Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Checho's Boys To Take On Japan Under-23

Sergio BATISTA and the rest of the squad have arrived in the land of the rising sun for a friendly against their Japanese counterpart. The match will be played today at the National Stadium in Tokyo, around 7.20 pm local time.

Much of the time here will be used by Checho to test his players before departing to Beijing. Apart from this, there will be plenty euphoria around team on the availability of Lionel MESSI for the Games.

Them team had a practice session game (which consists two periods of 30 minutes) against a local side, Verdy Kawasaki. Not that surprisingly, Checho side won the game 4-0, courtesy of goals from Sergio AGUERO, Ezequiel LEVAZZI, Angel DI MARIA and Lautaro ACOSTA.

Reports suggest that, BATISTA has also confirmed that the line up for the upcoming friendly game will be the same as the one that played in that warm-up match, which is:-

Oscar USTARI, Pablo ZABALETA, Nicolas PAREJA, Ezequiel GARAY, Fabian MONZON, Fernando GAGO, Javier MASCHERANO, Juan Roman RIQUELME, Diego BUONANOTTE, Sergio AGUERO & Ezequiel LEVAZZI.

I'm not that really sure whether this
could probably be the same line up that Checho will employ during the Games. Of course much of this is subject to whether Lionel will join the team or not. Anyway like what they say, it’s just a friendly game. So I do believe there is a lot more ahead of us after this game.

Unfortunate for me (again!!!) as they will be no coverage for this game on my local TV. But I’m sure you guys will be kind enough to keep me (and the rest of us as well) updated on the game.


Anonymous said...

Current score line is 0-0.

Anonymous said...

where are you watching the match? is it from live streaming tv on internet? if yes, can share the link?


johnny said...

Still 0-0 19 minutes into the second period. Pretty lackluster match. Argentina having a tough time getting any clear shots away, with the best chance being a Di Maria cross in the first period that almost was poked in. Japan has been threatening on and off and playing pretty well.

OOPS ! GOAL !!!!!! DI Maria with some nice work in the area to free himself and makes no mistake. Raining very hard now.

johnny said...

Argentina 1-0. Match suspended due to a major monsoon !

Anonymous said...

This is why Di Maria is my favorite up and coming player on the planet.He can be a very very good player.


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