Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Football News Round Up

Atletico Madrid fought hard to beat post Juande RAMOS Seville 4-3, to make six wins from their last seven matches. Their in-form striker Sergio “Kun” AGUERO was on target again in the 17th minute and so was the ever-elegant Maxi RODRIGUEZ with a pile driver shot in the 90th minute.

Diego MILITO, the scorer of 23 goals last season, capped off another fine performance by scoring the winning penalty n their 1-0 over Almeria.

Despite resting some of their key players, Inter Milan defended their place at the top of Serie A with 4-1 win over Genoa. A well deserves victory for the ahead of the all-important clash with Juventus in the coming weekend. Estaban CAMBIASSO was on target in the 50th minute and Julio CRUZ finished off the night in the 88th minute.

CRUZ has often been in the fringe of the national team and has always been in the shadows of his illustrious teammates like CRESPO, MILITO and TEVEZ. Since we need some one who is tall and good in the air to lead us up front, I do believe that COCO should consider him for future Argentina’s assignment. But I’ll leave that to you guys to debate on whether should he be given a recall or not?

Another scorer of the night was Christian LEDESMA, who scored a stunning free kick for Lazio in the Roman derby. The final score, Roma won 3-2.


Roy said...

John, you've read my mind. Ever since last week I've always been wondering why we haven't used Cruz. For someone who's meant to be a substitute for Inter, he's been scoring goals left and right this season. I know some people are going to debate this, saying that he's too old and has no future with the NT team but give him a shit. Zanetti is older and playing terrific. Crespo is the same age and playing great aswell. To be honest, I don't see the Tevez-Messi partnership working... At all. We should use Messi the same way he's used at Barca... playing as an attacking midfielder. Because I really think that Messi plays better when he's behind the strikers.

My point is we should be looking into using Cruz because Aguero is still fairly young and fairly short. Where Cruz has the international experience(lets not forget the World Cup) and is better in the air than Messi, Tevez and Aguero combined(because of their height). So give him a chance, he's in great form.

johnny said...

I have thought about Cruz as well, but every time I mention this to my buddies in Buenos Aires, they look at me like I'm nuts. Comments requested !

John said...

I'm not surprised by the reaction some people have toward Julio CRUZ.

He was fantastic when he was playing for Feyenoord but did not see the best out of himself in Bologna. While in Inter, he was blossoming once again.

But the thing is he just suffered the same fate as CRESPO had, while BATISTUTA was around.

At this moment, I'm not going to predict whether the TEVEZ/MESSI partnership is a failure.

But Roy is spot on!!! Give CRUZ the hitman role alongside TEVEZ or KUN and let MESSI play in midfield, either central or on the left.

It is huge dilemma for any coach in COCO's position on who to play and who to leave out, when the quality is at such a high level with our forward line ups.

johnny said...

Coco was quoted today as saying that Crespo is still in his plans for the future. I think that's good news. Denis is a nice player, but Crespo is still a great weapon and a tremendous poacher(plus taller than Denis). The NT lacks great poachers without him.

johnny said...

A very entertaining 2-2 match between ManU and Arsenal today. Close all the way, and you could make a point that Arsenal was the better team. They definitely look better now since their offense is not tailored solely for Henry. Carlitos didn't get much done and looked troubled by Arsenal's pressure. Subbed out at 76' for Saha.

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