Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Adios Juan Roman RIQUELME!

One of the most beloved players in our team and yet one of the most hated has decided to end his international career and so, our defeat against Brazil could have possibly been the last time Juan Roman RIQUELME wore the Albiceleste.

He is announcing a decision that was rumoured for a long time and he seems adamant in keeping his word.

Juan Roman RIQUELME will anounce tonight that he will play no more for Argentina.

Here are some numbers to take a look at RIQUELME's campaign with Argentina:

Debut: November 16th, 1997 (Argentina 1 – Colombia 1)

Matches played: 37

Goals: 8

World Cup matches: 5 (all in Germany2006)

Titles with Argentina: Youth World Cup Malaysia 1997 and South American tournament also in 1997.

Despite being an admirer of some of the aspects of his game, I must say I think it is a good thing for us. Sometimes he looks like he doesn't want to play. At times it was an advantage because he was so cool when other players tend to lose their heads. But in the end, he lacks the inspirational power I thought he had and I think that we have a lot of time to find a proper replacement.

Now who should be RIQUELME's replacement?

AIMAR, D'ALESSANDRO, INSUA, MESSI (playing some yards behind his natural position?)


Anonymous said...

Brasil 3-0 Argentine

Anonymous said...

Messi--->> 70 m >>-- kaka-->>-->> Abbondanzier-->>--Gooooaaaaaaalllllllll

Anonymous said...

Hey Seba,
i think you should write an article about Kaka...
who cares about Riquilme anyways?!!
kaka is the MAN.....

Vamos Brasil.

Alwin said...

Hi Guys,

Well, it doesnt come to a suprise to me that Juan decides to quit,maybe what you say is true that Riquelme seems to have lost his desire to play for the national team. He could not have found a perfect time to retire as this leaves Basile plenty of time to find a perfect replacement.

For me personally, i really like to see D'Allesandro get back into that role, i really like his style of play ans passing range and he was the one that was pulling the strings in the middle of a triumphant 2004 Olympic Gold.

Common Basile...Give D'Allesandro a Shot!!

But i will repsect his decision in choosing whichver playmaker because he will know best for the tactics he choose.


P.S. - Mr Anonymous, i dont know what you are trying to proof with you childish behaviour, i guess you might have lost your way and ended up here, maybe you just cant find a good blog to flaunt about your "BELOVED" BRAZIL!!

Anonymous said...

Aimar would be my vote. I feel like he has a ton of talent and should be neglected anymore. If not why not Aimar and D'Alessandro? Why can't we have two playmakers? I mean it would give the defenders more to do (poor Mascherano or Gago or whoever gets to be holding midfielder). I think it would be wonderful and we could have them split up the field, give the opposing defence more to do.

BTW: other anonymous poster, stop being a troll and go elsewhere. Your comments aren't constructive, just rude.

Vamos Argentina!


johnny said...

I have become a big fan of futbol and the seleccion, and Boca in particular since moving to Argentina in January. I have heard many stories from my local buddies about Riquelme and his poor background, his brother's kidnapping, etc. Is it possible he is just fed up with the criticism (justified or not), and wants no mas. On a related topic, many argentine players move to Europe and never come back to live in Argentina. Do you think they lose a bit of the nationalistic fervor ?
AND, where was Messi yesterday in Barcelona's last match ? I didn't see him. Any word ?

Anonymous said...

hey johnny, messi didn't play yesterday bcoz he was doing running drills... he needs to improve his speed..
that should take 2 weeks maybe.. the aim for him is to reach a speed where he can catch up with KAKA when he dribbles up the field... (",)

steve said...

did brasil beat argentina 3-0....!
when was that? i thought they didn't play each other in the world cup...

alwin said...

Hi anonymous,
that was really funny of you to say...
but i think it's unfair that we compare messi to kaka. cuz in my little opinion i think kaka is special. he is special cuz the fact that he can do anything in football,
passing, shooting, heading, DRIBBLING with UN-REAL speeds... everything. he's such a GIFT. he might be the answer of the brasilian people for a new LEGEND like pele which i think is the BEST EVER.
So give messi a break cuz he has a long road to go in order to get to stardom.

Vamos Argentina...

Cantona said...

I don't think aimar should be given the play makers role as we will have kun, messi, tevez and aimar up front which though looks good on paper can easily be outmuscled by most european and South american teams.

I would prefer a 442 with palacio and kun up front and mesii on the left with tevez and mascherano in the middle of the park and maxi on the right

Cantona said...

