Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here´s the list with VERON confirmed and some (more) surprises

Alfio BASILE made public his first list formed by Argentine footballers from our local league.

They will start training next Monday.

Here´s the list:

Juan Pablo CARRIZO (River Plate)
Oscar USTARI (Independiente)

Paulo FERRARI (River Plate)
Daniel DÍAZ (Boca Juniors)
Eduardo TUZZIO (River Plate)
Hugo IBARRA (Boca Juniors)
Hernán PELLERANO (Vélez Sársfield)
Germán RÉ (Newell´s Old Boys)
Jonathan BOTTINELLI (San Lorenzo)

Leonardo PONZIO (River Plate)
Fernando BELLUSCHI (River Plate)
Juan Sebastián VERÓN (Estudiantes)
Neri CARDOZO (Boca Juniors)
Agustín PELLETIERI (Lanús)
Sebastián LETO (Lanús)
Daniel MONTENEGRO (Independiente)
Cristian LEDESMA (San Lorenzo)
José SOSA (Estudiantes)

Mariano PAVONE (Estudiantes)
Ezequiel LAVEZZI (San Lorenzo)
Rodrigo PALACIO (Boca Juniors)
Mauro ZÁRATE (Vélez Sársfield)

Instead of 20 or 21 players that were mentioned, the list contains 22.

The difference from the list I´ve published the day before the official announcement are:

The inclussion of José SOSA (Estudiantes) and the San Lorenzo pair of: Jonathan BOTTINELLI and Cristian LEDESMA.

Also Mario BOLATTI (Belgrano) was in my list but now he wasn´t called up by COCO.


Seba said...

First curious and very funny thing?

José SOSA (very talented midfielder playing for Estudiantes alongside Juan Sebastián VERON) have just signed a contract to join Bundesliga's power-house Bayern Munich.

He'll join the German giants in June. Will he be able to train with BASILE until then?

Will he be considered for the Copa America with such an important move for him so close in the horizon?

Nevertheless, I think he can make an impact for Bayern (if given enough opportunities) and I'm sure he's one to watch in the near future.

john said...


Regarding on Jose Sosa move to Bayern Munich, which position does he play for Estudiantes? We all know that the Bayern’s midfield line up is pack with talented players, so who is he up against for a place in the first eleven?


john said...

Hi There,

As you all know that I often commented on the performance of our Tall Guys in the NBA. And you all should know by how much Seba and myself am huge fan of Manu Ginobili. But to me the best player on the Tall Guy roster and my personal favorite is non other Luis SCOLA, who plays Tau Ceramica of Spain. And what a team would San Antonio Spurs be, assume if SCOLA joins (Spurs hold his transfers rights) as he teams alongside MANU, Tim DUNCAN and Tony PARKER.

Tonight SCOLA, Pablo PRIGIONI and team will take on Lottomatica Roma of Italy in a Euroleague match. But in the meantime I have this news to share with, courtesy of fiba.com

Scola scoops honour again, unable to celebrate

VITORIA (ACB) - Argentinian superstar Luis Scola of Tau Ceramica has captured the ACB’s Player of the Month award for the fourth time in his career.

But he’s finding it very difficult to derive any pleasure from it.

Tau’s recent defeats, and the poor health which has forced Velimir Perasovic to take a leave of absence from his coaching duties, have not left Scola in the best of moods.

"It (the award) is worth little if it doesn't help the team win," Scola said.

"I cannot be happy with the award after a month in which we have lost two of three games."

Indeed, setbacks have left Tau second in the ACB with a 17-5 record.

Complicating the situation is the uncertainty surrounding Perasovic, who went to hospital with chest pains in mid-February and isn’t expected back for another couple of weeks.

The club have given the reins to Natxo Lezcano until Perasovic’s return.

"We have to try to isolate ourselves as much as possible from Perasovic's situation, because our coach now is Natxo,” Scola said.

"We hope that Velimir recovers. More than basketball, the important thing is his health now."

Scola is still only 26, but he is a veteran at Tau, having played with the team since the 1999-2000 campaign.

The power forward knows each team will have highs and lows during the season, but he is nevertheless frustrated.

"It's clear that I would like my team to finish first in the regular season but we cannot be obsessed with it," he said.

"We must only remember that when we finished first in regular season, we never won the title."


Seba said...

John, thanks for the news on SCOLA. No doubt he should be playing in the NBA now.

As for José SOSA, he plays in midfield. He can play on the left or the right. I haven´t seen him playing much but everybody believes he is a huge talent.

After what happened to MASCHE and CARLITOS at West Ham, I´ve changed my mind regarding the convenience of landing on a small club rather than playing for a power-house. I´m not saying it´s easier to arrive to the big guns in Europe. I will just say now that it depends on the player.

There are players that can´t play for big clubs but are excellent for smaller outfits and viceversa.

Let´s hope "SOSITA" can adjust to life in Germany and start showing his potential, even though I completely dislike Bayern Munich of all teams in Germany!

johnny said...

Also Rodrigo Palacio broke a toe the other day. They say he won't be out long, but broken toes can be pretty unpredictable.

john said...


If that’s the case then I assume that SOSITA is in for tough time as currently the players that occupy Bayern’s wingers slot are Bastian SCHWEINSTEIGER and Hasan SALIHAMIDZIC. But please do take note that SALIHAMIDZIC will be departing to Juventus so I supposed he was brought in to cover the right midlfield.