Friday, July 24, 2009

Diego speaks

Just heard an interview he gave TyC Sports in Argentina.

First of all, he didn't mention anything about the rumours linking him to Portsmouth. If you ask me, it's all rubbish. That's why I didn't post anything about it yesterday.

Diego MARADONA did say a few interesting things, though.

Here are some quotes I managed to take from that interview:

"If we play in Rosario, which looks very likely, it's better for our players. Playing there gives us no guarantees when it comes to results, but if we can get the support we don't get at River Plate, it'll be better for us".

"GRONDONA never mentioned the name of RIQUELME to me. I know he said something in the media, but I swear on my two daughters and on my grandson Benjamin that he never said anything to me"

"For the friendly in Russia, I'll take a few players from the local league with me. Those are: Mario BOLATTI (Huracán), Juan Sebastián VERON, Nicolás OTAMENDI and Emiliano PAPA, with the chance of adding Sebastian BATTAGLIA too".

"I don't want to risk MESSI, MASCHERANO or TEVEZ that much in Russia, because the Brazil game will be just around the corner and we are putting our lives on the line on 5 September. That's when I want my players to give 100%".

"Martin PALERMO will definitely be on the team for the friendlies against New Zealand and Mexico -to be played in Argentina after the next double rounds of qualifiers-".

"HIGUAIN? I haven't decided it. No way I can call him to play those friendlies against New Zealand or Mexico because Real Madrid would kill me if I do. I'm going to have to call him, if I decide so, for an international match" (by international match he means WC Qualifier or a friendly played abroad).


John said...

Phew!!! Thank God Diego has finally broken his silence about Gonzalo HIGUAIN (about his prospect for the NT that is). Let's not forget Pipita's recent pledge to play Argentina, all this gives me great confidence that he will get the call soon.

Mohd said...

man, this guy better let his feet talk because when his mouth does the talking he sucks like hell.

johnny said...

The Titan !!

Anonymous said...

Not sure whom (this guy) you're referring to Mohd………

Sebastian said...

Mohd is clearly referring to MARADONA.

Mohd said...

Maradona of course, who else it would be ?:)

anyway, i hope maradona proves me wrong in the next matches and we beat brazil and paraguay.

Paulina said...

Didn't Maradona swear on his two daughters that he wasn't on drugs?

Oh well. I think that it's not that bad a thing that he;s calling up Palermo and the like. As long as they have the players that he needs for when it counts -- and their fresh and focused -- that's the real test.

Paulina said...

their -- they're

Mohd said...

so fellows do you prefer Mascherano to go to barca?

personally i think he'd better stay at Liverpool. in barca he will have to compete with Toure which will be so difficult. at Liverpool he is a guaranteed starter..what are your thoughts.

Sebastian said...

Hmmm...interesting question, Mohd.

I think if he goes to Barcelona, he will be starter. No doubt.

Barcelona would have to pay big money to get him and I don't think they'll sit him.

I'd have no problems with any of the choices. I do think the style Barcelona play is similar to the one Argentina will try to put on display.

It'd be interesting to see him playing alongside XAVI and INIESTA and having Lio in front of him every week.

We can only benefit from that duo living and working together during the entire season.

But if he stays at Liverpool, as you said, he'll be a definite starter and playing in that league for another year will do him no harm.

Plus...Liverpool are always favourites to win. I mean...most of the teams will sit back and wait for Liverpool to take the initiative. Sounds familiar?

Anonymous said...

Like I have said before, do not trust a word Maradona says. So he states he does not want to call up Higuain for the New Zealand and Mexico games because Madrid will "kill him". So why not call him for Russia? Since he does not want to risk Tevez and Messi, call him up and play him. I have been on MANY MANY Argentina message boards and I think about 95% people say Higuain should be called up. It is a JOKE that a player of that quality does not get called up. I believe had him ranked as the 19th best player in the World, but I guess he is not good enough for Maradona.

As for Mascherano, I believe he would start with Barca right away. Toure would work around him. Mascherano can start for any team in the world.


Anonymous said...