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) -- Argentina playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme announced his international retirement on Wednesday at the age of 28, citing family reasons.

Riquelme, an elegant midfielder whose performances have split critics down the middle, said he had taken the shock decision because of his mother, who has been suffering from health problems.

"Since the World Cup, my mother has been taken to hospital twice and my responsibility is to take care of her," said Riquelme.

"It was an easy decision to make. My family comes before the football," said Riquelme, who captained the team which lost 3-0 to Brazil in a friendly this month, their first under new coach Alfio Basile.

"It will hurt me deeply not to wear the Argentina shirt again but my mother's health comes first," said Riquelme, who quit the team at an age when most players are at their peak.

Riquelme said he feared criticism of his Argentina performances may have worsened his mother's health.

"There's been a lot of bad blood and I don't want to make her suffer," he said.

"My mother is my mother and I can't compare her with the Argentina shirt or anything else."

Riquelme, who plays his club football in Spain for Villareal, won 37 caps in an international career which spanned nine years.


Riquelme's admirers say he can control the pace of a game and prize open tough defences with his incisive passing. Critics say he drifts out of games and has been found wanting on the big occasion.

He was left out of the 2002 World Cup by coach Marcelo Bielsa but, four years later, he was the central figure in Jose Pekerman's team which reached the quarter-finals in Germany before losing on penalties to the hosts.

Although he played majestically in the opening games against Ivory Coast and Serbia & Montenegro, against whom he was named man of the match after the 6-0 rout, he faded against Germany and was substituted.

Riquelme began his club career with Boca Juniors, before joining Barcelona in 2002. He failed to settle and moved to smaller Spanish club Villareal.

After winning the World Youth Cup with Argentina in 1997, he made his full international debut the same year.

However, he played intermittently until Pekerman took charge in October 2004.

Riquelme said he had told Basile of his decision. "My duty was to tell him and thank him for picking me for the first game," he said.

"It was a very short chat. I told him what I thought and he understood."

Seba said...

As you can imagine there is a big controversy around RIQUELME in Argentina AGAIN!

Specially because he choose to put his mother as the reason why he won't be playing for Argentina anymore when most of the people think he is just tired of playing international football and the real reasons are hidden.

He said in his message live on public TV (very extrange for someone who was never a friend of cammeras and microphones) that he played in every major competition a footballer could aim to play in and that seems to be a more likely reason for him to quit.

What people are questioning are those words: "I've played in every competition I wanted to play" instead of wanting to WIN IT!

I guess he will still be adored by many (specially Boca fans), but the true fans of the Albiceleste (like myself) will always remain with a bad taste in our mouths.

Bottomline: If you don't want to play for Argentina, then thank you for stepping aside. Let room for those who would kill to wear the Albiceleste.

Seba said...

Other news:

TEVEZ and MASCHERANO are both playing for West Ham against Palermo for the UEFA Cup. TEVEZ had a great chance near the end of the first half and Palermo's keeper (FONTANA) was superb to stop him from scoring his first goal for the Hammers.

Palermo are winning 1-0 with 57 minutes gone.

This is the first leg match.

The girls achieved what the boys couldn't as they defeated Spain in the basketball world championships. Argentina (who lost very narrowly against home team and favourites Brazil) are now in Eight finals and waiting for their rivals.

In hockey, we've got to play against India in both teams' quest to end in the 9th place.

And Guillermo CAÑAS came back from a 15-months suspension to play a challenger tournament in Belem, Brazil.

He is in the third round already after defeating an up-and-coming Venezuelan and the Number 1 seeded of the tournament (a Brazilian). It was 6-0, 6-2 in both cases.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for updating us on what's happening to Argentina in sports. By the way how is your grandpa doing? Fine I hope.

By the way Mr.Anonymous, if there is one player that I dare Kaka to go with its Dieter Hammann. Well lets face the fact, the whole saw how pathetic he was in the 2nd half against Liverpool in the 2004/05 Champions League Final in Istanbul. He marked out completly and let me just say that he was AC Milan downfall in that night. Though he made some great passes, if it wasn't for Crespo finishing who on earth are gonna remember that.


Anonymous said...

Oh Yes,

Riquelme if you are reading this blog, let me just say we the Albicelestes fans would like thank you for all the great moments that you've given us. We will not forget that superb pass to Saviola in WC against Ivory Coast.

