Thursday, July 30, 2009

MESSI to have a release clause of 250 million Euro

As part of a promise FC Barcelona made Lionel MESSI, the Argentine star will have his contract improved after the arrival of Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC.

Txiki BEGIRISTAIN, one of the club's directors, summed it up when he said: "the price you have to pay to have the best player in the world in your team is that you have to improve his contract every year. It's a fee that is well worth to pay".

Pep GUARDIOLA said many times that all he wants is for MESSI to be happy and certainly with this improvement that brings his release-clause from 150 to 250 million Euros, FC Barcelona have certainly made sure of that.

MESSI's contract will still run until 2014 and according to reports, FC Barcelona will make another effort in search of Lio's happiness to bring Javier MASCHERANO from Liverpool.

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Mohd said...

well good thing for messi. he deserves it for being the best in the world.

i just hope that he finds his best for Argentina and help the team qualify to the world cup...after all had he scored his easy chances in away games against brazil, ecuador, and bolivia we would have been in a much better position...

Mohd said...

here it is guys: higuain gives first indication that he might play for france if he maradona keeps ignoring him:

as much as it hurts, can you really blame him?

p2bn said...

Ahh Mohd. I was going to post the same link and now I am so starting to hate Diego for this stupidity for not letting even a remote chance for a player like him. It's just all going bad now. The dream is really starting to be in fact a nightmare.

Sebastian said...

Well...guys...that may be HIGUAIN hitting the final nail in his own coffin.

Yes, it'd hurt me if he chooses to play for France, BUT, I'd have never chosen to play for another country.

Let's face it. He was born in France while his father was playing there but then he move at a very young age to Argentina and I doubt that he can speak a single word in French.

That said...after I read the article and after watching a recent interview HIGUAIN gave a local TV in Argentina, I doubt there's any truth behind this report.

What's the strongest quote from that interview?

“It's gratifying that Domenech looks to me, especially since the French team is a world power,” he said. “And then there’s Karim Benzema, a great player. So you never know.”

What does that "So you never know" sentence mean?

When just before that quote we read:
“I work hard every day so that I will get a call from Maradona,” the vexed player stated. “I want to play at the 2010 World Cup, so I will not lose hope. There are rumours that I am not attracted to the Albiceleste, but they are completely false. It is even one of my dreams.”

In my opinion, this is just a not very well intended report. The danger with this kind of report is that when it gets translated, it'll surface with another strength and once it reaches Diego's ears that supposedly HIGUAIN wants to play for France, that will be effectively the end of any dream of Pipita playing for Argentina.

Very dangerous article if you ask me.

If there's any truth behind it, then as I said earlier, it's the player who would be signing his "death sentence" when it comes to playing for Argentina.

Now if he really wants to play for Argentina, and considering who's our manager, he better stay away from the microphones and he better avoid a personal battle with MARADONA because there's no way he'll be able to win it. It doesn't matter if he scores 79 goals for Real Madrid this season.

Sebastian said...

There you go...the story is already on TyC Sports' website in a very clear Spanish so MARADONA can read it.

A very unwise decision by HIGUAIN to speak now and to say the things he said.

The headline they chose at TyC Sports is a quote from HIGUAIN who says: "I don't know why Maradona keeps forgetting about me"'s just what I said in my previous will sound like HIGUAIN is starting a battle with MARADONA with a microphone in between them.

There are "unwritten codes" in Argentine football. Things players shouldn't say to the press. Things that are better spoken in a private forum.

If HIGUAIN is trying to leave a door open to France and with that he wants to put pressure on MARADONA...well...he's bound to lose.

And his statements that he would do anything to play for Argentina will be taken as a lie if he eventually decides to play for France.

A real shame that this situation is looking like a potential big fight in the makings.

I expect Diego to be very upset when he reads this and I think he'll use it as an excuse not to call him as he would surely consider these quotes from HIGUAIN as a breach of those "unwritten codes" that are so in vogue in Argentine football.

msi2 said...

Ahaha, this is exactly what i thought, very unwise to speak like that. After Cambiasso, we can be sure now that Higuain wont be part of the squad going to the WC next year (obviously if we qualify) unless Diego gets sacked meanwhile...

Mohd said...

well then, so the status is this:maradona will only call players who are willing to kiss his...

the way i see it,Higuain said nothing wrong.the problem here is that we have a coach who cannot in any way seperate between his playing days and what it takes to become a coach. a "mad" player is what we love maradona for,but the same cannot be said of maradona the "coach". he should not make war with players he should manage them...