Who wants this player? I mean the guy is not worthy of being called up, not at all.


Mohd said...

well i think Masche is better stay at Liverpool although the idea of adding one more Arg player to barca is apealing...

on the other hand i agree with Jack about what Maradona said. what a silly execuse about why he is not calling Higuain. and that by the way shows how Maradona himself is not convinced with his own justifications. he could have simply said that Higuain is not good enough but since he cannot deny the obvious he starts these weird execuses. i believe (and yes this is my own opinion Seba :) that maradona does not want to call Higuain in order to not risk Aguero's status in the lineup.

and still these in one more player that i seem the only one to call for and that is Zarate. but he won't get the call either.

p2bn said...

Hmm...A lot of words from Diego...Never a quite guy.I hope he can prove us all sceptics wrong or we are pretty ******.

Vamos Argentina

P.S. Thank you Seba for Twitter. It's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Mohd, I think you will like this video of Higuain. All his goals and assists from the 08/09 season. Just take a look at his pace and skill on the ball. He is far better then the other potential #9's we have.

Paulina said...

Masch would be a doubtless starter at Barcelona. But I don't think that Barca have a chance to get him. I would dare to say that Rafa values Masch more than even Gerrard. And Rafa may be a prick, but he's no fool.

My hope for Arg to win the world cup rests basically on Masch even existing for that team. He's so underestimated.

Seba -- where did you live in Maryland?

Mohd said...

yep I saw the video and Higuan is a great big problem now is the fact that he might struggle next season with madrid. i believe that he is 100 times a better player than benzema (in my opinion the most overrated player in years) and the now aging Raul. but the problem with Madrid is that they will will want to play their start signing and their icon at all costs.

also ronaldo might play as a forward and this will further limit Higuains chances. and i think maradona is betting on this to justify not calling Higuain!!

Anonymous said...

Maradona is immature as usual. Does he really have to pick on River Plate all the time?

/El Burrito

Anonymous said...

Higuain has to start playing very soon.Maradona needs to take a brave deicision and keep Aguero on the bench and let Higuain be the main striker up front.!!! or else he's gonna be fired soon and his dream of wining the WC destroyed.Maybe Aguero should get injured!

Mohd said...

lol. i won't go as far as wanting Aguero to get injured; he is a fine player. but Higuain should start ahead of all.

John said...

I'll have to agree with everyone's opinion about HIGUAIN not getting many chances next season with Real. That's a natural fact.

Raul is always Mr.Madrid and not matter how bad his days can be, he will never be dropped. That is left with both Karim BENZEMA and HIGUAIN to partner him up front. You're not going to spend soo much of money on someone and leave him on the bench, right?

That means Pipita's role will be reduced to mere supporting cast rather than a first choice player. It is unlikely that he will repeat his avant-garde performance last season.

One thing can I say that Pipita has the edge is that he is proven at the Bernabau. A lot will depend how will the new signings for Real can live up to their expectation. Remember there is whole a lot pressure to deliver the goods not just on their new coach PELIGRENI but also on the new arrivals.

A few bad results (if that happens that is) could blow things out of propotion for them. Pipita has been in that situation before he always delivered when call upon.

But still, I would prefer he just leave Madrid and go elsewhere even that is highly unlikely to happen next season.

Mohd said...

well i have to add (and repeat myself here) is that maradona is counting on this fact regarding Higuain chances with madrid in order to justify excluding him...

Anonymous said...

I could hear Maradona now, "If he Higuain wants to be called up to the national team, he needs to play and he is on the bench for Madrid, what can I do if I can not see him play".


M13 said...

I do not think that Maradona or those who are backing him realise how perilous Argentina's situation really is. Anything less than 4 points against Brasil and Paraguay would leave Argentina facing elimination. This would become more of a distinct possibility if Ecuador continue their impressive run.

