Saturday, July 26, 2008

United To Break The Bank For Tevez?

There is an on going talks right now between Manchester United's chief executive, David GILL and Carlos TEVEZ's adviser, Kia JOORABCHIAN when United return from it's pre-season tour in South Africa. The topic? Well you guess it right as it is about TEVEZ's permanent move to Old Trafford.

The deal is expected to be around £35 million, smashing the previous British record transfer when Chelsea signed Andrei SHEVCHENKO from AC Milan. The move was made after several top European clubs have shown interest for TEVEZ. Without a new deal, Tevez would be free to talk to other clubs in January.

In his first season with the Devils, after moving from West Ham, TEVEZ became an instant hit and scored 19 goals in all competition. He won a Premiership and Champions League medal with the Red Devils.

I must say I feel good about this as United (though I'm not a fan of the club) are a very popular club here in Malaysia. Watching Carlitos mesmerizing move every weekend have indeed raised Argentina profile even more here.

It's good to know that rather than moving elsewhere, TEVEZ will stay with where I believe he feels much more settle and comfortable. And I'm sure this will only enhance his profile of being another legend at Old Trafford.


Robin said...

Oh Yeah John, i sincerely hope the news is right that United break the bank to seal Carlitos at Old Trafford. That's the best thing we have for the beginning of next hard long season retaining 2 massive titles.

Viva Tevez bro! said...

it is a great news for Manchester United and their fans , Tevez is such a great striker and he can only get better playing for a great team like United..

Hey John , can we do a link exchange.. my sites are and -- the football forum.

johnny said...

I would love to see Carlitos stay where he is, so good news. As John says, the entire world gets to see Carlitos as long as he stays put. Good for Carlitos and good for Argentina football.

Dark Joker said...

Despite C'Ronaldo recent crap, Tevez saga seem to be more quiet than ever. Thanks Joh for posting.

I believe Ferguson will be more in trouble if he can secure his deal permament.

For Ferguson, stop being idiot & grab Tevez before you plunge into deeper shit after C'Ronaldo told you that you making footballers modern slave.

Anonymous said...

As I stated in an article on my blog, I think that its a good move for Man U to keep Tevez, I'm not disagreeing with that idea. However, I question the transfer, which I think is too much. I have always respected Tevez' talent, but I think I would see what the market really is before forking over £35 million and considering other options. Fernando Torres didn't cost that much and they are a lot of quality forwards out there that could potentially be available.

David Harris

Manchester United eZine said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. And as far as Carlito's concerned, I am also very pleased to have him pledging his loyalty to us.

Tevez has shown last season that he was more than just a great player but he also has a great heart and personality.

I believe that he is going to be one of the United's hall of famer for the 21st century like Best, Law or Charlton before him.

r1ooooo said...

I don't think he is worth that much. Thierry Henry was only £16m when he left Arsenal, even Milan only paid £18m for Ronaldinho. Their reputation is certainly better than Tevez. However I believe it's a good move for United to keep Tevez at Old Trafford.

Josh said...

The U.S. soccer team is gonna be good Landon Donovan, Brian Ching, Freddy Adu, etc.

John said...

I wouldn’t want to say just how much a player is worth these days because I do feel the pricing is somewhat a bit horrendous and that’s reality my friends.

At the end of the day, if that’s the price that United must pay to secure his service, than I say just go ahead. Within two years in Europe, TEVEZ has won almost everything there is to win in England & Europe. He achieved all this while he was still wasn’t fully owned by United, please take notice.

This just goes to show just how much Sir Alex FERGUSON trusts him and I’m very sure in return, TEVEZ will bring more success for the club. TEVEZ have always been a mega hit wherever he plays and was never let a down in my opinion.

I want to see TEVEZ flourished at Old Trafford the way Eric CANTONA did. Many United fans who saw CANTONA play, fell in love with French football and became die hard supporters of the Les Blues. The arrival of David GINOLA, Patrick VIERA, Thiery HENRY and many more, only made things better.

This is what I from TEVEZ. As a matter of fact, I’m very happy to see both him and MASCHERANO are proving their worth in the rough and rouged Premiership. And I do wish to see more Argentines will follow suit.

On other hand, Franco DI SANTO has been impressive for Chelsea in their preseason training here in Asia. I hope Big Phil SCOLARI will give him some opportunity for the new season.

Imagine what it will be like to see the Argies conquering in the land of King George!!!

johnny said...

Hey, with worldwide inflation, its only play money anyway ! My guess is that ManU wants to make sure they keep Carlitos what with much uncertainty about CR. Carlitos has proved to be a reliable, unselfish threat and a team player. At times, those players can be difficult to find.

Seba said...


During my second day in China (July 20th) I logged in and I wrote a huge comment but I lost it!!!!! Then I couldn't connect again and I had problems with my laptop. After that I moved to a different place (Im staying at the media village) and I dont have internet there (there is internet available but you have to pay 460 US Dollars!!!!). So I'm writing this from Workers' Stadium, which will be my venue at the Olympics.

Beijing is such a beautiful and big city and the Chinese are the friendliest people I know!

Everybody is looking forward to see MESSI at the Olympics and we all hope that will be the case.

I met a lot of people that are big fans of RIQUELME, AGUERO, MASCHERANO and of course, MESSI and TEVEZ!

I think I will have more access to the internet in the next few days and the great news is that I can see Blogspot websites from here and I can comment in this box (I didn't try to create a new post but I'll do so when I have some time).

I wish you are all well and I hope to be showing up here in Mundo Albiceleste more often.

Love to you all!