Friday, October 24, 2008

Manu Ginobili (Interview)

Manu GINOBILI interacting with the press during the Spurs Media Day 2008.


VJ Rabid said...

Manu looks and sounds very enthusiastic in the interview. He's probably itching to ball.

O'Dell Isaac II said...

Thanks for your commentary. I appreciate it.

I love Manu Ginobili. I don't think he gets the credit he deserves. He's one of the league's best shooting guards, and the Spurs are going to suffer in his absence.

One thing about the Spurs, though: they take care of business. They are a team of professionals that doesn't play down to the level of inferior opponents. What I mean by that is, even with Manu out, they will win the games they are supposed to win. I don't have my crystal ball with me, but I think the Spurs will hold the fort until Manu gets back, and they'll win 50-55 games.

espacis said...


this is good news but i will stick to my belief that the spurs are only the fifth team to be feared in the west, right behind the hornets, the lakers, the jazz and the rockets. they're getting old. if they're to stand a chance, they need to find the fountain of youth and they need to find it fast.

peace man!