The friendly game against Russia should be used to integrate players like Cavenaghi, Lisandro Lopez, Fazio,Zabaleta, Zarate and Hinguain. Instead Maradona calls up players who are not international class like Palermo and some other obscure local players. If Veron is the most creative midfielder in Argentina there are real problems. Before the attacks start coming take a deep breath and look at the facts. Palermo never did anything outside Boca Juniors. He flopped in Spain and his limitations were exposed in Copa America 99. Veron was responsible for Argentina's failure in 2002. He did next to nothing at Man Utd & Chelsea. He is slow, one dimensional and hides when it matters. His club may have won the Copa Libertadores but so what, how many Brasilian internationals play for Cruzeiro.

Maradona's assertion that he wants players that are loyal sums everything you need to know about his professionalism. He is meant to be running a national team not a street gang. The emphasis should be on form, balance, tactical nous
creativity and discipline. Messi's brilliance may save the day against second tier teams but it will not mean a thing against any major European power. All they would do is devise a plan on how to contain him.

The major interpretation of Maradona's statement is that his selection is based on personal rather than football considerations. So it does not matter that Samuel, Cambiasso are champions of Italy, Hinguain was the best player at Real Madrid, Zarate was the best foreigner in Italy, Cavenaghi despite his lay off helped Bordeaux break Lyon's stranglehold on French football as all that matters is personal loyalty. So Heinze may be past his sell by date but what does it matter, Jonas may be playing in the championship but he is loyal. Tevez may have scored 8 goals in 50games, been sent off twice in WCQ games missed a penalty in a crucial game but these facts do not matter as loyalty is all that counts. In the case of Arguerro the less said the better. If he was as good as has been suggested he would have left those also rans Atletico Madrid. He is gifted, has good close control and scores spectacular goals. However he cannot carry a team like Messi as the Olympics showed. He would compliment a more physical player but his lack of physical strength would count against him if he played up front alone.

Maradona has turned Argentinian football into a soap opera. There is non stop drama, first it was undermining Riquelme on TV, then the fall out with River, then the exclusion of talented and proven players for has beens and those who never will make the grade. Then the campaign to play game at Rosario as if the lack of crowd support and not his failings were responsible for the current problems.

The game against Brasil will be determined by how Brasil approach it. Argentina were as good if not better than Brasil in the past. However there is no comparison between the teams at present. Brasil are much better and have a more settled side. They also have a coach who favours results over artistry. Brasil's Dunga is more pragmatic. I have read that Brasil are a counter attacking team as if that is somehow a negative thing. Spain played to their strength in Euro 2008. Anyway Brasil were not counter attacking when they thrashed Portugal 6-2 or beat USA 3-2. The Brasilian midfield lacks an artist and needs an in form Ronaldinho.

Argentina may be fired up and may win as it is a local derby. However if Brasil take Argentina seriously and do not look down on them they will get a result.

johnny said...

M13-Thanks for the articulate and informed take on the NT and Maradona. I'll avoid commenting on all of your points, but would like to add my concerns regarding this "loyalty" business as mentioned by Diego. I agree with you. That is a disturbing sign and, and unfortunately, a sign of Maradona's lack of professionalism as a coach. I cringed when I saw his comments in print.

Anonymous said...

M13: Very well said. Maradona has shown a frightening lack of professionalism, just as I feared when I heard he was appointed.
He showed plenty of non-professionalism in his previous coaching jobs as well. But Grondona hired him anyway and because of that, Argentinas chances for world cup glory seem to be approaching zero.

The whole thing is extremely disturbing.

/El Burrito

Mohd said...

well said. maradona is the first coach in history that uses friendly matches to play players who will never play in official matches!!!
if we miss the world cup (or even not winning it) which i believe will happen, then maradona should be sacked in an ugly way (figure something out), but more important to me is that Grondona should be hanged as i believe he is the main reason for Arg failure all these years.

i am from Lebanon and even in my country where football nearly does not exist, people on fault get questioned over time. how come Grondona is never questioned when he is running the mighty Arg football association?!!!

Anonymous said...

Grondona is never questioned because he holds everyone by the balls. It has been like this for 30y and more. For sure, he has ruined completely argentinian football.