Your contribution and the part that you've played while wearing the blue and white jersey will not be forgetten. All the best to you.



The Dean said...

It's not like kaka is the best in the world! he's just one of the best. Haman is one hell of a marker too. he did a fantastic job on kaka and he still managed to to get his team up 3-0, mind you, he's thier playmaker and he gets's the credit, he did fantastic passes thanks god crespo was up front cuz he Emphasizes what CLINICAL FINISHING is... milan's downfall was a problem of their defence but the whole team is to blame. kaka performed well. he always do. i'm backing anonymous that he is a BLESS, not only to brasil, but to the soccer world...!



Messi will be back to the barca lineup for the next game after passing his Speed Tests. here's what he had to say, "He pasado mis pruebas de velocidad, los resultados estoy animando.
pienso que puedo coger para arriba con Kaka si él gotea encima del campo, yo tengo un secreto, yo compré una bicicleta para seguirlo con. él no se reirá de mí otra vez."

Vamos Messi

4-0 said...

Hi all,

I have a message to the producer of this place, i think he better erase the article that says,
"I WANT TO BEAT THEM 4-0", says cocco.
it's funny, it's just funny.
do it bro and cut that title at least, save space for your blog. 4-0 ?!!! huh ha ha. what was he thinking. are you crazy to qoute that too?!!

Allan Ng said...

With Riquelme retiring (even if he didn't he would be 32 when the next World Cup arrives), I think D'Alessandro will be the man to replace him in midfield.

Let's hope he has a good season and gets the call from Basile.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Great to hear some response from all of you. By the way Mr.Anonymous have you chicken out so early. Too bad!!!

Btw Dean, I agree with you that Kaka is a great player but so is Riquelme. Both players are special in their own way. Its just like comparing Ryan Giggs and Sorin. Both left wingers, left footed. And just because one of them has never played in the World Cup or a Champions League final that doesn't mean they are not great. Both players are trully majestic in their own way.


seba said...

First of all, let me tell you that Corinthians (Brazil), the club where Javier MASCHERANO and Carlos TEVEZ play, have decided not to free these players for the friendly against Brazil (no surprise!).

Emerson LEAO (Corinthians manager) is a well known argentine-hater (he admits this) and now he says this is no FIFA official international date and he is not forced to let his players join their national team. On the other hand, he says he needs them both because Corinthians is struggling in the relegation fight.

Anonymous said...

First of all, let me tell you that TEVES and MASCHERANO played in that friendly against argentina ( no surprise!).

Sebastian Garcia (Argentina Correspondent) is a well known Brazil-hater (he wrote an article BEHIND ENEMY LINES, referring to brazil) and now he is having a go at Emerson cuz he didn't want to free Teves and Mascherano for that match.

Seba is claiming that the reason behind Emerson's decision is that Emerson hatered for argentine, overlooking the fact the Emerson decisin holds nothing but praise for the two players importance for the team, and this is why he didn't want to loose them in that critical period of the season, because they are ESSENTIAL for the team.

Be it in your knowledge that both players participated in that friendly were brazil CRUSHED argentina 3-0 with a superb performance from a team that included mostly unknown players (only 2 starters from last world cup played, both back defenders), to go against what was supposed to be the Best argentina line-up with the likes of Riquilme, Messi, Lucho Gonzales, Abondanzierri, not to forget SEBA's favourite players, TEVEZ and MASCHERANO.

amjad said...

Imagine If the Magician played that game?!!! RONALDINHO..
KAKA from the beginning (played 30 min, 1 assist, 1 goal were he stripped Messi the ball and ran the whole length of the field passing a defender and scoring)
we would have won 40-0

Anonymous said...


one quick question

COLOCCINI should not play international football again


ali said...

I'll tell u why,
because he is the worst player to ever have put on an Argentine shirt. He looks like “Sideshow Bob” from the Simpsons (a clown) - and keeping with that, he defends like a clown. He is awful.
that's why...

Cantona said...

all u guys supporting brazil are a bit too excited considering u beat an argentina team that was playing its first competetive match under a new coach.

hell in dungas first match in charge brazil were lucky to draw with norway 1-1.

kim said...

we'll see what you are up to when you play your next match. it's spain you know. your Boggey team.

Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

Flaggerbasted.....I am on hearing about Riquelme's retirement. And I am equally shocked at the general response from Argentina supporters on various weblogs.

