Monday, July 13, 2009

Carlos TEVEZ joins Manchester City

The soap opera is over. A new era for Carlos TEVEZ will begin not very far from where he's been playing over the last two seasons.

Carlitos will sign a 5-year contract and he will continue wearing the number he used at Old Trafford: 32.

I remember when news of him departing from Manchester United first broke, we at Mundo Albiceleste ran a poll on which will be our readers' preferred destination for the Apache.

Many voted for Liverpool or Inter, but there were plenty voting for Manchester City as well. I was one of those who voted City, I must admit.

Not that I'm 100% sure about that move right now, but that's something I'll comment more about in the next few hours, when I have more time. Or maybe even in a new edition of our podcast (coming up sometime in the near future!).

Carlitos is a Citizen. Good luck to him! Here's hoping he'll be happy at his new club and that his happiness translates into great performance from him with the Albiceleste.


johnny said...

Let's hope Carlitos takes 'em by storm. I just watched his 10 greatest EPL goals on ESPN. Wonderful stuff. I can't wait to see him on the pitch and wowing the crowd.

Paulina said...

I think that this is a good move for Carlitos. He's going to take City by storm. And even though they are "enemies", whenever you see an Arg and a Brazilian playing together at the club level, espcially as offensive players, they usually form a great, creative partnership almost immediately. (see Messi and all the Brazilians he ever plays with at Barca). So I can actually see Tevez and Robinho creating a really dynamic, SOuth American duo that will result in excitement and a lot of goals.

And other people have said it before - Tevez is best when he has the team on his shoulders, playing every game.

I think that this is a good move. Plus plus -- city doesn't have Europe (do they?) So Tevez will be quite fresh, compared to the other top players, for the World Cup.

Paulina said...

Oh - and looking forward to the new podcast :)

sirus said...
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sirus said...

good luck man...
Tevez 11th striker of Man City...

Santa Cruz

Now Tevez... 9 strikers... lol maybe Eto will be there... Given+10 strikers... crazy arabians...

johnny said...

Off Topic-so much for my lobbying for Maradona to include Andy D'Alessandro on the NT. He was suspended for 13, yes 13, matches for being the main instigator in a melee the other night. Oh well. Andy-why are you so loco !!!

p2bn said...

Hmmm..Great to hear things settled for Carlitos but man do City have too many strikers. I see no defence or midfiled. Looks very awkward. Anyways EPL teams are equal in paper now. So hoping for a team out of the usual four to finally start making things interesting.

Vamos Carlitos

Anonymous said...

As a Man Utd fan I was looking forward to see him live in action with the red devils this Saturday in KL.. oh well.. Wish the best of luck to Carlitos. Now go and prove that Sir Alex was wrong..

Maybe he and Robinho will be the new Diego and Careca..


Sebastian said...

Sirus...I don't agree with your views on TEVEZ being the 11th striker for City.

VASSELL? Gone to Turkey.

JO? Gone to Everton.

BELLAMY, BENJANI, BOJINOV and CAICEDO: None of them are better than TEVEZ.

ROBINHO and SANTA CRUZ: They don't play in the same position as Carlitos. They can all play together.

ETO'O won't join City this season.

And not even the latest mention of ADEBAYOR will send TEVEZ to the bench (he'll probably fight for a place with SANTA CRUZ).

sirus said...

Hey Seba you misunderstood me... I mean City has eleven strikers including with Tevez... sorry for my poor English...

I hope city has eleven strikers but Tevez will be best of them... arguably Tevez better than Bojinov Caicedo Vassel... Cruz...

Sebastian said...

Yes, I'm sorry Sirus. I thought you were implying that TEVEZ wouldn't have a place in the team.

Having read your first comment again, I realize you didn't mean that. I'm sorry I got it wrong.

We agree in that TEVEZ is better than BOJINOV and CAICEDO. Yes.

Now it's up to HUGHES to decide between the players he has, but I doubt he'll keep TEVEZ on the bench.

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