Thursday, October 11, 2007

Argentina team news to face Chile

The lineup is pretty much confirmed. There are a couple of players still giving Coco some doubts as to which one will he prefer.

But here's what we know so far:






My analysis:

I love it!

What can I say?

Pato should be playing his last few matches and we still don't have a replacement that stands head and shoulder above the rest.

ZANETTI is a different case. Yes, his age is not an advantage and it'll be very difficult to see him still going strong for the next World Cup. But his fitness is as good as ever and his experience makes him the best choice for captain. Happy to see him as a starter.

I'm curious about DEMICHELIS but I've got to admit that he is looking good as of late. Scored against Australia (Pablo D. will remember quite well!) and deserves a chance.

Gabriel MILITO has the chance to make-up for the horrible Copa America he's had. Not playing bad for Barcelona in their start of the season.

HEINZE? You know I'm not his fan, but should do the job.

Maxi RODRIGUEZ!!! Another player for whom I'd pay the money for the ticket. It's one of the key members of our starting eleven and should continue being so for a very long time.

Same for MASCHERADONA! He'll be back in the stadium where he started chasing players professionaly! River fans love him. Boca fans too! To be honest, he plays more a Boca style of football and that's why he is one of the darlings of our fans.

CAMBIASSO. I need to see CAMBIASSO this season. I don't know which version of him are we going to see on Saturday. But he can be everywhere and when he shines, the team has a lot of chances of winning.

RIQUELME. Always debate around him. Always controversy. Now, after playing a sensational Copa America, his inclussion is questioned because of his lack of match-fitness. Ignored at Villarreal, on Saturday he'll get to 90 days without playing a professional match. The last one? Yes, you guessed right: Argentina 0-3 Brazil in that Copa America final. RIQUELME says he won't suffer from his lack of activity and if he is right, then we are up for a wonderful evening.

TEVEZ. He is starting to show some magic at Old Trafford (last Saturday's goal against Wigan was superb!). He scored 2 goals in training and he looks ready to make a statement to become the target man Coco is looking for. Unlike CRESPO (very unfair with Hernan), Carlitos will have the people on his side.

MESSI will be the main attraction. And he knows it. If he wasn't the way he is, I would be worried. But knowing how well he copes with pressure, I'm thinking he'll know how to use the situation to his advantage. I imagine a very nervy start of the game and if we can't break Chile playing as a team, then MESSI will be the difference and will give Argentina the edge.

Time to debate!


johnny said...

Let's hope everybody plays well ! I wish PATO the best, but would like to see Coco start using a younger player. PATO has a history of mediocre performances in international competition. A shame. ZANETTI-why not ? The WC is a ways off, and if you don't make your way through the qualifiers, well, point made ! I like the DEMICHELIS addition, though too early to tell if he is the long term replacement for AYALA. He looked unfrightened in Australia. Let's hope G. MILITO is up to the challenge, and crazy HEINZE also. It will be great to see MAXI R. on the field. I hope he is pretty much fully recovered. In the recent loss to Barca he launched an absolute missile that probably left V. Valdez with a bruised hand. As for MASCHE, one of our most valued players. Deeee-fense. I hope CAMBIASSO plays to his potential. He frustrates me at times. No surprise that I am a BIG ROMAN supporter. The question must be asked-can he go 90'. And if not, who then-INSUA ? Drop MESSI back ? Seems to me the biggest question for the matches with Chile and Venezuela. And then, CARLITOS and the Atomic Flea ! They should create havoc ! Let's hope we get up a goal early, take off the pressure, relax and play free, inspired football !

John said...

The line up looks the same as I predicted in one of the earlier article that I’ve posted. Man to man indeed.

Yes Seba, I do agree with you regarding PATO’s age but many of our young keepers are not having enough of match play such as Sergio ROMERO and Oscar USTARI. Please bear in mind that PATO is not having great times at Getafe unlike last season where they are currently struggling in the Primera Liga. But for the time being I would still prefer his safe hands to guard our post.

The defense looks very tight and I do welcome DEMICELIS returned to the national team with open arms. Under Ottmar HITZFIELD he is having a much better time in Bayern these days and he would perfectly able to fill in the shoes left by Roberto AYALA.

ZANETTI will still be the best option on the right although my heart keeps asking me “What on earth has happen to Pablo ZABALETA?”

HEINZE doesn’t have the SORIN factor we need on the left but then again whom else do we have that is good enough at that position.

I’m very happy to see the return of MAXI, as he was one of those players that we dearly missed in the Copa America. MASCHERANO will do all the chasing and ball winning with great effectiveness and RIQUELME will do all the wonders and magic to unleash the likes of MESSI, KUN and TEVEZ.

Though the lack of tall strikers may post some issues especially with highball situations.

