Friday, September 22, 2006

Davis Cup: Argentina vs. Australia is underway

After David NALBANDIAN defeated Mark PHILIPPOUSIS in straight sets, José ACASUSO is battling very hard against Lleyton HEWITT in a game that went all the way to the 5th. set.

A great very active and vocal crowd said "here we are" and guess who is the leader in the stands?????


Seba said...

Rain stopped play when ACASUSO was impressively beating HEWITT 4-0 in the fifth set.

It'll continue tomorrow (time to be confirmed).

If ACASUSO manages to close this game in his favour, then Argentina will have a great advantage and the chance to secure the ticket to the final with a win in the doubles match (which will also be played on Saturday).

Anonymous said...

isn't this the Drug Addict player who played for argentina?
what is he doing here in tennis!..
this is not good for the yellow ball image...

Seba said...

The question is: WHO ARE YOU?

Anyway...I won't give relevance to this bitter comment and I ask all the visitors of this blog not to play the game Mr. Anonymous wants us to play.

This is the first and last time I'll comment after a pathetic message like the one I've mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Diego Amando Maradona.

I think he needs a shave:)

Seba said...

ACASUSO made it!

5-1 in the 5th.

The crowd is thrilled!

Argentina 2-0 up in the series and three chances to finish it.

Right after the game, ACASUSO offered Diego MARADONA the shirt he used in his victory against HEWITT.

By the way...ACASUSO is a Racing Club fan! hahaha!

Seba said...


Argentina go to the Davis Cup final for only our second time in history.

We'll face Russia away in a tie starting November 30th.

John said...

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not being able to comment on the latest heppening about Argentina.

Wow!!! We're in the Davis Cup Final. What an exciting moment it must have been in the Parque Roca Stadium. With the present of Diego himself to add up in what is already a great atmosphere.

Seems like we finally got our deserve revenge against the Aussie. It must great sight to see Lleyton Hewitt face after his defeat. For this I would like to give a shout "VAMOS" to Nalbandian, Acasuso, Calleri & Chela.

However let me just remind everyone that I'm not some Anti-Aussie fan or whatsoever. I'd always had great admiration for your country. The passing of Steve Irwin was devastating to me just as much as it was for you all. The world has truly lost a great man and a true icon. On behalf of the Albicelestes fans worldwide, I would to give my condolence to his family, friends and to anyone who believe in his vision. RIP



John said...


Now that we are already in the Davis Cup Final after spectacular performance against Australia, could you tell us what are our chances of winning it this time. Afterall, despite the fact that we will be playing against the Russian in Moscow but on CLAY surface. Besides us and the Spanish, who else are the master on clay surface. I sincerly believe this could be our chance.


Seba said...

John, I'm sorry to tell you this, but Russia will use a fastest surface. They used clay against USA because they knew the americans doesn't go along well with that slow surface and playing RODDICK on grass or hard court would have been suicidal.

Now they'll use a fast surface to make things difficult for us.

Our chances?

I think NALBANDIAN can beat DAVYDENKO and could upset SAFIN.

Then, it remains to be seen who's going to be our second singles player. ACASUSO could have serious trouble against both Russian players and then the doubles could go anyway.

It's soon to tell, but I like our chances.

We'll have to wait and see.

And here's my respect to the Crocodile Hunter.