Paulina said...

Maradona seems to be good at alienating people. But Higauin has always thrown around the French card. That's one aspect of his personality that has always annoyed me.

Could it be true -- that Masch could end up with Barca? Liverpool would be off their rockers to give him up....

Anonymous said...

I give Higuain a standing ovation. If somebody keeps getting ignored then what do you want him to do? Just sit till he gets his day? Seba I will have to disagree with you. Nationalism is a big part of my life but I feel Higuain is right in this. It will not change the fact that he is Argentine. Look at Camoranesi plays for Italia but never signs their anthem. Right now I hate Maradona with a passion! If we lose Higuain because of this pig then that is it for me. If we lose Higuain to France and as long as Maradona is our coach I am going to stop watching the national team. I do not like Higuain more then national team, far from it but giving up a player who can do great things is another story.


Anonymous said...


Mohd said...

one more thing, Zarate could also play for Italy. Italians are starting to lure him.
it is easy to debate that the love of the country should prevail; but at the end of the day these players are proffesionals and will look for their best benefit. can you imagine Messi being ignored by maradona and not playing for spain for example? i think he would in a heart beat.

Sebastian said... can go on with your standing ovation for HIGUAIN and ignore the fact that he's just being stupid.

He knows what MARADONA thinks when it comes to being loyal to the national team. And you can say whatever you want about MARADONA, but there is NOBODY, EVER, IN THE HISTORY OF OUR FOOTBALL NATIONAL TEAM, that has loved and still loves the shirt as much as MARADONA. NOBODY!

He led by example throughout his entire career and he is being loyal to what he believes.

Everybody knows it and like it or not, those are the rules.

Flirt with another national team at your own peril.

What HIGUAIN did or said was shockingly stupid. It was suicide.

Also...Mohd, not flirting with another national team doesn't mean kissing MARADONA's backside. Not at all.

As I said, everybody knows what are the rules. If PELLEGRINI tells HIGUAIN at Madrid that he should do this or that, he would have to do it, because every manager has his own set of rules. That's logical and very rightly so.

Also...I said in my first comment that I didn't think HIGUAIN's comments were too strong or absolutely out of order, what I did say was that it was stupid for him to give an interview and talk about this sensitive subject because when translated, that article was surely going to make real noise.

But what strikes me the most about your speech, Mohd, is the fact that you suggest that "these players are professionals", because that goes for when they play club football, when it's OK and permitted to go from one club to another and from one country to a different one.

Why doesn't FIFA allow you to play for 2 different national teams? Aren't players professionals?

The answer is pretty clear and I don't think I need to write it down. Players don't play in a national team because of the money they earn, they do it for love and passion (with only a few exceptions).

ZARATE can go and play for Italy if he wants.

CAMORANESI can stay with the Azzurri all they like.

And HIGUAIN can play for France.

I won't love them and I won't hate them. I'd simply don't care about them anymore.

I'm with MARADONA 100% if he decides not to be pushed around by HIGUAIN's flirting with France.

And Jack, to answer to your question: "If somebody keeps getting ignored then what do you want him to do? Just sit till he gets his day?"

No. That player should keep working and shut up. Or he can f-off and play for a different country.

Mohd said...

Sebastian, if for some reason your home country cannot provide you with a decent living, you live and work on any other country were you can build your career and earn decent money. that does not mean that you hate your country, it just means that you want the best for yourself and that would be your natural right.

football is similar, international football is a career by itself and if your country's coach stands in the face of your international career then you may just have the right to move on...

i agree with you that if Higauin or Zarate play for another country than from that moment on i would not give a damn about them. but i WON'T blame them, i will blame maradona for (and i say it for the 100 time) treating the national team as if it was a family and friends gathering.

with all the love we Arg fans have for maradona the player (he is the reason i support argentina for example), the national team is not his property so either he makes the right calls or he should leave.

Anonymous said...

Seba we seem we agree to disagree.

Don't you think Higuain can benefit the team? Don't you think he can give the team more fire power? I am not saying he is the be all and say all of for Argentina but he is a piece of the puzzle. Higuain was one of our best players in all of Europe last year, no?

Nobody is pushing Maradona around, Higuain is pretty much saying "what more do I need to do". Answer me this Seba, what else does the kid need to do? He(Maradona) is making a mockery of our team. Enough with this lets give more time! We are going to lose top notch players and as well as not get the correct team up. He is not going to call UP anybody new. You see the team we see now, it will be the same team we will see.

