Monday, November 12, 2007

Coco's World Cup Qualifier Squad

Coco BASILE has named his full squad for the upcoming World Cup qualifier. Just quick reminder, that Argentina will host Bolivia on the 17th of November and will travel to Colombia on the 20th of November.

Before we go into further discussion, here is the list of names that has been picked by Coco.


Roberto ABBONDANZIERI (Getafe)
Mariano ANDUJAR (Estudiantes)
Agustin ORION (San Lorenzo)


Javier ZANETTI (Inter Milan)
Nicolas BURDISSO (Inter Milan)
Martin DEMICHELIS (Bayern Munich)
Gabriel MILITO (Barcelona)
Gabriel HEINZE (Real Madrid)
Fabricio COLOCCINI (Deportivo La Coruna)
Hugo IBARRA (Boca Juniors)


Esteban CAMBIASSO (Inter Milan)
Fernando GAGO (Real Madrid)
Maxi RODRIGUEZ (Atletico de Madrid)
Javier MASCHERANO (Liverpool)
Juan Roman RIQUELME (Villarreal)
Federico INSUA (Club America)
Sebastian BATTAGLIA (Boca Juniors)


Lionel MESSI (Barcelona)
Carlos TEVEZ (Manchester United)
Hernan CRESPO (Inter Milan)
Sergio AGUERO (Atletico de Madrid)
German DENIS (Independiente)

Certainly the big news in the team has to be the returned of Hernan CRESPO to bolster our attacks. Some of you out there may want to disagree with me on this, but I would still have preferred Julio CRUZ who I believe has been more consistent for Inter in recent weeks.

So right now the big question is, should CRESPO starts, which is the most likely player to partner alongside him up front? This is going to be tough considering the fact that Carlos TEVEZ is hitting form at Man Utd, while both MESSI and KUN are among the leading goal scorers in La Liga. And what about German DENIS, top scorer in the Apertura championship with 17 goals from 16 games? From the looks of it, there’s no doubt the Atomic Flea could the most preferred choice for Coco but what do you think?

Based on this list, I don’t think that Coco is going to change his starting line up and would stick to his usual formula. So it looks like PATO is going to be in goal, while the back four will consists of ZANETTI on the right, HEINZE on the left and DEMICHELIS and MILITO in the center.

MAXI will take on the right wing with RIQUELME and MASCHERANO playing in central midfield. Which leaves us on the left with Esteban CAMBIASSO the most likely choice.

So now, what is your thought about this list?


Helen said...

I am a big Inter fan and I watched all their matches. You are right, Cruz is in tremendous form in recent weeks, while Crespo missed quite a few clear-cut chances. Besides, he was injured last Saturday and was originally left out of the Inter VS Lazio match (the matched was cancelled because a fan was shot by police).

I am actually surprised to see Crespo still travelling back to Argentina. He should stay in Milan and try to recover from his wounds. Remember last time he was injured in Copa America, which affected his form this season greatly. Inter have so many great forwards and Crespo had to fight the starting line. If his injury got worse he will be on the bech for quite a whil, which is in nobody's interest.

Roy said...

I fully agree with you Helen. Cruz has been playing so well in recent weeks that I feel bad that he hasn't gotten the nod from Basile yet. Why not give Cruz a chance? Age certainly cannot be a factor because they are indeed the same age. I'd like to see him back wearing that beautiful jersey but looks like it won't happen.

I'm a bit disappointed not to see Savila and I think this truly means the end for Aimar on the squad. I feel bad for him because he never really had the chance to shine for Argentina. 2002 World Cup no one had a chance to shine. 2006 World Cup was Riquelme and now it's still Riquelme. Aimar only came on as a substitute for Riquelme in Copa America so nothing to prove there(yet he DID get a goal!) It's a shame that we will never see Aimar/Riquelme/Messi on the field together. Could make for some very good chemistry.

Aside from that, I'd LIKE to see someone else but Pato between the posts but that won't happen. I still think we should play Messi in his natural postion(like at Barca) and try out 2 forwards up front(Tevez/Aguero maybe?). Anyways, satisfied I suppose with the list.

johnny said...

No big shockers I suppose. I think it's good that Coco is taking a first hand look at a number of goalkeepers. Even if they get little, or no playing time, Coco gets to see them practice and can form some opinions about their future(or no) with the NT. I like Crespo alot, but it seems Cruz is not getting much consideration. I would think Battaglia is the only surprise. Probably another Coco pick that he knows well from Boca. Another smart, complete team player who knows his role. Like Ibarra. But, not a future fixture on the squad.

John said...

Some NBA News...

San Antonio Spurs 107 Los Angeles Lakers 92

Spurs recorded their fourth consecutive victory, this time against Kobe BRYANT lead Lakers. The defending champion was on a comfortable victory courtesy of a lead they had taken midway through the second quarter.

Manu GINOBILI capped another incredible performance as he posted 17 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists & 2 steals.

While Fabricio OBERTO finished a team high 6 rebounds alongside Francisco ELSON. He also posted 2 points & 2 assists.

Memphis Grizzlies 105 Houston Rockets 99

Luis SCOLA was pushing very hard for minutes of playing in the power forward position against Chuck HAYES as he posted 6 points and 4 rebounds.

Charlotte Bobcats 91 Miami Heat 76

I always it unfair that for someone who has done so much last season when the Bobcats suffering an injury crisis is left on the benched for most of the occasion.