Mohd said...

i am really exited about Pastore. if everything i am reading is true and this kid lives to his potential then we could find the answer to our midfield problem.

Anonymous said...

Rumours say that Diego dislikes Pastore since he didn't play in some game with the argentine U20 team. If this is true, then he will probably become another Higuain. No matter how well he plays, he will not be picked by the Argentina coach. I have given up almost all hope about Diego behaving like an adult person.

/El Burrito

M13 said...

If it is true Maradona should put aside any negative feelings he has towards Pastore aside and worry about the best interest of the team.

If there is one thing Argentina lack it is a playmaker since Riquelme has been marginalised.In fairnes to Maradona i do not feel Riquelme has fulfilled his potential. However i do feel that Maradona broke one of the sacred acts by criticising him on TV rather than behind closed doors.
I think that if Riquelme had played well at the World Cup Argentina would have reached the final. He did shirk his responsibilities and despite his assists failed to score a single goal. In the Copa America 2007 he was Argentina's best player scored 5 goals and was instrumental in Argentina reaching the final. In the final he was shackled but none of the supporting cast stepped up. At the Olympics he did next to nothing.However this does not mean that he does not have a role to play. Its just that the team cannot be overreliant on him.

Any lover of football should remember his masterful performance against Brasil when he outshone Kaka, Ronaldinho and Robinho or the lessons he gave to Lampard and Gerrard against England.

The sad thing about the crisis facing Argentina is that they have the players to easily win the World Cup.There is no outstanding team in Europe. Spain have been exposed, Italy is average, England is functional, Portugal is nothing special and Gernmany is limited. Brasil are not unbeatable they were taken to the wire by the USA, exposed against Egypt and struggled to beat South Africa who are not even a second tier African team.

So with the right selection and tactics Argentina would be unstoppable. THere is no team that could neutralise Messi, Hinguain, Riquelme, Lisandro or Pastore at the same time. The firepower would be too much and its unlikely that all these key players would have an off day at the same time.

Its players that win games not systems. The current team Argentina have cannot do much. There is no playmaker, no natural striker, Messi played out of position and a reluctance to alter what is not working. Argentina are also losing their mystique by going toe to toe with Bolivia and Ecuador.

Anyway i hope Maradona can see the light he pressed the self destruct button many times as a player and in his personal life, he should spare the National team.

Sebastian said...

Hello again and welcome to some new posters here! Always great to hear from new fans.

I've been away from the computer during the weekend and I missed most of the discussion.

Paulina...before I forget, I used to live in Baltimore. Again...not that I remember much. I was only a baby.

It's interesting (and also sad) to see so many comments against MARADONA. I know a lot of you have very solid points and I respect everybody's opinions.

I just want to comment some more about a few things.

First of all, El Burrito, when PASTORE didn't join the U20 it was because his club (Huracán) didn't release him. MARADONA said recently that he was observing PASTORE and he never ruled out the chance of calling him up.

His move to Palermo, however, will not help him in that regard. He'll probably play less minutes than at Huracán and I hope he doesn't, but he could struggle to find a regular first team spot.

Had he stayed at Huracán, he would have had more chances to play in the domestic national team.

About PALERMO, M13, I don't think it's fair to say that Diego will call him instead of HIGUAIN, because PALERMO won't be joining the team for the friendly in Russia (MARADONA only said he'll call PALERMO to play against New Zealand and Mexico in Argentina -for the domestic national team-).

I understand you and a lot of HIGUAIN fans are frustrated, but you were unfair in that comment because it's not like MARADONA is prioritising PALERMO over HIGUAIN. Perhaps he is prioritising MESSI, TEVEZ, AGUERO, Lisandro LOPEZ and Diego MILITO to HIGUAIN.

PALERMO would be in the same category as Jose SAND, Matias DEFEDERICO, Esteban FUERTES...and all the forwards that play in the Argentine First Division (the only eligible players for those matches against New Zealand and Mexico.

All of that said...I feel sad when I read that almost 99% of the posters here are completely against MARADONA. That's not a good sign and're entitled to your opinions, but I didn't see so much criticism against BASILE for not calling HIGUAIN up or for failing to get results in general.

