Thursday, September 18, 2008

Davis Cup - Argentina Ready To Face Russia

Repeat or Revenge?


This is the question that will be running in every Albiceleste supporter's mind when Argentina takes on Russia in the upcoming Davis Cup semi-final.


I'm sure many of us still remember that painful defeat from the 2006 final. David NALBANDIAN gave a heroic performance in Moscow against the likes of Marat SAFIN and Nikolay DAVYDENKO to force Russia until the final game.


Now fast forward to 2008, let's hope that this time, the table will turn in our favour.


For a start, this time we will have home court advantage, something which the Russian may not want to think about too much. The last time when both sides met in Buenos Aires was back in 2003, the Russian were hammered 5-0 in the World Group stage. 


It is confirmed that ALL tickets has been sold out at the 14,000 plus Estadio Parque Roca, for almost like a month ago.


The Team


Team Captain Alberto MANCINI has selected a strong line-up which consists of David NALBANDIAN, Agustin CALLERI, Guillermo CANAS and teen sensation Juan Martin DEL POTRO.


As always, the focal point for this team has to be NALBANDIAN, being our top seed. However just like last year, 2008 has not been kind to him. His form has been poor and unpredictable but improves recently. So if there is a time for him to come out of his bad patch, that time is now (remember his back to back Master series triumph).


However unlike previous Davis Cup teams, the spotlight this time will also be on another player besides NALBANDIAN. The young DEL POTRO is already having a great summer and a splendid run in the recent US Open. His versatility to play on both clay and hard court has given MANCINI an extra edge to this team. He provides this team a second option and should ease the pressure on everyone else.


While the likes of CALLERI and CANAS are seasoned campaigners in the Davis Cup. Their experience will be crucial as ever.


By the way, here is an interview with NALBANDIAN, CANAS & DEL POTRO.


Is This Our Year?


I have a strong feeling about this, but I will only choose to answer this question only after this tie has been completed. There has been a solid sentiment on this from many in the tennis circles including the great Guillermo VILAS.  


At the moment, things are not looking good for the Russians. Their top players SAFIN and Mikhail YOUZNY are not in the team. The only problem that I foresee is that they too can be dangerous playing on clay.


MANCINI has confirmed that both NALBANDIAN and DEL POTRO will start as the singles players on Day 1. If both players can win their respective matches, than we are just one step away from the Final. After that, it will be carnival atmosphere at the Parque Roca.


The following are the fixtures that will take place for the next three days


Friday – 19/09/2008


Juan Martin DEL POTRO v Nikolay DAVYDENKO


Saturday – 20/09/2008



Sunday – 21/09/2008


Juan Martin DEL POTRO v Igor ANDREEV


Of course, our unofficial Chef De Mission for the 2008 Beijing Olympic contingent, Diego MARADONA is also expected to be there leading the partisan crowd.

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Soo far this is the best sports blog i`ve read soo keep up the good work. After ypu posted to my blog i`ve been reading your articles. Good job

Reem said...

Hi John... Thanks for checking out my blog.
Nalbandian just won for Argentina their first point.. Congratz!! I think Nalbandian is close to unbeatable at home... Del Potro will have a tough test ahead of him but Davydenko has been far from his best. I have a feeling Del Potro has a strong chance against him...

Akash said...

Juan Martin Del Potro made his Davis Cup debut by defeating Nikolay Davydenko in straight sets 6-1,6-4 6-2 as Argentina go 2-0 up against Russia.

Louro said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog.
Only can say that, Lucho Gonzalez is , one of the best players of our team, and Licha is a greatest striker,and fights for the ball, like no one.
My advise, is to see more FC PORTO games and enjoy tha fantastic players.
Dragon greetings

dootsiez said...

Hey there, thanks for checking out my blog. I'm loving del Potro at the moment, the man's on fire, I think it's going to be Argentina v Spain showdown, I don't know which country or surface it's going to be played on, but if it's on hard court, I'd give Argentina the edge. Since Australia is a no-show without Hewitt, I'll be rooting for Argentina. =)

Karen said...

Love the blog! This is GVGirl from TW aka Kourtin' Karen.

Any word if the site in Cordoba is "official" to host the final!

As a Vilas fan, I'm hoping that Argentina will pull out the victory. Spain will be a very tough opponent to conquer, it's been the year of Spain in sports, but Arg's home field advantage will do wonders.