Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Japan U23 - Argentina U23 0-1 (Goal & Highlights)


jr said...

Hi from Barcelona (Spain). What do you think about Massi and the negative of FC Barcelona? Should pay selections to the player's club owners a portion of his salary? Messi is also a player who is injured much each season. If Messi suffers an injury playing for Argentia it should pay the salary or compensation to his club?
Congratulations and good lucky in Olimpic Games

p2bn said...

Hello Guys!

I was so freaked out about Barca stopping Messi from going but now it is final, El Flea is heading to Beijing. Here's some links for the news:

Jr. Like Messi said, I understand Barca's concern. But there are numerous reason for him to play for Argentina which I do not want to discuss here. Two things will be sufficient. One is that it's his dream and the other is that the rules are for him.

I cant believe you are raising the issue of injury so much here. Players might get injured, live on with it. What is your guarantee he would not have got injured in the pre qualifiers for Barca.

Thank you for your good luck and I hope Barca won't make it another farce anymore. They have got a strong enough team to win the pre qualifiers and our best wishes to you guys.

Vamos Albiceleste
Vamos Messi

Akash said...

Good news that Messi is going to the Olympics another good news is that today Arsenal de Sarandi won the first edition of the Suruga Bank Championship by defeating Gamba Osaka of Japan 1-0.The goal was scored by Castiglione in the 86 minute.This was Arsenal's second international titel after winning the Copa Sudamericana last year.The Suruga Bank Championship is contested by champions of the Copa Sudamericana and the J.League Cup

jr said...

Messi, finally, goes to China. Good luck. I hope that Argentina wins the gold medal and Messi wins the MVP. Sorry for my bad english.

Best regards from BCN.

johnny said...

Hey jr-your english is perfect !!

allan ng said...

Finally Messi's situation is cleared. I am glad that he is now free to go to Beijing as he himself so wished.

People get injured in life, not just in football. Even Joey Barton, who is doing time, gets paid by Newcastle. How about that?

Seba said...

Great news about MESSI! I'll see him in Beijing! How cool is that?

Regarding the issue of injuries...what can you say when a player breaks a leg playing for their club and the national team losses him for a World Cup or a continental tournament?

It's the eternal debate of "club v. country". I'm a big fan of international football and, even if I enjoy club football very much, I would hate if clubs had the rights to keep the best players from joining international football tournaments.

I think FIFA got it right this time. It was harsh enough for clubs to stop over-23 players to go to Beijing. For them to be able to do the same with U23s would have been way over the top!

Come on, Pulga...I'm waiting for you in Beijing!