I hope Diego can turn all this over.

I read an interview (too long to translate it and not as much time as I would need to do it) that Olé published on Monday. It was a great read and he spoke about his recovery amongst other things.

It's still there at Maybe you can get someone to translate it...again...I'm sorry, but it's too long...

Sebastian said...

Also...M13...I don't agree with this:

"Its players that win games not systems."

What about Greece in 2004???

And this...

"THere is no team that could neutralise Messi, Hinguain, Riquelme, Lisandro or Pastore at the same time. The firepower would be too much and its unlikely that all these key players would have an off day at the same time."

Yes...but who would defend if you use all those players at the same time?

Also...what makes you think PASTORE will prove he can play at the top of the international stage when he only had one great 19-week tournament? Don't get me wrong, he's class! But he's not proven internationally and he is very young.

A lot of people need to accept that MARADONA is the national team manager and he is entitled to call the players he feels appropriate (like any national team manager).

I, for one, I'm not happy seeing the treatment Diego MILITO gets (from Diego and the media). He is not getting the credit he deserves. He scored twice against arch-rivals AC Milan on Sunday, yet nobody is talking about him (I know it's only pre-season, but still...lot of people talking about ORTEGA and his goal against Everton or Piojo LOPEZ and his half-way-line goal against LA Galaxy or DI SANTO and his 'first ever' (???) goal for Chelsea -also in pre-season)

But I understand MARADONA is still experimenting and still trying to find what his best lineup and system are and I'm still willing to give him time to work things around.

Plus...I can't complain that much when he's picking players as talented as MESSI, TEVEZ or AGÜERO. Can I? Who wouldn't pick them?

What Diego needs, maybe, is to mix it up a little bit. Keep one or two of those three on the bench and try with a tall guy every once in a while.

But again...I'll keep supporting Diego.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pick Agüero, and Tevez is not doing fine, it's clear for God's sake! And it's really sad that everyone is talking about the forwards or what team Mascherano plays for, but nothing about the horrible defense we have (I'm looking at you, Heinze).

Anonymous said...

Seba, about the Greece team of 2004 I have to say that will likely not happen again. That Greek team refused to play football. Even though I was rooting for the Greeks vs Portugal in the final we are not the same team as them. Sure a system is required but talent is needed as well.

About the rave and hype about Pastore if the kid has a break out season in the Serie A, I have to say why not give him a chance, maybe not start but a chance to join the team. People wanted a 17 year old Kun to be a part of the 06 team, because of his great season in Argentina. But we have to see if he does have that great season.

About you speaking about the unfair treatment of Milito. Yes Milito scored two goals, but again it was a pre season game, and he still did not show me anything that makes him unique. I wonder how he is going to do with Eto'o. I doubt Milito will have a 20 goal season this year. I still feel he can not cut it with the national team.

As for the goals from Ortega and Claudio Lopez, people are just remembering the past. If Batigol was still playing and scores in a friendly I would talk about it as well. And as for Di Santo, he has had a nice little tourney in the United States. He has the size, he is very fast and has a creative side to him when it comes down to the game.

About Higuain, I do not think we have a more gifted and skilled #9 in the world for us. Could score with left,right, can set up players I mean what else do you want? But I know you may use the excuse Maradona will, "Higuain does not play enough for Real Madrid, so who knows if he is the same guy from last year".

I am just sick of Maradona and his excuses. He does not want to risk Tevez and Messi for the game vs Russia. He will play them for a short time, since he is afraid to use them why not use Higuain for that international? Seba you can not say Maradona is not playing favoritism because he is!

You state he is still trying to mold the team in his vision, we are just under a year away for the tourney. About most people not complaining about Basile's tenure I believe most of us were upset and wanted him fired. Now we want Maradona fired.

Just wondering, why such the support for Maradona, it seems you are a minority in this? Like I have said before, most of the boards I have read want Maradona fired and want Higuain to be called. It seems you do not want either to happen.


Sebastian said...

