseason and I'm sure they wouldn't be rock bottom of the Premier League had they signed Diego to replace the scoring power of Robbie KEANE and Dimitar BERBATOV.

Instead, he went to Genoa and he started where he stopped after he got them promoted to Serie A before he moved to Real Zaragoza. He is scoring at will.

He's got a lot of tools and I'm sure he can produce at an international level. It's just that he never got the minutes any striker needs to grow in confidence and find the back of the net.

He played some minutes against Colombia in the last Copa America and he scored. Then he didn't have a good 45 minutes against Peru and he never played again for Argentina.

Until now. He'll cross the Andes and will play alongside Lionel MESSI and Sergio AGUERO. The three of them combined have scored 22 goals in 31 matches this season.

I'm really looking forward to see him play give BASILE a valid option so Argentina can play again with a big target man inside the box. Someone that will force opposing defenses to leave at least one central defender to cover him, allowing our speed demons on the flanks (MESSI, AGUERO, TEVEZ and even DI MARIA) to create havoc on one-on-ones. Someone that can really be at the end of the many crosses those little ones can send to the box.

BASILE may be doing this because he has no choice (RIQUELME is suspended and he needs to change the complete strategy because he thinks there is nobody who can play RIQUELME's role like RIQUELME -and I agree-), but for whatever reason, I welcome this change and I look forward to see how MESSI and KUN combine with Diego MILITO (I'd be happy if it was CAVENAGHI, Gonzalo HIGUAIN, Lisandro LOPEZ or any big physical striker but Julio CRUZ).

Let's hope I'm not wrong and MILITO plays on Wednesday and let's hope we get all 6 points from these two matches (Uruguay and Chile) to move closer to South Africa 2010.


johnny said...

Welcome back Seba !! I share your enthusiasm about D Milito. I have seen some of his matches so far with Genoa and he definitely looks in form. If Coco could settle on a big hit man I think it would do wonders for our offense.

Where's my chopsticks ?

Anonymous said...

hey guys
i read an article that's saying that Riquelme had an affair with some Argentine model called Toscanini and that he'll be getting divorced anytime soon.

i have to say that I was abit shocked when I read this because you wouldn't expect Riquelme of all superstars to be doing that?

Is all this true or is it fabricated?

Seba said...

Johnny...you didn't remind me on time, so I left your chopsticks back in Beijing. Just go to one of the hutongs there and ask for Mr. Wang. He'll give them to you! ;)

Regarding those rumours about RIQUELME dating Jessica (or maybe the spelling is Yesica, I'm not sure) TOSCANINI...I heard them too. I heard them a long time ago. What I've never heard is whether he'll leave everything behind to live with her or whatever.

To be honest...I couldn't care less. Footballers know what the deal is when they date models, show-girls or similar.

As long as they perform when they play for Argentina, I'll be fine.

johnny said...

I have heard those rumors about Riquelme as well, dating back at least a year. I have no idea if they are true. But, if true, this might explain why Riquelme keeps running out of gas as a match progresses.

Seba said...

WARNING: Don't open these links in a work environment.

Then why is DEMICHELIS playing so intensely as of late?

May I remind you he just got this girl pregnant?


By the way...this is Roman's supposed mistress:


I don't think one thing is related to the other. At least it shouldn't be. Obviously, if you have some action (you know what I mean), the night before the match, you're not being responsible and you're not acting like a true professional.

For a professional player, the risks of dating girls like these are not exactly on the physical aspect.

The risks come when they have kids and all of a sudden the girls file for divorce and take half of the players' fortune and continue with their careers after boosting their finances and their profile.

Perfect plan for them!

Is it so for footballers?

johnny said...

Seba-thanks for the, uh, additional information. But, maybe Roman is doing double duty ? He does look very tired.

John said...

Seba, great to have you back! Thanks for replying my e-mail.

Back to our topic, let's face the fact. Footballer are just like any other celebrity. They like to indulge themselves in the best things in life.

As Seba has mentioned, that's their personal lives. Just as long they get the job done when they are on the football field.

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