Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UCL - Group Stage, Round 1 (Goals)

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Kun's double strike against PSV

Culio and Cluj shocker in Rome

Consolation from Abraham in Basel


Atléti1903 said...

Buenas,el Kun hizo muy buen partido y marcó 2 goles,y ganados en nuestro regreso a la Champions League,sobre Culio,sorprendente la victoria de su equipo con sus goles al Roma,venga,saludos!

A.G.M.DINAMO. said...

Hello,my dear John,and first of all,thank's for your comment posted on my blog.
And no,you don't need to apollogize
for writing in English,as you can see,I also can write and understand this language;).
But I don't know what you've learned from my post about CFR,since it has been wroten in Romanian.You've asked me what's my opinion on their performance.Well,as I said,I bow before them showing admiration and respect.
I've noticed that you are an Argentina fan.I don't know if you are established in this country,but still,I must declare my sincere respects for the great people that made history in every sport on this planet.
To end my comment,well,what can I say about you asking me how far will I think CFR will go in the's reall to early to tell.You must know that everyone here in Romania didn't thought that they will have a chance against Roma.It all depends on how will play against Chelsea in 2 weeks time.
By the way,here in Romania there is talk about naturalization Culio to play on Romania national team,which means that were are all aware of it's great talent,tehnique and profesionalism.Great player this Culio is!
So 10x for your comment again and hope I'll here from you in the near future.Take care and have a pleasant day!;)

Faku-Diablo said...


the videos don´t work any more, man!!...

just to let you know!...

Good Blog Man!.

bye! said...

videos don`t work :)

dragao vila pouca said...

John retribuo com todo o prazer a tua visita ao meu blog.Desculpa ser em português.
Espero que coloques as imagens do F.C.Porto-Fenerbahçe e os golos dos argentinos:Lucho e Lisandro duas referências do clube dos Dragões.
Um abraço

Anonymous said...

nice blog
try to find the goals of licha and lucho of fcporto you will easly find it on youtube... that was hansom against fernebake

Anonymous said...

Gago out for a month. He will likely miss the next WCQ..