Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It is Diego!

I heard him on the radio. Looks pretty much a done deal but the official announcement will come on Thursday. That day, MARADONA will turn 48 and he said it'll be the perfect present for him.

BILARDO will be in his team and so will be BATISTA. They need to figure out who's going to take care of the youth teams now that BATISTA will join Diego's staff.

MARADONA said: "I'll be the one picking the players and setting up the team, make no mistake about that."

More to follow...


Seba said...

I have deleted an anonymous message because we don't encourage the use of foul language here at Mundo Albiceleste.

It was from someone who hates MARADONA and decided to insult him here.

We welcome different opinions and we are up for an intelligent and educated debate but plain insults are not welcomed.

p2bn said...

Well looking at the first comment, its obvious that Maradona always divides people in a big way.

So you guys really think he used his muscle to get the post? I agree that this might be a bit problematic that this is his first time as a coach and that his assistant is a coach himself. But if they can go along, I think it will make a good team.

And Diego had to start something new then just stay there as an idol. For a man like him, staying there, watching the games in sidelines at this age is not enough. Well, We couldn't imagine that he will go straight for the toughest job. Anyways I cant hope for a better way to win the world cup with Maradona as a coach and Messi as a player. But Ahh I don't want to start sewing clothes before a child is born and I don't want to get over excited. Just another coach is what I want to think but it will be hard:->

Best of luck Diego. Hope you will prove our annonymous friend wrong.

Vamos Albiceleste
Vamos Diego

p2bn said...

hehe seba...i read it before u deleted it...yes he seemed pissed off or he outright hates diego...maybe a river plate supporter...hmmmm....