Jack...I have a tendency to support the manager at my team (unless it's very obvious he is doing something very wrong and hurting the team).

I don't think I've seen enough to judge on this and want Diego to be fired. I insist...he won his two home matches in the WCQ and only lost in the altitude (just like many before him did).

The fact that he is not picking your favourite players, is not enough for me to want him out.

We can go on and on forever with this, because you want him out and I support him.

I'm no fanatic here. I was (and still am) a big fan of MARADONA the football player. I'm not going to be blind and refuse to accept if he fails. The way I see it, the jury is still out on him.

I remember BIELSA didn't call RIQUELME and I wanted to see Roman on the team (and more than half of the country did) and BIELSA got away with not calling him. Yes, he dominated the continent during the WCQ and yes, he crashed out of the WC in the first round.

And all the way...I supported him.

Regarding the favouritism. Every manager has it. BASILE was calling RIQUELME up even when he was left out of the squad by PELLEGRINI at Villarreal.

You don't know if there is a clause in the contract signed to play that friendly in Moscow and therefore you can't judge on the player selection. I suspect there is a clause (I wish I could confirm it) and because of that, the manager is forced to pick a minimum number of players from a list delivered by the organizers.

That's why he can't pick unknown players and he has to take famous names to those matches.

Money talks. You know. They are paying Argentina a lot of money to go there and they don't want to see a team full of unknowns.

Regarding MILITO...I hope you don't actually think I'm praising him because he scored twice against AC Milan. I did say it was pre-season. I was just meaning what I have always meant here. He is asked to score and he scores. Consistently and systematically. And just as consistently and systematically, he gets ignored.

That's my point. And can't say he can't cut it at our national team, simply because you haven't seen enough minutes of him with the Albicelestes. That's not an opinion I have. That's a fact!

PASTORE? Yes! I'm up for it. Definitely. I wouldn't write him out of the radar and I would honestly welcome him to our national team. What I don't want is for people to start using him as another reason to hit MARADONA.

All of a sudden there seems to be a legion of fans upset because MARADONA is not picking PASTORE and they're holding that against him.

PASTORE is very young. He'll have his chances. Maybe if he has a breakout season at Palermo, he'll make it to the WC (if we make it too). Until then...people should cut MARADONA some slack and let him be.

Sebastian said...

Oh...and I forgot...Greece in 2004 it was all about the system!

Don't come to me talking about the players because with any luck you'll be able to name 2 or 3 players from that team from the top of your head.

It's not the players who will win you titles.

It's not the systems that will win you titles.

It's a combination of both (and a touch of luck as well).

Anonymous said...

Seba, I respect your comments but again your still being optimistic for Maradona you are the minority and that is fine, many times I have been as well in the past.

Majority of us are upset at Maradona because he does not call the right players up, and yes a system and the players are needed to win, and the way I have seen the last 3 games from this team I have not seen anything that has worked. So maybe we need new faces and a new system.

You know that test that scientists do with rats? They put a piece of cheese that has electricity in it, when the rat touches it he will a little buzz. After a few times he may get it, or he may not. Maradona is that rat who does not get it! How Mexico got rid of Sven Goran Eriksson quickly I feel so should we with Maradona.

Also, we are upset that Higuain does not get called up, at least Milito does get called up, but Maradona does not give him enough minutes, and you want Milito to show himself but again if Maradona does not play him enough then shouldn't you get a bit upset at Maradona?

Also about the Greek team, the reason I will not be able to name 2 or 3 players from that Greek team is because I probably can not pronounce their names lol. Yes Seba the Greeks get very lucky, and who in the WORLD would of thought they would win it? They did not even make the WC! They hit their stride at the right time. But Seba we are not the Greeks! We have 2 stars on shirt and have some of the best players in the world. We do not come from a country that is happy with a round of 16 win or getting out of the group. Our players know the burden that is on them!


