Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lionel Inspire’s Barca Five Star Performance

There was a huge goal scoring spree and a number of high profile encounters in the Champions League this week. However the only Albiceleste that shine above the rest was not in Madrid, not in Manchester but in Basle.

Barcelona produced a stunning performance to make it three wins out of three as they brushed aside FC Basel 5-0. In the middle of this there was that young man, Lionel MESSI.

He kicked off Barca’s night with a simple looking first time shot off his left foot as early in the 4th minute. He later became for provider for Bojan KRKIC and XAVI in Barca’s third and fifth goal.

On the opposite side, Basel’s goalkeeper Franco COSTANZO was a busy man throughout night. Among the most notable attendee was non-other than Basel’s very own, Roger FEDERER.


Ir. hydir said...

That is a five star performance from Barca. The dynamo? Messi!

He yet again produce wondeful skill to guide Barca to this victory.

Anonymous said...

So rumor has it that Bianchi will get the job for Argentina hu?


Anonymous said...

I found this game from 10 years back on youtube. Check it out!


John said...

Thanks for the link Jack! I've almost forgot that game. However I believe that match was held hours before the 1998 World Cup Draw...

I thought it was official that RUSSO got the job?

Seba said...

Then you have to hear some "pundits" on the Argentine media saying that MESSI is overrated!!!! Amazing! I wonder what interests do they have in order to criticize MESSI.

Regarding the manager job, I've written a new post about it.

It was never official about RUSSO. It was more a secret I've got from a very reliable source.

But things change a lot and now it looks like BIANCHI is the main candidate.

I don't know whether this will be true or not. I guess we only have to wait and see.

John said...

My response to Seba last comment in the previous article.

I'll be more than happy to see Liverpool win the Premiership as I believe that will be a BIG reward for Javier MASCHERANO.

It will be the best possible way for him to thank Rafa and Liverpool for their willingness to let him go to Beijing.

Now I would like to talk about Carlos TEVEZ. Once again his future at Old Trafford remains to be unsettled considering another big performance from ROONEY and BERBATOV.

I’m very sad that Carlitos has to endure all this after what he has done for the club last season. I hope there can be a solution to all this.

If there is one, then this is my proposal…

Let me ROONEY play in the hole as he can replace Paul SCHOLES in the long run. Allowed TEVEZ and BERBATOV to form a formidable partnership upfront. RONALDO and NANI can occupy the wings. How about that?

Later on tonight, more action from Europe in the UEFA Cup.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was reading that Bianchi was the front runner during work today. I was like oh really, that is good news the man does know how to coach argentine football.

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