Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ZANETTI playing his 500th match for Inter

His international career with Argentina might have come to an end a little bit before the last World Cup, when he was ignored by Nestor PEKERMAN.

But today is a special day for a very special player: Javier ZANETTI will be playing his 500th match for INTERNAZIONALE when the Italian giants face BAYERN MUNICH for the Champions League 2006/2007 second gameweek.

An example of durability and a high-performer playing his 12th consecutive season for Inter while collecting more than 100 caps for Argentina.

Forza Capitano!


Anonymous said...

Well not exactly a great evening for ZANETTI and CRESPO... their side going down to 9 men and then losing 2-0 at home against a far from brilliant Bayern side. Having lost twice it now seems impossible for Inter to survive the group stages. I guess they should focus on coming third in their group to at least make it to the UEFA cup...

A much better evening for MESSI, though, who came from the bench to set up and score the late equaliser against Werder Bremen with a piece of class.

John said...

Hi Everyone,

Congratulation to ZANETTI on his milestone achievement. He was one of those players who gave everything on the pitch regardless how bad the team was performing. There was never one moment that I've seen Javier having a bad game for Argentina. Sadly, there's not much medals for him to shout about but his contribution will not be forgotten. Despite the fact that he was captain for Inter, his name never came across or chosen by any of our national team coaches to carry the captain armband.

Women's Hockey WC - Our girls (the defending champion!!!) kicked off their campaign with a 2-1 win over team USA. I wacthed the game on TV and I must say the team is a different class with the presence of Luciana Aymar. Good luck to them in their match.


John said...


From the squad I've realize that Coco did not call up Demechelis which is a surprise to me considering that he is fine defensive midfielder. Any reason that you may have known?


johnny said...

Looks like Messi, and possibly Saviola will get more playing time now with E'too's knee injury. Bad for E'too but good for Argentina fans.

Seba said... idea about DEMICHELIS.

What I do know is that DEMICHELIS is behind three players in the pecking order for BASILE in the central midfielder position:


With SOMOZA playing a great second half against Brazil and with GAGO prepared to play as soon as the footballers competing in Argentina are ready to be called up, I don't think COCO would like to put another central midfielder in the mix.

And yes Johnny...I hate to see a great player like ETO'O out with an injury, but it should open the door for SAVIOLA to have more minutes for BARÇA.

John said...

Hi Seba & Everyone Else,

ETO'O's injury is good and bad news. The good news is of course that SAVIOLA may finally get the break that he deserve and show everyone is true potential. Of course the bad news is, it comes at the expenses of great player's injury.

Anyhow, of course there's going to be a lot of debate on who should play for Argentina. But to me, the best we (Albicelestes fans) should do is leave that to COCO to decide and throw our support for him. I'm sure for a coach of his experience he should know best.

Other News

Women's Hockey World Cup

Our girls continue their winning streak by beating Japan (unconvincingly I would say) 3-2. At one point we were 3-0 and conceded to two silly goal in the last 1 minute. Hopefully by the next game the defensive problems will be sorted out. In the meantime, VAMOS to our girls.


Helen said...

Zanetti has been my favoriate Argentina player after Batigol. He is the best right defenser in Argentina history. I was really upset when Pekerman dropped him and took someone like Scaloni and Coloccini to the world cup.

I had hoped Coco would give him a final chance, but sadly this doesn't seem to be the case.