Then again Walter HERRMANN did create some positive despite the little time play given by coach Sam VINCENT. He scored a spectacular dunk and made a lay out shot.

In the end, he managed to post 4 points & 1 rebound.

Anonymous said...

I"d like to see Aimar on the field too.Did he get injured .?Is Insua better than Aimar ?

Anonymous said...

How old is W. Sammual (Inter Milan), can ARG still use him at center back?

john said...

Hi they’re everyone,

First of all it’s good to know that I'm not the only one who is lobbying for Julio CRUZ to be recalled to the National Team.

Let me just put it this way, only players who are their best form should be considered for the national team.

But then again, this is COCO that we’re talking about and if he feels like using RIQUELME instead of someone like AIMAR or D’ALLESANDRO, than I supposed you all should get the big picture by now.

The truth is from my own personal opinion, COCO’s team selection and strategy looks so predictable that I feel it is only a matter of time that others will learned how to exploit that.

For instance, I’m not sure why ZABALETA is not considered as ZANETTI’s back up, instead he calls up COLOCCINI.

But in the end there is no point arguing about this as of now we’ll just to wait and see how are we going to fare with Bolivia and Colombia.

I’m confident that we will get a win against Bolivia but the away match against Colombia could be a stern test for us.

All I’m hoping is that we will just the 6 points from both games, period.

As for that question from Mr. Anonymous about Walter SAMUEL, El Muro is almost reaching his thirties but doesn’t mean he has not shot for a place in the national team.

He seems to be back at his best for Inter unlike during his at Real Madrid so we’ll just keep our finger cross for the time being. Having said that, I’m pretty happy with current partnership at center back (DEMICHELIS and MILITO).

johnny said...

Rumor has it this morning that Riquelme has the flu and might miss the match with Bolivia. Of course, with Riquelme there are always rumors of some sort, so we will have to wait and see.

Rio said...

Julio Cruz is a substitute, and always will be. There are many players who could turn in outstanding performances on the good days, but consistency is on a whole different page.

Inter has weakness for Argies.

4-3-3 then we get all 3 strikers.

With denis and crespo both back in the squad, and aguero waiting on the bench, it seemed Basile is determined to change form.

One more DM. Why?

Rio said...

And looked like I'm gonna get what I wanted at last! COME ON BASILE, DROP HEINZE ONCE AND FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!

John said...

For those who may not understand Spanish, I've taken the liberty to translate the article, with a lil' help from google of course

In Riquelme with affection: "In Argentina, against Chile said it was going to be difficult and then complained because we went 2-0 and not attack more." Basile, meanwhile, convened emergency Bottinelli because Heinze is a blow to the right knee.

"We always want to play better," said Roman. (TN) 1 - 2

The selection continues to believe in the party's next Saturday before Bolivia. The squad headed by Alfio Basile held a meeting this morning to work in the gym of the property that the AFA has in Ezeiza, which did not participate Juan Roman Riquelme, who continues reponiéndose of a state flu. However, the Argentine medical staff is confident that the coupling will be from the start to Bolivians, for the third time in the qualifiers for the World Cup 2010.

"We always want to play better," said Riquelme this noon and was upset by the comments received by the team after the first two games of qualifiers: "In Argentina are well. Never reaches. Against Chile said it was going to be difficult and then complained because we were going 2 to 0 and not attack more. "

Then, he changed the subject and talked about the great series he is making Tiger, the third place team in the Opening Tournament. "Tiger fans are happy. Have made a major campaign in order to stay in first. Good relationship with my Cagna and makes me happy for him," he said.

Meanwhile, Basile decided to convene emergency Jonathan Bottinelli, since Gabriel Heinze is a blow to the right knee. The Real Madrid defender was not desafectado, but is in doubt for the clash on Saturday. His place could be filled by Nicolas Burdisso, who today said that Bolivia "has little to lose and much to gain." The zaguero Internazionale also referred to the poor state of the pitch the pitch River. "It's a pity because it is a party Selection and yesterday was played a semifinal Copa Sudamericana. Regrettably, it is going to affect the show."

For its part, Hernan Crespo, who integrate a trident offensive alongside Carlos Tevez and Lionel Messi, said: "First we must win, and then like, if you can, golear. Unable to make the party if not yet made the first. " "Hopefully it is a nice feast of football, although the visual spectacle in terms of the playing field will not be the best," he added.

Javier Mascherano, who would play five double as next to Esteban Cambiasso, talked about the schedule used Basile: "It is a system to which we are accustomed. Is something to improve and to see if the team can pay this way. It is good to know we have different alternatives. "

Finally, Carlos Tevez said: "I always want to play, no matter whether we are two or three strikers. Looking at golear, we are going astray. Think make a good match." "You have to run a little further back, because if not, the defense was going to die," he concluded.

John said...

Rio, thanks for the article.

With the inclusion of Jonathan BOTTINELLI, how much would this changed the team's flow?

Does this BOTTINELLI has the SORIN factor?

Soy_de_River said...

Sorry to hijack the conversation, but Passerella has quit River!!! I am so happy I could cry!! Vamos River!!

John said...

Thanks Soy De River for the info.

I was reading about that in the newspaper today.

Good luck to Arsenal in the Copa America

johnny said...

Word is that Crespo is not totally fit and KUN might start today alongside Messi and Carlitos.

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