Which we are left with last thing, why COCO’s prefers CAMBIASSO who I see much as a central midfield player on the left? Isn’t there any out and out left-winger for us to call up? I’m still puzzled by this decision.

Now what do we expect from this game? To play attractive and beautiful football? Maybe.

Or just get the 3-point at what the cause? Absolutely YES!!! No excuse on that.

I’ve been hearing some interesting info that BIELSA new look Chile seems to be promising and dangerous but the again, their overall talent and experience is nothing compare to ours.

EL LOCO doesn’t have the class of TEVEZ or MESSI, the elegancy of RIQUELME and the strength of MASCHERANO at his disposal.

So c’mmon boys!!! Lets start with a bang shall we.

andaman said...

Love the line-up.

Soooo, get ready to rumble, boys!

------What kind of player is German Denis? Don't know much about him, only he's a tall striker. He's the el pichichi in the Argentina league at the moment isn't he?

johnny said...

Denis is known as "The Tank". I believe he has 15 goals in 13 matches so far. He is not all that tall, certainly not as tall as D. Milito or Crespo, but definitely taller than Messi, Tevez or Saviola. Probably could play middle linebacker in the NFL 30 years ago.:)

johnny said...

STOP WITH THE RAIN ALREADY !!!!! Raining as I type this and there has been alot of rain in BA over the past week. Looks like it could be a messy pitch tomorrow. I have seen two different takes on tomorrow's weather. One calling for a break in the rain, the other with more freaking lluvia !! BASTA !!!!!

Seba said...

I was about to mention that Johnny. I want MESSI on the pitch and not a messy pitch.

This could certainly be a good thing for a combative Chilean side. Not the perfect conditions to pass the ball around without lifting it.

As for DENIS, Johnny is correct in his description (not sure about the MLB position, though! ;)

He is the in-form striker in Argentina these days. Had a couple of rough seasons before finding the back of the net almost every week this season.

I don't know if he'll be used tomorrow or in Venezuela, but I doubt he could have the kind of impact CRESPO has every time he plays. Of course, like with every other Albiceleste player, DENIS will have my support and I want him to do well (even if he plays for Independiente!).

Seba said...

Just in case it's not very clear. I think DENIS is a great striker and I don't want to say he can't have an impact on the team. But compared to CRESPO and all his achievements, he's not a match as of today.

I think of Mariano PAVONE (who now is at Betis) and I think he is better than DENIS. That said, when we played Chile (friendly before the Copa America) he failed to show what he showed week in, week out, in the local league.

It's one thing to play and excel at a domestic level and it's completely another thing to shine with the Albiceleste.

CRESPO always shone playing for Argentina. I hope he gets another chance in the future (even if, because of his age, he is not the strongest candidate to be our striker in 2010).

johnny said...

Seba-I totally agree about Denis. In fact, I was thinking of Pavone as well. Both Denis and Pavone are somewhat of a poor version of Rooney. Stocky and powerful, but lacking Rooney's quickness. About the rain, Denis might actually take to a sloppy track pretty well. Do I need to buy a raincoat !:(

Anonymous said...

i would like to see messi on the right as thats were hes best with barca infact in that position hes playing the best football of his life,dont try to change him as hes use to playing their every week.dont try to make him something else ie playmaker or behind the front two.why not try maxi on the left?and definally not cambiasso please

John said...

Interesting article from the Telegraph website

Maradona is bad news for Agustin Pichot.

Argentina's world-renowned footballers have been in constant touch with Agustin Pichot this World Cup – by phone, text or by e-mail – but the Pumas captain is hoping the name of Diego Maradona does not flash up on his Blackberry late tomorrow

"Diego Maradona is a huge supporter of Pumas rugby, and a personal friend, but he only phones about rugby when Argentina are defeated," explained Pichot yesterday.

"When we lose, Diego is always the first on the phone – always to offer support and solidarity for the Pumas – but when we win, I guess he just lets us get on with celebrating. It is his philosophy.

"I had a long meeting with Diego before we left for this World Cup, to discuss our approach. We have to learn everything we can from somebody who has been a World Cup winner."

The great and the good of Argentine football, gathered in Buenos Aires for their opening qualifier for the 2010 World Cup against Chile today, have been phoning the Pumas at their lakeside hotel in Enghiens-les-Bains, outside Paris, with Carlos Tevez, of Manchester United, sending a daily message of support, sometimes two.

Midfielder Santiago Solari, another friend of Pichot's, was not required in Buenos Aires so has flown to Paris for tomorrow night's semi-final against the Springboks.

Pichot has not been so enthusiastic about the various politicians who are suddenly championing the Pumas. He said: "We have a general election in Argentina in two weeks and suddenly I am getting phone calls from people I have never got phone calls from before. They all want to adopt the Pumas

andaman said...

Thank you for the info about Denis [and Pavone] guys. Very informative.

Rain, rain go away. Agree about MESSI on the pitch, not messy.

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