I must confess that I have also been often exapserated by Roman's tendency to drift out of the game and his lack of stamina. But, he has been among the best midfielders in the game over the last few years. His peerless ability to control the tempo of the game had given both Argentina and Villareal a great deal of stability.

He had a great Confederations Cup, World Cup Qualifiers and a good, if not brilliant, World Cup. His dead ball skills and immaculate passing was the driving force behind Argentina's run.

As far as Mexico game is concerned, we canot forget that he had a brilliant pass for Crespo and another for Saviola which, if capitalised on, would have given us an easy victory. Plus, the disallowed goal of Messi where he picked out Aimar so well between a maze of defenders.

Riquelme was marked out of the game against Germany, and he was not helped by the Referee's refusal to punish Germany for small infringement. Such a situation called for an extra playmaker like Aimar or may be even Messi. But Pekerman bungled.

We cannot forget that Aimar and Roman combined very well in the second half and the extra time when Roman dropped back a bit.

All great players have recurrently been marked out of games. The trick is to have other players who could use the space available.

As far as his retirement is concerned, I am shocked and sad. But if a player loses the desire to wear the shirt of a team for whatever reason, it is good if he calls it a day. There is no point in playing on if you do not enjoy it.

But a player should be respected for making that judgment. Instead, Roman is being discredited by some critics which is nothing but fair.

We will always miss Roman's genius.

As for future, it is great tribute to Argentina's resplendent talent that there is no dearth of option with Aimar, D'alessandro, and may be Messi or Insua.

Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

Check this out...from BBC Columnist Tim Vickery

"For an important school of thought within Argentine football ... Playing well, producing good football, clearly has its own virtues. But the biggest reason for trying to play well is that it provides the best chance of winning.

The key figure here is Cesar Luis Menotti, the chain smoking figure who took Argentina to their first World Cup win in 1978.

However, Menotti’s most important contribution was summed up by Ondino Vieira, a legendary Uruguayan-born coach: "Before when South American coaches wanted to study and progress we had to read European books," he said. "Because the Europeans wrote down what they knew in order to pass on knowledge and we didn’t."

"For this reason those who were looking to improve ended up basing themselves on a European style of play but with Menotti for the first time a theorist of our football appeared, and guided by his books we were able to transmit our own way of playing."

Menotti conceptualised Argentine football. He did it both by inclination, as a natural talker and café philosopher, and also in response to the circumstances in which he found himself – the left wing coach of a national team in a country governed by a brutal military dictatorship.

He saw football as the most genuine manifestation of Argentine working class culture, combining the individual trickery of the smart kid from the barrios with the collective solidarity of the trade union movement. Both the individual and the collective aspects had together formed the traditional values of Argentine football, and Menotti’s conclusion was that these values, properly applied, would form the way forward.

His Argentina would base themselves on collective, passing football, moving the ball, ignoring the goal and searching for a team-mate until the goal appeared, with room for individual improvisation and dribbling in the right zone of the field. If they mastered these old fundamentals Argentina could take on anyone, provided they take on board some essential modernisations.

In possession they would have to raise the tempo of their game, passing at speed with precision. And when they lost the ball they would have to stay compact, squeezing the opposition’s space in order to force an error and win back possession.

It took Argentina back up to the top table of world football, and it formed a tradition. The way that Argentina played in Germany showed the influence of Menotti on Pekerman. Basile is even more firmly part of the Menotti school..."

True Blue and White said...

Dear Brazil Supporters,

Don't you have your own blog!!! or are you guys just plain dumb. We should all thank Seba for coming u with this blog specially dedicated for the Albiceleste fans.

For all the comments posted about brazil here...i dont think so you guys have to go so low man...find your own blog...such ignorant dicks you are to come in here and heap praises on your brazillian team where most of us here "COULDN'T CARE LESS!!!!!"

Seba said...

I would like to point out that I'm not a Brazil-hater. It is obvious that the anonymous person who wrote that missed the whole point of the "funny headline" or the "sarcasm".

If I offended you, then I'm sorry for that. But I don't hate Brazil. In fact I love being their most bitter rivals.

I won't take out anything from this blog because I post things, news or comments as they happen. If our manager predicts a 4-0 win and then we lose 3-0 I won't take it out because it'll be a lack of respect to all my readers.

As for having a go at Emerson LEAO. I'm not doing more than what LEAO himself is doing. Now he said: "We were in relegation zone when TEVEZ and MASCHERANO were here. And now we're winning".

Well...then I expect him to win this Brasileirao without TEVEZ and MASCHERANO because that's exactly what they did last season (with TEVEZ being named the MVP).

