Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm on my way to the stadium!

Yes, I wanted to write a match preview or something rich in content but my life is a mess(i) at the moment.

So much stuff to do and so little time. So I'm checking out some appartments today (looking for a place to rent in Buenos Aires) and then I'll meet Johnny so we go together to River Plate's Stadium.

I'm sure you'll follow the match through our comments' box and we'll be your eyes at El Monumental.

Don't try and spot us on TV because our seats are in the highest tier of the stadium.

Enjoy the match. I know we will.



johnny said...

Back in from the match. I will let Seba do the description. I hope many of y'all were able to see the match from wherever you are. The weather was great and Chile was overwhelmed by our talent. The great Riquelme puts to rest any doubts about his ability to be a major factor, despite not currently playing club football !

Linda said...

What can you say? Roman proves his doubters wrong once again.

Bismarck in Tainan said...

That's an awesome team the Pumas are fielding!! This encounter is going to be awesome. I'm looking forward to it with relish.

John said...

Well what can I say about him? Love or hate him he is just amazing on his best. And to me those two goals were his statement to a certain person by the name of Manuel PELLEGRINI that he is laughing stock right now.

But there were issues that I would like bring up on our discussion here, especially on our forwards. We should have at least two and more goals but I wont complained too much just as long we have the 3 points.

Both MESSI and TEVEZ were tight up front but the finishing were left to be desired. COCO should have given German DENIS some time out on the field.

Next up the team travels to one place they wish they didn't had to go, Caracas, Venezuela.

But I know in their minds right now, they would want to put everything behind them and this win will prove just that.


Now bring on the Springboks!!!

andaman said...

I watched through stream along with Seba and Johnny. The weather was indeed beautiful. The flag Gracias Ayala was touching. Riquelme's freekicks were superb. He almost netted a third in the second half. He was on fire with his FK which I always thought he's one of the best at this. I agree with john about Roman telling someone off with his 2 goals. IN YOUR FACE!!

It was nearly 5.30 in the morning when I went to bed but worth staying up. Waiting for the post game comment from you Seba.

*This will sound stupid but can I ask about the national anthem. They were singing it too. It sounded different from the anthem I heard, maybe it's the same but sounded different with people singing. Is it?


John said...

Yeah Andaman, it's different compare to the one that I heard during the RWC

Seba said...

Just back (3 AM!). I went to a birthday party right after the match.

I'll post a match report tomorrow and I'll publish the pictures I took. I also managed to get Roman's second goal with my camera (it's a photo camera so I don't have it with great quality and we were far from that goal, but it's worth it because of the passion in the celebration).

Anthem? They played a short version. Last couple of verses.

I'm so tired now. I'll go to bed, dreaming of a Pumas v England RWC final!

Linda said...

Seba, I thought of you when Roman celebrated like that. :D

Anand said... was Romans playmaking roleplay in the game? I know he would obviously have bagged the MOM award by those two goals...but in was he...was he sharp in the midfield?

johnny said...

Anand-I thought Roman played well all around. There was a pass or two off target, but nothing severe.

I agree with John-we should have scored more goals ! Chile was a man down for much of the second half. It may be a taboo subject, but Carlitos, and, at times, Messi, hold the ball too long. Please, more quick passes in, and just outside the area ! In addition, without a traditional big man in the middle, we are essentially "threatless" in the air. I hereby cast my vote for a Crespo return in the future. Coco just can't include every big name striker we have at our disposal, and ignore completely the air. My two cents.:)

Roy said...

Our best match since the Copa America in my opinion. Riquelme was SUPERB, Pato didn't have much to do but actually gave me the sense of security between the posts. The back line was great, Zanetti making a great run in the first half, Heinze turned on the style for a few seconds in the second half. Mascherano and Cambiasso did their parts. Messi and Tevez... what can you say. Great as usual.

Though it does leave a few questions to be answered. We have absolutely nothing to show for in the air and we need Crespo back ASAP. Who starts in goal for us? Pato played good, but I can't see him in 2010. Aside from that, great performance.

Rio said...

Demicheles looked good. When we have Gonzalo Rodriguez back, we should get rid of Milito once and for all.

Mascher sucks at the wing. Just like Heinze. they can get position but can't cross the ball in. Worth a try I guess.

The whole team tried to set Aguero up and he still couldn't score. Not to mention it was against a beat down Chilean team with man down. Kun is an option towards the middle, but not ideal.

Chilean goalie should of gotten a red card. Obvious red card offense to stop a goal score.

Roman tanked the second half.

Anonymous said...

Never happy are you Rio lol? Im guessing you are more of a Tevez guy then Aguero, and you would rather have somebody else besides Roman in 2010. Who will be your idle #10?

Rio said...

Why do we have to play that kind of #10? Why not strategies with multiple playmakers.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty much we do not have a play maker in the middle, and Roman is the best option; and yes he does have on and off games. I rather see him then a Insua.... Before Roman came out of retirement Messi was going to be the play maker but Roman came out and the rest is history. Lets just take this one game@ a time. Argentina has a tough game coming up this coming up weekend. 3 points are 3 points. The team will find a groove and will settle in. Give it time. The days of Ariel Ortega and Marcelo Gallardo are not around for us to have one beautiful play maker. Aimar I can not really rely on Aimar, D'Alasandro well lets not go there right now. Mr Rio, you want us to play in a style that the #10 the middle player does not control the game but a free flowing game? that the whole team can play around each other? I'd like to see that but will not happen.
A few games worry me in the qualifers, away@ Paraguay,BRZ,Bolivia and yes COL. The BRAZ game seems like we always lose 3-1, and Bolivia we struggle for a tie and Paraguay is a team that is a thorn on the side. COL and Bolivia is the altitude that worry me alot. ECD altitude is just as bad. If Argentina comes away with just 2 loses in these qualifers I will be very happy. Lets just not give up points @ home, 3 points for all the games.

johnny said...

In case you missed them: Roman's goals from the other day. Commentary in english !!

Rio said...

don't forget the qualifier tomorrow.
8:40pm EST. Unfortunately alot of channels will be showing the brasil columbia match so we'll have to wait for torrent or use crappy webcast again :(

John said...

Are we running out of left-wingers, someone like Killy GONZALEZ?

If we had one, that MASCHER can just concentrate on doing what he does best.

The wingers can do all the crossings.

But still what's the point in crossing when we dont have a classy tall forward to head in.

johnny said... reporting that Belluschi might start tonight. Now that would be a surprise. Would he replace Cambiasso ? He is certainly much more aggressive. Maybe Coco is looking for a midfielder to break into the area more often. More pressure from the midfield to draw some defenders away from Messi/Tevez/Aguero ? Of course this could just be more from the rumor mill.

Roy said...

For anyone planning on watching it on Dish Network(that includes me), here's the schedule.

Thats how I watched the Argentina/Chile game. No pre-show, no post-match, nothing. Just the match with the GolTV commentators.

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