Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gracias Pumas!

The dream is over. Time for the legend to start building up as these Pumas will forever be remembered by the whole world like true warriors!

These bunch of players don't realise yet just how big was their achievement. They have put Argentine rugby in the map and they were really close on playing a Rugby World Cup final!

Yes, they were outclassed by the Springboks, a team that capitalised in every opportunity they've got. But Los Pumas are, in my opinion, this World Cup's biggest winners.

When thousands of kids start playing the sport in this country and in 15-20 years time we continue a movement that really took off in 2007 (because it started a long time ago!), then we'll realise just how important Marcelo LOFFREDA and all his players really were.

Gracias Pumas!


Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby said...

John - bad luck mate, you guys showed you deserve your IRB ranking and should be proud.

Gerry @ The Fear of God said...

When the story of this World Cup gets written in the history books, no matter who is the winner, Argentina will be remembered as the team of the tournament.

Seba said...

Thank you guys.

I have to agree with Gerry here.

I think that you have to consider not only what they did in pure terms of reaching the semifinals and beating France, Ireland and Scotland in the process. What's more important is the impact they had in a whole country and the heights that their sport reached in a very intense couple of months in which people started to learn what a scrum was, what a bonus point meant, what a maul, lineout, try and knock-on were.

If they are also looked with different eyes outside our country, then that's more than welcome.

John said...

Can't complain much, the Boks were the better team. Bryan HABANA was simply out of this world.

I'm going to agree with Gerry, the Pumas will be remembered in this World Cup just as much as people will remember Roger MILLA & Cameroon from Italia'90.

I just hope that this could be turning point in Argentine Rugby of something greater to come.

To Senor LOFFREDA, Agustin PICHOT and Team,

Muchos Gracias and I'm very proud for what you have done.

You have given us more happiness and cheers in this moment and for this we are grateful.

Good luck to South Africa, you can count on my support in this final.

Tony Albertini said...

Molto Gracias Pumas,
1.Your performance and especially your TOTAL committment to one another during ALL your matches was truly astounding and I think that the WHOLE world of Rugby will be inspired by your MAGNIFICENT Performance.
2.Not to take anything away from the Springbox,I think that you definitely all looked tired on that semi-final day;inexpliquable-was it a bad day at the office?
3.Be assured that if you can continue with this HIGHEST QUALITY of play that you will DEFINITELY lift the The World Cup Trophy,it`s merely a matter of WHEN.
4.As a Londoner born and bred,I will always support England first,but be assured that you have one new fan.
PS.Finally,as a Classical Singer,I am just about to Purchase a Music score book of National Anthems and in In Honour of the PUMAS,and their INCREDIBLE INTEGRITY on the field of play,I shall be learning the National Anthem of ARGENTINA,First.
PPS.Thank you for a Superb Spectacle to ALL the PUMAS and their first class management.

May God Bless You All,


Tony Albertini.