In any case, I'm just a humble blogger who has virtually none influence on anybody, while he is a high profile manager and should consider what he says because he does have an influence not as big as his mouth, but big enough.

And regarding COLOCCINI...he is just TOO slow for international football.


Argentina women's basketball team has defeated Canada in the start of the second group phase and continues to surprise everybody at the World Championships in Brazil. They'll face Lithuania tomorrow.

Guillermo CAÑAS will play the final match in Belem's challenger, Brazil. He'll face fellow country-man Carlos BERLOQC. This tournament marks the return of CAÑAS to tennis after a 15-months ban. At the same time, NALBANDIAN, GAUDIO, CALLERI and ACASUSO continue with their preparation to play the Davis Cup semifinal against Australia in Buenos Aires next week.

And Argentina defeated India 3-2 in the Hockey World Cup. Matias VILA (2) and PAREDES were the scorers. Tomorrow Argentina will face Japan to see which teams finish in the 9th place. India will face South Africa for the 11th place.

John said...

Hi everyone,

First and foremost let me put the record straight that I do not hate Brazil but infact that I am a great admire of their rich footballing history and talent. But what I do not like is extreme supporter (such as Mr.Anonymous) who aren't doing anything good and giving everyone a bad impression about the team their support. After all it was just a one off friendly match not a World Cup final. so c'mmon people lets move on with our lives and stop this nonsense argument.

By the way Seba, thanks for all the news. I do hope our hockey would learn from their earlier defeat to Japan. The Davis Cup is coming soon, can't wait for that.

By the way Subh, sorry about what happen to India in the HWC. Anyway just to let you know that Indian cricket team is down here in Malaysia to compete in the Tri-Nation along with Australia and West Indies


Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

Hi Seba and John

I had hoped for an Argentina-India Meeting but not for 9-12 place play-off.....well, Argentina got a well-deserved victory...

Indian hockey is still stuck in the era when they won 7 olympic gold medals out of 8.. excessive dribbling, very little off the ball running, wasteful approach when in possession and lack of fitness is killing the team...

John....if you are interested go and watch Indian cricket team play.....our legendary player.....Sachin Tendulkar ....may be one of the best of all time has made a sensational comeback..... add to that an exciting bunch of youngsters......we have the most attractive cricket team....sorry, all may be more successful.....but our team is one that peole would pay to watch.......

May be Indian hockey should learn from our cricket.....a decade ago...we were the perennial Spain in with appointment of foreign coach in 2001......we have added a bit of steel in the team and reached the world cup final....reached the final of Champions Trophy twice.....

Coming back to football, I was disappointed with Messi in the game against Racing.....he looked slow and lost the ball too he injured?


Anonymous said...

Hey Seba or Whoever else knows,

Any world on the next friendly for Argentina? Have they announced an opponent yet? Thanks to your lovely review back in August or July I know that it's sometime in early October but I haven't heard anything conclusive about an opponent yet. I have heard rumors about Spain but was wondering if you had anything definite to share.


John said...

Hi Everyone,

Seba, first thing is the Hockey World Cup. By now I guess we should know despite beating powerful teams like India and Pakistan, we still lost to Japan. So whats next? The Davis Cup right. By looking at the team that we have prepared, Leyton Hewitt & Co are in for a hell of a time when they play us on clay. Clay court is afterall where Argentina play their best tennis.

Subh, here in Malaysia we've heard so much about your country's cricket team. The likes Sachin, Anil Kumble and Co. are household names. Unfortunately the ticket prices is a bit too expensive, even by Malaysian standard. However I'm really looking forward for the World Cup which would be held in the West Indies next year.

Let me just remind you that my knowledge in cricket in very limited as I still dont quite understand the rules of the game. Perhaps you may want to share a few things with us.

Seba, it is amazing how much your blog has changed our lives as we Argentinian fans can able to interact we our fellow supporters from around the world in various kind of positive discussion. For this, we trully greatfull towards you. Anyway your grandpa doing? Fine I hope.


ARG4EVER said...

Hi all,

For the next fixtures of the white and blue are as follows:

* Spain Vs Arg. (Murcia, Spain)

* Trukey Vs Arg. (Cologne, Germany)

* France Vs Arg. (Paris, France)

* Norway Vs Arg. (22.08.07)
Location yet to be set.

Here are the listing for whoever wabts top know

Vamos Arg.

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