Thursday, February 15, 2007

Argentina to play Colombia, Paraguay and USA in the Copa America

It´s been really busy yesterday. Lots of news regarding our national team and our football in the future.

Here´s a brief list of the most important news from yesterday:


Argentina will play in Group C against United States, Colombia and Paraguay (in that order).

Our debut will be against United States on 28 June at Maracaibo.

Group A will see the host Venezuela playing against Bolivia, Uruguay and Peru.

Group B contains Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador and Chile.


This is something I didn´t expect and I had no idea about, but it has been confirmed that the Copa America 2011 will be played in Argentina!

I remember I was 10 when the Copa America was last played in my country (1987) and Uruguay were the winners (while Argentina and Brazil didn´t even make it to the final match and didn´t even finish in the top three -which were Uruguay, Chile and Colombia-).


It´s been confirmed that the fixtures will again be the same as in the last two editions of the South American World Cup Qualifiers. Argentina will then start playing against Chile and will close the campaign aiming to secure a ticket for South Africa 2010 with a game against Uruguay.


Anonymous said...

Mixed feelings about the draw. Group A is a bit of a joke and it is a toss up between Group B and C who has it tougher. Regarding Group C (because in this blog that is the group we really care about at this point), Argentina is going to be sending a good team because obviously this is the big test for Basile. Colombia has a really good defense, Paraguay made it to the last World Cup and have a very organized team and the USA's performance depends on the type of team they bring. They have the Gold Cup and so are sending a team of "lesser strength." Given that, Bradley will want change his title from 'interim coach' to 'coach.'
Should be interesting.


john said...

Hi There Everyone,

Its been a long while since I've posted my last comment.

Lets see, first congratulations to our racket kings in their Davis Cup triumph over Austria despite the absence of Nalbandian. However I do hope our best player will make a return for the next tie against Sweden.

Also great to know that Guilermo Canas winning the Brasil Open recently. For any Argentina victory on Brazilian soil is a joy to hear.

As for our football team, I have some mixed feelings regarding on our draw for the up coming Copa America. No doubt that our quality surpasses way much compare to our opponent but still history has taught us well such as the loss against USA in 1995 and to Colombia in 1999.

On other hand Paraguay are no pushover as their records against us in recent times seems to have been going in their favour.

Since our victory against France, I do believe that great things are on the way and perhaps we should give Coco the vote of confidence. Afterall he did win for us in 1991 and 1993 so I'm pretty sure he would like to complete his hat-trick of Copa America titles.

Perhaps the best news that I've heard is that Javier Mascherano is finally given permission to play for Liverpool. And with the Reds 2-1 up against Barca, I do hope to see Javier starting in the next match by winning over the Andfield faithfuls.

NBA News.

I was pretty sad that none of our Tall Guys made it to the All-Star event this year. What a shame as Manu Ginobili and Chapu Nocioni are good bets to feature for their respective conference.

To prove this, Manu scored a whopping 40 points to help San Antonio Spurs beat Atlanta Hawks by 103-96. Vamos Manu!!! In the same match, Fabricio Oberto scored 4 points

Carlos Delfino had 4 points to his credit as the Detroit Pistons defeated the Orlando Magic 110-88.

By the way Seba, if you can confirm this as from what I've heard that Chapu is currently out due to some injury. How long is this as I wouldn't want him to miss the play-offs because of this.



Seba said...

Indeed CHAPU is out due to injury but the good news is that he could come back to play tonight (Friday) against Washington Wizards.

In other basketball news, San Antonio Spurs asked Manu GINOBILI to miss the Olympic qualifier tournament in Las Vegas because they want him to stay fit for next season and MANU have repeatedly said that he was knackered because he haven´t had a break for a long time now and that was affecting his fitness and condition.

This absence will be a killer for our team and CHAPU could also miss the tournament, although that is still to be confirmed.

Carlos DELFINO will take MANU´s place in the starting lineup but we´ll have to wait for Sergio HERNÁNDEZ to name the squad to clear this situation.

It´s going to be a very tough tournament but I trust the manager and this incredible group of players.

Seba said...

CORRECTION: Chapu did play last night against Cleveland but he only did it for 14 minutes, scoring 5 points and grabbing 3 rebounds.

Tonight he could play more minutes and do it from the start. Sorry for any wrong piece of info I´ve written.

lucy said...

Argentina is in a good group, compared with Brazil's group. I think Argentina has a great chance to do well.

Does Basile still want to form a team based on players in Argentina? How do you guys like the idea? I don't like it at all since most of your best players are in Europe.

Seba said...

Hi Lucy! Good point. But I do think COCO still wants to use players still competing in Argentina.

However, he´ll only do that if the clubs release the players to work with BASILE at least once a week and that´s not happening so far.

Now there are rumours that RIQUELME could change his mind and play for Argentina again. Plus Juan Sebastián VERÓN playing well and some other important players back in Argentina (like former Zaragoza´s midfielder Leo PONZIO playing for River), I think he could very well take a side formed by local players to Venezuela (with some stars from Europe in the mix aswell).