You state the players should continue playing hard and shut up. Oh that is right Lavezzi had a amazing season at Napoli. Scored a amazing 8 goals right? Ok Seba, you are SO RIGHT, Lavezzi gets a call up and Higuain does not! Cambiasso does not get called up but Gago does. I am not trying to mock you, just mocking Diego. You can not sit there and say well he needs to continue working hard when a lot of the players already have their tickets to South Africa. Maradona was a crappy man off the pitch and is a crappy person as a coach. If somebody can not behave off the pitch and have some kind of class how do you think it will translate into him being a coach. Maradona needs to go.

My alliance and love my country and will never change. However if things continue as they do, I will just watch my Boca Juniors. I can not sit back and watch him destroy our team, I would rather not watch. Things need to change.


John said...

Hey guys, just be cool there for a second. Lets not get into a big fight here because of some players. After all it is the TEAM and all about the TEAM, right?

Mohd and Jack, I’m with you guys regarding Diego’s attitude towards the likes of HIGUAIN and ZARATE. I can’t blame them if they ever decide to play for another country because it is very clear that Diego has been ignoring them all the while. These players have worked really hard to earn a call from Diego and I’m sure deep down somewhere in their heart, it is about playing for the blue and white jersey. And its true, just how long can Diego keep ignoring them.

But I think Seba has a point here on making blunt statement about taking your chances elsewhere when Diego is our National Team coach. You can’t deny just how much he has gave for Argentina throughout his career as a player and he wants the same response from all the players as well. Pipita should have been careful with his words because he could be headed for the exit door (just as the case with RIQUELME).

Yes it is very painful to see some of our best talent going elsewhere when they could so much for the Albiceleste. But should they ever decide to go and play for another country, then I’m with Seba on this. My romance with them is buried six feet under and I will not be too bothered about them anymore. I will stand by my statement even if Lionel MESSI would have decided to play for Spain rather than Argentina four years ago.

I am puzzled by HIGUAIN’s statement for saying that he will wait for the day when Diego will give a him a call and then goes on to say that he might take his chances to play for France. Sounds like he is hanging around the fence and waiting to decide which side he might just drop. I have to say that’s not right at all. If you choose to stick to something and then you stick by it through thick and thin, period.

I’m thinking would we all have this same argument if Diego was getting the results right all the way. My answer will be absolutely NO.

As I can remember back in 2007, we were all hostile towards the very same HIGUAIN about his decision to drop out of the World Youth Cup in Canada. During that time we were getting the result right (apart from the Copa America final).

Lets get something clear everyone, in the end whether it is Diego or somebody else coaching our National Team. Come next year, he can only choose 23 (or is it 24?) players to go to South Africa. It is fact that when we talk about Argentine footballers in general, there are about 40 or even 50 players out there that all stand a chance to play for the Albiceleste.

For instance, lets talk about our forwards. You have…..

Lionel MESSI
Carlos TEVEZ
Lisandro LOPEZ
Ezequiel LAVEZZI
And maybe some more……

From this line up, you can say that each of them do provide some quality of contribution to the table, be it scoring goal, providing assist and or even troubling the opposition defenders. But just how it is possible for Diego or anyone else for that matter to bring ALL of them to the National Team. Eventually some will be picked and some will be left out. Consequently some of us will be happy and some may not.

I lived through my whole life being a supporter of Argentina and I have seen probably the best and the worst moment in the history of our National Team. I’ve had my fair share of failed relationship but that is NOTHING when it comes to the pain which I’ve gone through in 1993 (losing to Colombia 0-5), 2002 (getting the early exit in the World Cup) or even 2009 (against Bolivia!). Yet I still choose to support the very same team because I believe once you’re in it, you’re never going to get out of it. It runs in your blood forever. I hope the same goes for the rest of you, my friends.

messidona19 said...

What a shame that we're about to lose Higuain just like we lost Trezeguet and Camoranesi before. I just don't get it why can't Maradona just call him up and play him just one match and he'll be tied to Argentina for the next 10 years!! I'm just getting sick off this bias that Maradona has towards out of form players! I just hope we beat Brazil though. I want to be able to cheer for my team in Wc2010 and not be a neutral!

Anonymous said...

Prodigy Pacheco scores for ATL Madrid in a preseason game vs Arsenal. Some rumors are saying he may come to Huracan just on loan, just a rumor nothing more.


msi2 said...

No, in the end he refused to go to Huracan. A shame...

