Friday, October 05, 2007

Pumas Line Up Against Brave Tartan Army's

Los Pumas head coach Marcelo LOFFREDA has announced the team that will take on Scotland in the quarter-final. The match will be played at Stade de France on Sunday.

LOFFREDA has decided to keep the same team that took on Ireland last Sunday.
The biggest mystery surrounding this team was the condition of Felipe CONTEPOMI who has shaken off the flu he was having for the past few days. The illness has forced him to miss two training sessions.

Starting 15 :-

1 Rodrigo RONCERO
2 Mario Ledesma AROCENA
3 Juan Martín SCELZO
4 Carlos Ignacio Fernandez LOBBE
5 Patricio ALBACETE
7 Juan Martín Fernandez LOBBE
8 Gonzalo Longo ELIA
9 Agustín PICHOT (c)
10 Juan Martín HERNANDEZ
11 Horacio AGULLA
14 Lucas BORGES
15 Ignacio CORLETO


16 Alberto Vernet BASUALDO
17 Omar Hasan JALIL
18 Rimas Álvarez KAIRELIS
19 Juan Manuel LEGUIZAMON
20 Nicolás Fernandez MIRANDA
21 Federico TODESCHINI


Seba said...

Superfast John! Good job!

I'm actually at the Marriot Hotel were the Pumas are staying and have just announced the lineup.

I've talk to some of the players but I can't use that stuff to publish it here.

Just shook hands with Juan Martín HERNANDEZ, Agustín PICHOT and Felipe CONTEPOMI amongst others.

Tomorrow I'm leaving France and I'll be back in Buenos Aires.

By the way, Scotland will use the same players that faced Italy in their last match.

On another note, the Argentine fans going to the Stade de France on Sunday, will meet up at the Arc de Triomphel for a "flag party" and then they'll go all together to the stadium.

alwin said...

Upsets have happened yesterday with the dispossal of the WALLABIES and the ALL BLACKS. I hope FIJI can carry on the trend today against the SPRINGBOKS and i also hope it stops there, as then we will wait patiently for the PUMAS to beat the scots...Common Boys!!

Linda said...

Well, I'm heartbroken. You should see what it's like here in NZ: the whole country's in shock. But I'm definitely behind Los Pumas from now on!

In better news, I've taken over management of the Argentina World Cup Blog!

John said...

Congratulation Linda!!! What a great news this is.

I'm still shocked for what has to the All Blacks. It's simply unbelievable.

But I'm sure you guys will bounced back in 2011.

Linda said...


Yeah, I'm looking forward to attending some games in 2011.

sportsthought said...

Hi, now that the AB's have left the world cup, I am fully backing the Pumas.

Hopefully there will be a big party in BA in a few weeks.

good luck!

Yann Riché said...

Good luck for tonight and could be fun to see a final France-Argentina!

Linda said...

Congratulations to the Pumas! Now for South Africa.