Monday, September 18, 2006

MANOLO is back at home!

Granpa is at home!!!!

He was discharged from hospital and he is back with grandma!

Tonight is the first of many nights that I'll stay at home instead of being with him in hospital. So I'm slowly coming back to my "normal" sleeping hours and hopefully I'll resume a normal life soon.

Good old Manuel (I call him MANOLO) gave us a true scare but his recovery has been sensational. I'm going to visit him tomorrow for a Sudoku competition! haha! Not that I like numbers, but he does!

He even stood bravely in front of the TV while his beloved Racing Club lost the last two matches (3-2 against Argentinos Juniors and Arsenal), giving us all a proof that his heart is strong as ever!

Here's a pic of Manolo with me:

I'll try and update you more often with everything related to Argentina and hopefully with your help we can make this blog a better source of information for all Argentina fans around the World.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts for Manolo. He thanks you dearly as I told him about it and he was deeply touched.


ARG4EVER said...

Great to know that, wish him all the best and a fast recovery to filll your life with joy.

Vamos Arg.

Allan said...

Great to see everything is going well. I am so happy for you.

No need to rush about writing your blog. Just enjoy your life now that everything is back to normal.

By the way, Spain will play Argentina in Oct in Murcia. Just thought you might want to know that.

Anonymous said...

Great to know that everything is OK for you.

Best regards,

Asian Fan (Singapore)

Anonymous said...


Tell Grandpa Manolo that Argentina will win the 2010 World Cup and he must keep healthy to watch the game !

Asian Fan (Singapore)

John said...


Great to know that Manolo is doing well. It is also great to know that you're doing fine too.

So in February next year we will be playing France in a friendly international. I guess its been a while since we've played against them.


John said...

Hey Everyone,

Just wanna share with something. Please go to this link and check this out.

Its a Guns 'N' Roses performing Welcome To The Jungle live. Axl Rose is wearing a jersey of our beloved Argentina. Cool!!!


Alwin said...

Hi Seba,

Takecare of Manolo, he is a strong man and we will all unite stronger hand in hand with the Albiceleste.


Lena said...

I'm glad your abuelo is back home!

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