Anonymous said...

Ahh thanks for the update msi2. I would of loved to see him play a season for them and see how well he does. But again I think he may get a place with the team off the bench. Like how Bojan and Messi did in the past. And I think he is wearing Messi's old #30 when he made his debut with Barca. There has been a lot of talk about him in the last 8 months to a year.


Anonymous said...

Ehm... never forget that this is an AFA selection, a PRIVATE association, and not an Argentine selection. I don't care where the players are from, and it's not a national issue. These things are killing football.

p2bn said...

Hmm by far the most emotional discussion I have seen in this blog. We have been well divided. But the division is pointless to be honest. Both Diego and Higuain are wrong.

Higuain should have patience. He is pretty young and has time to prove himself. We should remember that Riquelme also didn't got chance for a long time even though he was so good, same with so many other players. That's the problem with our national team; there are just too many good players and the only option is to wait. So just cause France is wooing him doesn't give the excuse for Pipita to start indirectly indicating that he might jump boats. We all will hate him for that. So only one word to him; Patience and belief on his skill. If he is exceptional next season as well, I doubt any coach can say I don't want him.

Diego should have given Pipita some chance; if not in qualifiers then in friendlies. He is good enough to deserve that. And as Diego seems to be experimenting with many players; the question is why cant he call Pipita just for some match, at least for 45 mins. I just hope Diego doesn't start holding grudge because Pipita said something like that. That would be just foolish.

So I hope all the sides would have cool head here and hope we don't loose a good player.

Vamos Argentina

Sebastian said...

To the anonymous who wrote the 20th comment here. may have a point, but then in the Olympics, athletes and teams represent NOCs (National Olympic Committees) and not countries. That doesn't prevent the media and most importantly the fans from every single country in the world, to take those Gold medals as a win for their country. And Olympic champions are acclaimed as national heroes, aren't they?

So, whilst it is a valid point you're raising, I don't think there's room for that debate and I don't think it's right to take this discussion there.

The anthem they play everytime our national team plays is not the AFA anthem. It's our country's anthem. And as long as war, religion or race connotations are linked with football, I think there's nothing wrong in taking football as another expression of national pride and as another way to express your love for your country.

Regarding p2bn's comment, please, accept my congratulations. You've hit the nail in the head and I agree 100%. If you read my comments (not only in this thread but in many of the previous), you'll realise we think the same way.

Jack and Mohd are clearly against MARADONA and they are entitled to their opinions. I've said many times that I'm not against HIGUAIN by any means and in this occasion I just gave you my take on what Pipita said and why I think it was a big mistake by him. Simple as that.

And by repeating one concept, it doesn't mean it's less true. MARADONA is not calling HIGUAIN for non-footballing reasons that eventually can have a negative influence in a team. If MARADONA thinks HIGUAIN is not a positive figure to have around in the dressing room, then it's pointless for us to discuss whether he's better than MESSI, AGÜERO, TEVEZ, MILITO, LOPEZ or any other striker, because Diego's decision comes from his need to have a strong squad without fights or animosity between his players.

Remember Ireland and Roy KEANE vs. Mick McCARTHY? It wasn't for footballing reasons and Roy was Ireland's best player, but the boss chose to have a happy squad in detriment of keeping his strongest player.

If you want to understand this, fine. If you don't, then it's fine as well, but you'll find yourself looking for answers when the answers are in front of your eyes.

If (and that's a big IF) MARADONA decides to call HIGUAIN, I can assure you it wouldn't be before a very long conversation aiming to sort out the problems he has with two Argentina players.

Anonymous said...

Are those two players with Heinze and Gago? Who are complete useless for club and country? Or is it his son-in-law Kun? As long he has no problems with Messi then he should get a invite. I believe if Messi stands up and states I would live Higuain in the national team then the other players should just shut their trap. Maradona should listen to players such as Mascherano,Pupi and Messi, not no Heinze and Gago. When both Gago and Higuain left for Barca, majority stated Gago would have a much more of an impact but it was the other way around it was Higuain who became the star. I believe Gago is a bit envy of Higuain. The Real Madrid fans love Higuain and Gago is just another player on the field. So much for him being our next Redondo.


msi2 said...

Jack> what if the other players are against an integration of HIguain in the squad?

John said...

Correction for Jack! Both GAGO and HIGUAIN left for Real not Barca.

Msi2, the answer to your question is very subjective.

