Friday, July 18, 2008

Some Latest News

Lucho For Atletico?

Wow!!! Atlético Madrid is being serious about the challenges they face next season, both in La Liga and the Champions League. And they are seriously looking at another Albiceleste to spearhead their campaign.

Imagine this. With Maxi RODRIGUEZ, Leo FRANCO and Kun AGUERO (provided that he stays next season at the Vicente Calderon) already there, now comes another star in the form Lucho GONZALEZ joining them next season.

El Commandante has spoken of his wish for a fresh challenge in a new league on several occasions and that has alerted the attention of the Spanish capital club. Lucho has been a long-term target for Atlético, according to reports, with the club monitoring his situation since 2004.

Atlético are now ready to launch a final offer for him after seeing their previous bids rejected, having heard that Porto have agreed with the player on his sale if an offer worth €15 million is made. Lucho, 27, joined Porto from River Plate in 2005 and has helped the club win the league for three times, having been named its best player last season.

I for once would like to see Lucho play in a stronger league and prove his worth to Coco BASILE and get a re-call to the national team.

Barca At Odds With Leo

I used to have plenty admiration for Barcelona and have always regarded them as my favourite club in Spain. But lately, sad to say that is, they have been getting on my nerve just a little too much.

Of course the main subject here has to be Lionel MESSI decision to go the Olympics, from which Barca officials have repeately fail to respect.

This is the same club which comes from a city that has hosted the Olympics in the past and perhaps should have a much better understanding that how important it is for any athlete just to be there.

FIFA has come out clearly by saying that clubs must released their players for the Games, just as long he is Under-23. That's fair enough for me. While Barca keeps arguing that the football tournament at the Games is not part of FIFA calender, and they have a case here.

The latest news that has just come out that MESSI was vaccinated against hepatitis B and other diseases earlier this week in order to be able to fly to Beijing. The AFA has already sent Lionel his plane ticket for him to join the rest of the squad in Japan. So looks like we are on the right track.

My advice to the respective officials at the Camp Nou, don't spoil the player's special relationship with the club. Just let him go.


Akash said...

Yesterday Argentina won the FIBA Americas U18 championship by defeating U.S.A in the final (77-64). the tournament was held in Formosa.The last four sealed a place for the U19 world cup that will be held next year in New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i agree with you John, Barca have a really shitty attitude towards this matter, and if FIFA rules in Barca's favour then it sets a very bad precedent for all other clubs and undermines the whole point of men's football in the Olympic tournament.


John said...

Thanks for the info Akash!!! Another milestone success from young hoops stars. At least we can be sure that there is a future for our basketball team.

Speaking of basketball, I've got some great news which you can read on our latest post.

Back to the MESSI saga, now it gets even more frustrating when IOC chairman Jacques ROGGE made a statement that it is okay if Lionel skips for the Olympics. Apparently they are making an exception for clubs playing in the Champions League.

I keep wondering why does he need to say that when this is the same guy that have always tried to lobby FIFA to have best players in the Olympic? Strange and sad but true.

A final decision will be made on Sunday and I'm really hoping that at least MESSI will say that he wants to go to Beijing.

lex said...


I find myself increasingly baffled by Barcelona's behavior regarding Messi and the Olympics. Sure, the club wants Leo to play in their CL qualifiers; while, in theory, a club like Barca should be able to field an excellent team that's not dependent on any one player, we've
all seen that the reality is that Messi is a difference-maker. (Which second-half-of-the-season match was it where Barca was ahead while Messi was playing, but conceded a goal within seven minutes of his leaving the field, and then went on to lose the match?) But, you know what? Too bad, so sad, Barca! FIFA regulations - not to mention the rules of decency - support Messi's playing in the Olympics. Now, overall, it's no great surprise to find a wealthy, powerful institution acting upon the presumption that it is above the law applied to everybody else, but I just cannot understand why Barca would behave so unwisely and shortsightedly as to risk alienating one of their most loyal and most valued players. Is it stupidity? Arrogance? Obliviousness?

Messi has always been unwavering and clear about his devotion, gratitude, and faithfulness to his club. Barca believed in him, paid for his medical treatments that allowed him to pursue his career, took care of him when he was young and far from home. But, think about it; things have really changed in recent days: Messi's best friends (Ronaldinho [also his sort of big-brother/hero], Deco] in the squad have been discarded, the coach who believed in him has been canned - even half of the board has resigned. Isn't it very possible that Messi may feel that the Barca to whom he owes loyalty and allegiance no longer exists - and maybe even that the current situation is there at the expense of the former? Is his forced participation in the qualifiers really worth this risk?

Messi is 21 now, and seems to be at pains to shed the shy, "little-brother" image (not, thankfully, at the cost of his politeness, his respectfulness, his unassuming manner, etc., and let's hope it stays that way) - which is pretty natural for a guy his age. There have been hints of disagreement between him and his father (the latter's placating assurances after Messi's firm statements about his going to the Olympics, with his dad pretty much saying that Leo will do as he's told), which, again, is pretty natural for a kid growing up.

Of course, I'm not even close to being in on what goes on behind the closed doors of ThePowersThatBe in FCB, but can they really be unaware that this is a dangerous time to set themselves against Messi? So why doesn't this matter to them? And if they ARE unaware - well, then, their whole relationship with their players comes into doubt - what planet are they on?

If the Olympic Committee (or whatever it is) bows to Barcelona's demands, I'm going to be disgusted.

Let the kid play for his country, for crying out loud!

allan ng said...

Seba, as you said, I am very sad that Barcelona, an Olympic host itself in 1992, (in which SPAIN won the football gold) will not let Messi play in the Olympics.

I would be very frustrated if I were Messi.

Jacques Rogge should not get involved. This is a matter between FIFA and the clubs. FIFA said clearly that all U-23 players must play and that should be it.

I think Blatter should have a better look at Olympics Football. It has grown so much now it could be the Second World Cup that he had envisaged.