Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is he leaving? BASILE in a meeting at AFA

It's 7:15 PM in Buenos Aires and Alfio BASILE is (reportedly) at a meeting in the AFA headquarters.

Apparently he is there with his legal representatives talking to AFA executives (arguably Julio GRONDONA is not taking part of the meeting but I only saw those reports on the TV).

There's been a number of times in which BASILE has been questioned by a lot of people but this is clearly the first time in which the entire public opinion is calling for his head.

Yesterday's result was not a fluke and it didn't come because of bad luck or against the run of play. Everybody, except a few journalists that sit down with BASILE to have some coffee every second day, agree in that the Selección is not playing the way it should and that we risk crashing out of the World Cup and waste an enormous talent in a generation that boasts a number of world-class players that will be the delight of the fans of any national team if they had the chance to have them for at least one day.

Our players look alienated by the manager. A lot of them don't appear to be happy to play for him and, as Johnny was pointing out in one of his comments, that's the worst thing that can happen to a manager.

I'm not a fan of changing horses in the middle of the river, but BASILE clearly doesn't have the answers he needs to change the course his team is heading to and there is a reasonable 5-month gap before the next set of World Cup Qualifiers (Venezuela (home) and Bolivia (away)) in March 2009 for a new manager to work before his debut and we have almost 2 years to go before South Africa 2010.

Plenty of time to go.

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