Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pumas World Cup Dream Alive

Los Pumas created history by qualifying for the Rugby World Cup semi-final for the first after defeating the brave hearts from Scotland 19-13. Even before the match kicked off, the Los Pumas were already creating airwaves in Argentina as the “El Classico” derby between Boca/River had to be re-schedule so that everyone could watch this crucial match.

As for me, waking up as early as 2.30a.m was all worth it and for this I thank God for making this entire magical moment happening during my time.

The Pumas got the first try, after Gonzalo Longo ELIA, who went charging down a kick subsequently gathering a loose ball, to covert a try in the 33rd minute. Filipe CONTEPOMI went on to complete the conversion to give Argentina 13-3 lead.
However a penalty by Chris PATERSON, who has never failed to convert a penalty throughout this tournament, reduced the score line to 13-6 at half time.
After the re-start, another penalty from CONTEPOMI and a field goal from Juan Martin HERNANDEZ made the score line 19-6 and it looks almost certain that the Pumas were on their way to face the Springboks.
But the Scots were rejuvenated when substitute scrum half Chris CUSITER scored a try in the 63rd minute, with PATERSON completing the conversion to bring the score line down to 6 points.

Scotland pushed for another try towards the ending of the game only to see a resilience Pumas defending prevailing at the end of the game.
Though it wasn’t the kind of performance I would have expected from the Pumas (after last week superb display against the Irish) but being "A quarter Scottish" myself I am extremely happy the way both sides performed.



Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Argentina in Thailand. I never watched the rugby match until this tournament. I am so excited for Los Pumas. I hope that they will go all the wat through.

I can watch the live match on my cable TV.

Anonymous said...

che, bien dicho tu comentario en "The Times" hoy. Acabo de poner eso:

Thinking more on the lack of coverage The Times' "experts" have afforded Argentina.

Apart form the obvious obsession they have with England, the coverage of all other teams has been the worst type of sporting cliché-after-cliché.

According to The Times's so called experts:

France "oooh le flair!"
NZAB: "hahahahaha!"
Fiji "Hoorah for the underdog"
Portugal "What great sportsmen"

etc etc etc.

(Feel free to replace Portugal with minnow du jour)

So maybe it is in fact a relief that Argentina has got so far without attracting the attention of this second rate commentary style.

As for "team of the week", it's almost compliment to the Pumas not to be included. Argentina beat France (in France), Ireland and Scotland AS A TEAM, and there's no great star that shines head and shoulders above another. It is still a team game, isn't it?

Although outsiders they surely have a shot at winning the lot. And it would be amusing if the Pumas went all the way and won the cup, then be a fly on the wall when The Times's editorial crew ask for all the copy this team of 5 has written on the winners! (hint to hacks...get writing now...just in case!!)

John said...

Please check out this article from The Times, I just can't believe this

John said...

Thanks Mark for your comments. Really appreciated.

Okay find, maybe from a sportmanship point of view, I would love to have players from Fiji, Tonga & Portugal for that matter.

But still I'm pretty sure this article was written from biased point of view.

Perhaps the word "Rugby" doesn't come to people's mind when someone talks about Argentina.

If that's how some people feel, I guess :-)

Rio said...

they are going to lose. I'm not allowed to say much about the rugby team at home but I can't just keep my mouth shut can I? :D

Argentina is going to get killed! mark my words. They will get dominated in the scrum, lineouts and at the breakdown. Our advantages is runners and solid defense, but it won't matter because in scrums SA will have like over 1000 lb on us. It's over guys. Be happy how far we have gone.

Ok, no more rugby talks from me.

John said...

Rio, I’m amazed with you. You seem to have some interesting comments to share with us about rugby. So why just stop here, we would love to hear more from you.

But you’re right; it will take a monstrous performance from the Pumas against the Springboks. Bryan HABANA has an electrifying pace on the wings, John SMIT and Oos Du RANDT will be nemesis in the scrum.

Nevertheless I will be grateful with LOFFREDA’s and his boys for giving us a run in this World Cup that is worth remembering for years to come.

But the Fijian showed us that South Africa can be vulnerable at times, we can take plenty of study case from their quarterfinal match.

alwin said...

Hi Guys,

Yes it’s going to be tough against the SPRINGBOKS but then it’s not impossible. The South Africans might have the advantage in the scrums based on their pack size and the second row Lock Forward Victor MATFIELD is a monster. Their Lineout’s are great and it can be tough.

But let me introduce something called the “Law of Attraction” into the context here. If you already know what I mean, then you will understand, but if you don’t then basically, is when you keep thinking of something, it will somehow come through and most people always think so something they “DON’T WANT” rather than something that they “WANT”. If you keep thinking of something that you “DON’T WANT” to happen, most likely it will happen.

Hence why did I mention Victor MATFIELD and not the rest because I respect him as one of the best Locks in the world and position for position he is no match most of the time, but I WANT ARGENTINA to win this game BADLY and I really WANT the force of our forwards to out power the South AFRICANS, I want Patricio ALBACETE to out jump MATFIELD in the lineout’s. We can…Think of it, whatever you are doing, you can visualize it happening.

Now let me talk about Juan Martin HERNANDEZ who has the creativity to make things out of nothing with his splendid “UP and UNDERS” so far in this tournament, and then we have the impressive center of COMTEMPOMI who connects well with Juan Martin and it really give rugby a new dimension. Argentina are certainly changing their tag of being a kicking team and its actually a joy to watch when they get into their flow.

You guys need an appetizer, well the PUMAS with their carnivorous instincts should be able to over the SPRINGBOK…basic National Geographic here right?  Hence it would be a close game and the PUMAS will nick it to make Paris a habitat to remember.

Remember, Think Positive…Think PUMAS….Think of PICHOT lifting the WEB ELLIS CUP…isn’t that what we all here “WANT”. Keep the POSITIVE AURA burning in this blog and eliminate all the negative elements.

Vamos Los Pumas,

Seba said...


Keep it positive.

I loved the metaphor with the National Geographic thing. Very creative!