On one hand, it can be a YES because this is where Diego should exercise his power as a coach. These players are professional and owe a duty to the team. It is must for them to leave their bloody personal problem off the pitch and focus with their task on it. Simple as that.

On the other hand, some might say it is NO because why would you choose to bring him and spoil the whole basket. If all the players (or the majority for that matter) give a vote of no confidence about the inclusion of HIGUAIN; then in the true spirit of democracy he should not be included. However do we really know what is the situation in the dressing room?

Either way, the duty falls on the coach hands to justify his decision and produce the result. If not, the blame will fall on him. That’s the bittersweet reality that comes along with the job of being a coach. When the results are good you get appraise, if not you’ll be crucified.

Imagine how would everyone reacted if Caesar MENOTTI did not win the World Cup in 1978 after ignoring the public plea to have the young Diego included in his team.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I just caught that error, I meant Real Madrid. It was almost 2:30 in the morning over here so my head was not to clear after the night.


Anonymous said...

John, hiring Diego would almost been like if Brasil had hired Garrincha(Some say the greatest Brasilian in the history of the game). Excuse my lingo but Garrincha died as alcoholic and lived his life as one. The AFA hired a drug addict. Some people have their blinders on and live in a fairyland and still are giving Diego the benefit of the doubt as our coach. The amount of Drugs Diego has done has effected the brain. From 1983-2004 he was addicted to cocaine and alcohol for that long will be no good. Any book will tell you how much it will effect the brain and making rational choices will be impaired. I could CARE LESS what Diego has given to Argentine football. It kind of works like, "what have you done for me lately", this is how it works in sports. He led us to a WC in 86, Kempes led us in 78. 1990 that was a horrible team and lets thank our lucky stars we had Goycochea. In 94 we had quite a good team but of course Diego was kicked off the team for a failed Drug test and killed the team morale. Pupi as a man has given more to society and humanities. Lets get this through our heads, the AFA hired a man who had(Or still has) a addiction to drugs. Would you hire a person who claims to be clean to take care of your house and children? Why do you think when ex-convicts get out of prison they are given jobs to stay out of society? Do they hire them as bank tellers? No they put them to work in factories. Diego is in charge of something that is bigger then him. He thinks it is a win-win situation for him. "If we win the WC they can hail me all over again, or if we lose it is ok I am Diego Armando Maradona". A coach should have grace and class and which Diego has neither. I will promise you one thing, if Argentina does fail to win the WC and even fails to qualify, Diego will be back in the hospital in less then a year.


M13 said...

I understand the frustration a lot of fans feel for the direction Maradona in which Maradona is taking the team. Argentina have regressed under his management and he still carries on as if it is business as usual. If the team was performing and was in a comfortable position then fine but that is not the case. There are certain players who have underperformed and there are those who cannot compete at the top level anymore.

If the results were good these failings could be ignored. The fact is that the results have been poor and as a result Argentina are struggling. The only team Argentina have taken maximum points from is Venezuela, Ecuador took 4 points off Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Bolivia also took 3 points. Tevez has only scored 1 goal,and Arguerro has not scored away from home. The defence have conceded 8 goals in the last 3qualifiers and the attack has only scored once. After the fiasco in La Paz we expected a more serious and professional approach.Instead the same underperforming players are retained. How can he call up Papa after his shocking display against Bolivia. Its not only his selection of the first 11 that is flawed but also the squad. When Argentina are in distress he calls on the likes of Beregaiso and Montenegro to retrieve the situation.Its a miracle that these lightweight players get playing time and those who make a difference on a weekly basis are ignored. Argentina should not be in this situation and after the result in Bolivia there should have been major changes to the set up.

Next week Maradona goes head to head with Guus Hiddink a man who makes his players perform to their full potential. He is also a manager who can rise above petty differences with players, When he was manager of Holland he fell out with Davids but a year or two later was big enough to settle any differences in the interest of the team. Maradona falls out with Riquelme, refuses to call up Hinguain, Samuel, Cambiasso and plays Messi out of position. There is no creative midfielder or natural striker.

The game against Brasil will be tough but the game as Paraguay will be just as demanding. The national team is not a social club for friends and family. Selection should be based on merit and not personal bias. As explained earlier if the results were good and the team's position was high i would ignore the bias. It is not and any further bad results would make things worse.

Maradona has to deliver or he should be forced to resign before causing any more damage with his biased selections. Mexico got rid of Eriksson for failing to deliver. This is a result business not an apprenticeship.

sirus said...

bad decision for Higuain... Anelka Henry Benz... no space for higuain...

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