Mohd said...

so why Aguero and Tevez are great selections? now they are not. Aguero flops and misses chances game after game while Tevez is just not being productive. i would drop them both and try something different like Higuain and Zarate..but thats just me and not that usless coach.

oh by the way its the uselss coach who is trying Palermo who has no chance in playing the official games. i mean in gods sake who will do that???!!!! friendly matches where invented to be as a try-out for official matches, but not in the Maradona system they aren't.

and Seba with all the hype around Pastore for sure he is not going to sit on the bench. his coach is talking about him being the signing of the season in Italy so trust me he will play all the minutes. but sure maradona will neglect him just like he does for all "unloyal" players...the situation sucks.

Mohd said...

so why Aguero and Tevez are great selections? now they are not. Aguero flops and misses chances game after game while Tevez is just not being productive. i would drop them both and try something different like Higuain and Zarate..but thats just me and not that usless coach.

oh by the way its the uselss coach who is trying Palermo who has no chance in playing the official games. i mean in gods sake who will do that???!!!! friendly matches where invented to be as a try-out for official matches, but not in the Maradona system they aren't.

and Seba with all the hype around Pastore for sure he is not going to sit on the bench. his coach is talking about him being the signing of the season in Italy so trust me he will play all the minutes. but sure maradona will neglect him just like he does for all "unloyal" players...the situation sucks.

M13 said...

The criticism of Maradona is not oersonal. It is based on the fact that his decisions are having an adverse effect on the national team. As explained previously he is not selecting players on merit but on personal considerations. If the results were good then fans would grudgingly accept his reasoning. However they are not and Argentina are in a mess, yet the same underachieving players are selected. His decisions do not make much sense and it is clear to any objective person that something is not working. Lucio has already claimed that Brasil want to eliminate Argentina. This may be seen as posturing and may be good for tabloids. Argentina will have to be at their best to get a result. The least you would expect from a manager is that he puts out his strongest team to get a result.

Maradona won his home games against Venezuela and Colombia but that is no achievement. Venezuela is not a footballing nation and Colombia have done nothing since the days of Valderrama and Asprilla. Seba you appear to blame the defeats against Bolivia and Ecuador on altitude. Anyway Venezuela won in Bolivia and Brasil did not lose to Ecuador in Quito.

You also mention that Greece won the Euros due to a system rather than individual brillance. This may be true but its the exception rather than the norm. Most tournaments are won by the key players stepping up. France would have achieved little without Zidane. Brasil would not have won any recent championships without key contributions from Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Adriano, Kaka, Fabiano or Robinho. Spain would not have won the Euros if they did not have quality players.

When i mentioned that if Argentin's would be too much if all the big guns were available. I did not mean that you play six attacking players. i am sorry if i was was unclear. What i meant is that if Hinguain and Lisandro were upfront and on form with Messi and Riquelme or Pastore prompting they would be too much for any team. There would be options which do not exist at the moment.

Instead Argentina are relying on Veron and an out of form Maxi as creative midfielders. There is no place for Cambiasso 3 time champion of Italy but a VIP spot for that championship player Jonas. If Jonas was highly rated he would have been rescued from his Newcastle nightmare. Tevez is a good player but he has disappointed in this WCQ campaign. He has scored 1 goal, been sent off twice and missed a crucial penalty. If you are sincere about Arguerro you would agree that his selection has more to do with family connections than form or merit. Hinguain is a more complete player. He is physical, good with both feet,strong in the air and pacy. He is also a 2 time La Liga champion.Arguerro is skilful but he flatters to deceive. He was excellent against Paraguay, non existent against Chile and wasteful against Ecuador in the first game. He was also ineffective against Colombia yet he retains his place. Argentina's olympic victory was down to Messi, Arguerro's contribution was negligible.

I do hope Argentina turn it round but i doubt if the coach persists with the same underachievers.

Anonymous said...

agree with you M 13 you're riht about everything you said.the firstval misteval is when diego was choosen to be the coach.i can't believed it i see any change in the sqad despite its lack failing we used to see even team that win nicely got some change to improve where are higuain,pastore,garay,gonzalo,monzon,zabaleta,diego valeri,zarate ,cambiasso,and many other i'm quite there will have a difference when they will here

Anonymous said...

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