Saturday, November 17, 2007

All set for Argentina - Bolivia

Ladies and gentlemen...hello again!

Did you miss me? I did miss you and this blog, but I decided to get away for a while. I needed some rest after working and relocating a number of times in the last few months.

I've been reading and I have to congratulate John one more time because he did a great job and I enjoyed his articles and updates.

Today we won't be at the stadium with Johnny (like we did against Chile -I still owe you the pictures from that day-) , but I'll be watching and following the match here with those of you with a computer handy.

Argentina look set to field their "army of midgets" today as Juan Roman RIQUELME will be the play-maker sitting behind an unprecedent striking force formed by Carlos TEVEZ, Lionel MESSI and Sergio AGÜERO.

Hernán CRESPO was called up again, but a slight injury will keep him out of today's match. However, those who love Hernán, might see him back in the starting line-up as soon as this Tuesday, when Argentina travel to Bogotá to face Colombia.

Just as we've seen in the first two matches, Coco made changes in between the game against Chile and the away contest v Venezuela. Maxi RODRIGUEZ later confessed that Coco told him when he called him up for the first two qualifying matches, that he was only going to use him against Chile and preserve him versus Venezuela.

Now I'm thinking Coco might do the same and use AGÜERO and TEVEZ tonight and maybe keep CRESPO fresh to play with two forwards (MESSI will be the other one) ahead of the enganche RIQUELME.

But enough with this futurology. The present is Bolivia and we have to take this game very seriously. Play accordingly to our history and our potential and make it 9 points out of 9 possible.

Here's our very offensive starting lineup for today:






National anthems are being played and we are using a new model of shirt. The Monumental is packed and I'm all fired up for this match!



Seba said...

KUN scores!

Argentina 1-0.

It was hard to break their defence. Cross from the left by Carlitos, DEMICHELIS heads it down and AGÜERO scores in front of an empty net.

KUN has 6 international matches with Argentina (this is his second in a WCQ) and he scores his first ever international goal with the Albiceleste.

Here's for you to score many more, Kun!

johnny said...


johnny said...

Looked like KUN was afraid the linesman was going to negate that one for offsides.

johnny said...

Roman wrongfoots the keeper ! 2-0 !

Seba said...

Oh Roman! You beauty!

Another excelent free-kick execution by RIQUELME.

Roman has 16 goals for Argentina, 6 of them coming from direct free-kicks. Is his third in this WC Qualifiers (in as many matches!).

2-0 with 13 minutes of the second half played.

johnny said...

Sweeeeeeet !!!! Pretty goal from Roman following a great run from Messi !

Seba said...


Nice pass by MESSI (who tried to do too much too often) and ROMAN sends a sweet shot towards the far post.


It reminded me a little bit of CANIGGIA's strike against Nigeria in the USA 94 World Cup.

johnny said...

I hope Cambiasso is not hurt too badly. He looked to be in alot of pain.

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