Thursday, July 31, 2008

Checho & The Boys Have Landed

Thanks to P2BN for alerting us on this great news. So it is now confirmed that the Atomic Flea will fly to join the rest of the Under-23 squad in Shanghai. Now, I just hope Barca will respect his decision.

Meanwhile the rest of the squad arrived today in Shanghai, where the team will play some of its group stage games. Coach Sergio BATISTA and his boys arrived at Huating Hotel at 12:35pm. As the first Olympic soccer team to arrive in Shanghai, they were welcomed by ZHAO Wen, the city's vice mayor.
Checho was given welcoming flowers at the hotel as hundreds of soccer fans watched. All 17 players (minus MESSI that is) were present after a week of training in Japan. They may kick practice at a training camp in Songjiang District later today, but the plan had not been confirmed.


Lopes,India said...

Welcome to China ... Riquleme please smile now ..Messi willbe there now :)

Great snaps man... thanks for that ..

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that the Messi issue is resolved for good.
Nice pics!
I think Messi will get there 2morrow.


Anonymous said...

Vamos Argentina, bring home the Gold, you are the love of my life. Tony (Sydney)

allan ng said...

I do not see any other team that has such a strong squad. Argentina alone has made the Olympics Football tournament worth watching.

Vamos Argentina!

John said...

Alan, you are 100% right about that. Our team is based on the Class of 2005 and 2007 which won the World Youth Cup.

But of course, as defending champions, it is whole different ball game.

Others will step up their game when they play against us.

Brazil too are eager to out their Olympic misery behinf them once and for all. This is true considering how much they hate us for winning gold before them.

The good thing is that the whole Messi saga is almost over. I can't to wait to see him landing in Shanghai. I'm sure things will go crazy by then

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