Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Messi's latest gem

Colombia 2-1 Argentina (0-1 Messi)
Video sent by MoreGoals

Despite losing the match, we've got a new gem to look at. What a goal from Lionel!


John said...

Sometimes the beautiful game doesn't justified how a match should end.

How could someone loose a game after scoring like that?

DIEGO did not loose.....

Neither did Saed OWAIRAN (remember that Saudi Arabian player who scored that goal against Belgium in USA'94) or Ryan GIGGS (against Arsenal in 1999, FA Cup, semi-final).

As for the game, I need to watch the replay first before I can comment on how did we actually performed.

Anonymous said...

I have said it many times to friends, the toughest teams argentina play are COL,Paraguay and ofcourse Brasil. For some reason ARG gives up the last game vs Uruguay. Playing away@Paraguay is bad, so is COL, and vs Brasil it is always a 3-0 loss. If I have to blame some 1 it will have to be Pato. Time to get rid of him.The man is a sitting duck. Thaa well what can you do, just take it like a man and move on. ARG will qualify we all know that, but I feel like only team that can beat ARG is themselves, simple as that. They are either sublime or just saying what is going on! It will be another 7 months till we see them playing in a meaningful game. So enjoy La Liga,Serie A(Blahh),EPL and the domestic league. Good night nurse!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about that, it is a 3-1 loss away to Brasil.