Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Breaking news: SORIN retires from football at 33

We've been waiting for him to reply to one e-mail full of questions we sent from Mundo Albiceleste's readers. Perhaps he had many other things in his mind and now we probably have the most definite and final answer from him. Even if it wasn't directed at Mundo Albiceleste or our readers.

Juan Pablo SORIN is calling it quits after 15 years of playing professional football.

At a very emotional press conference in Belo Horizonte, where he was playing for Cruzeiro, he announced his retirement.

The next edition of Mundo Albiceleste's podcast was recorded just minutes before this announcement, so you won't hear us talking about this there.

"The reason I'm having this press conference is simple: I'll stop playing football. It's been 15 years of a career that has been very beautiful, very nice and I have enjoyed very much. I have always tried to give the best I had. I lived amazing times with this shirt (Cruzeiro) and with Argentina, River Plate, Argentinos Juniors, Villarreal and Paris Saint Germain. My career went very by very fast, but I think the time to stop has come. This is a very happy moment of my life because I'm about to become a father" is what SORIN told Cruzeiro's official website.

Bothered by injuries, SORIN only got to take part in 6 of the 46 matches Cruzeiro played in 2009.

"I worked very hard. I fell. I got up. I have many injuries and I've overcame the most important, which was the one I had in my knee. The last few injuries were muscular problems. None of them very important. But I couldn't get the continuity that I wanted. I played six matches in seven months. That's very little and I'm not proud of those numbers. I left everything behind in order to come a finish my career here at Cruzeiro" said SORIN.

For Argentina, SORIN played in two World Cups (2002 and was our captain in 2006). He won the PanAm Games and the Youth World Cup in 1995. Got to the Copa America final in 2004 in Peru.

According to SORIN, the idea of retiring first got to his mind on 4 May, when he suffered a muscle strain in his right thigh during a training session. He missed out on the chance to face Univerdad de Chile for the Copa Libertadores' second round.

"This decision was well meditated. It has nothing to do with something I would think with a hot head. I'm thinking about this for a long time, ever since that injury before the game against Universidad de Chile. I came to Cruzeiro to win the Copa Libertadores, but playing. I was disappointed and I promise my self I would fight. I fought right until the end. I got back and I got injured against Palmeiras. I said I'd be fine to play in the Libertadores final. I did it and I don't regret anything" added a sad SORIN, who was left out of the squad in the Copa Libertadores final against Estudiantes de La Plata.

"I wanted to play against Atletico Mineiro, an incredible derby match. I played a lot of derby matches in the world. In France, Argentina, Italy. But a Cruzeiro vs. Atletico Mineiro has a special feeling. I came back for that. To play the derby, the Libertadores final, which I had the expectation of playing. I didn't have a place in the team and now I don't want to force any unpleasant situation. I'm a happy man. There were a lot of years in football and I'm ending this career knowing that everytime I pull on a shirt, I gave my sould and my blood for my team" concluded SORIN.

Mundo Albiceleste would like to salute Juan Pablo SORIN, a great servant for our national team over the years.

Thank you for the memories, Juampi! Good luck in whatever you decide to do from now on.


Anonymous said...

No way! Very surprising. I sure will miss him. Damn, and I wanted him again in the National Team.
Where are we gonna find a player like this? And he was "just" 33...

Good luck Juampi!

Anonymous said...

A great player who always played with his heart, never stoped running and always gave it his all... thank you sorin

Anonymous said...

Will def miss Sorin. I remember the pass he gave to Maxi to score that goal vs Mexico. Wish him all the best in the future.


Paulina said...

He was so so important in the last world cup. I remember reading some description of what juanpi did on his time off -- on the beach, doing yoga, smoking pot. For some reason i always thought that was so cool :) (I know, not very reponsible) This news makes me sad.

Sebastian said...

A class act, SORIN.

Eight in the all-time list of presences with the Albicelestes: 75 caps.

11 goals in total. Not bad at all for a left-back.

If fit, he would still be our best left-back to these days.

To think we're using HEINZE there, just makes me feel sick. Anyway...

Lopes, India said...

One of the best left-back I have ever seen .
He had complete freedom on football pitch. One of important player Argentina ever produce.

I like the way he control the ball and the maximum Run he used to cover.

Surely He could have been play for NT if he fit and fine .

Best of Luck Sorin ..
We will surely miss you ..

John said...

Can’t believe it has been 10 years since I first saw SORIN. It was in the 1999 Copa America and I still remember his goal against Brazil (one of his 11 throughout his career). Dammed!!! Time really flies so fast.

From that moment, I just knew there is just something about him and I was right. To me he was everything what a left back should be. I couldn’t care less that people might argue that Roberto CARLOS was better.

Juampi, was solid on both ends (attacking and defending) and certainly in my opinion alongside Javier ZANETTI have never had a bad game for Argentina and was always consistent with his performance.

It’s really sad to him going out this early as I’m sure he still had a lot to offer. Nevertheless wish him luck and all the best in the future.


sirus said...

Zanetti, Ayala, Sorin... great defenders of all time...
Ayala retired NT and Sorin say goodbye... Zanetti will be retired 2010... where's successors of them?

Burdisso... OMG

Nick said...

Did great service to Villarreal during his time in Spain, a real swashbuckling left back and an all around great guy! Thanks for everything Juampi!