Monday, January 22, 2007

Vamos Los Pibes!

All of a sudden our boys look good looking for a place in the tournaments this southamerican tournament give access to!

Winning against the host Paraguay with 10-men and managing to mantain a result after several games in which we were winning and threw away our lead (Ecuador (leading 1-0 ending up 1-1), Colombia (leading 1-0 to eventually lose 2-1), Uruguay (leading 3-1 to end up 3-3) and Brazil (losing 1-0, then up 2-1 and finally 2-2).

So I think that was the most important thing last night when we beat Paraguay 1-0.

Surprisingly Colombia, which was the best team from what I saw during the first round, and Brazil, Group A leader and still undefeated in the tournament, are yet to win a game in this second round (Brazil with 2 draws and Colombia losing both matches).

Uruguay look to be a very difficult team to beat and they have 6 points in two games.

Argentina sit tied for second with Chile (our next rival) with 4 points.

Just a reminder: The top 4 teams in this second round consisting of six teams, will qualify for the Youth World Cup to be hosted later this year in Canada. While the top 2 teams will secure a place in the football tournament at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games where, in case of qualifying, Argentina will aim to defend the gold medal obtained in Athens 2004.

Here are the standings so far and the upcoming matches:


Anonymous said...

hi guys i have a question. Has HIGUAIN decided if he is gonna play for Argentina or FRANCE??? i noticed some of you saying we will have a strong team with Aguero and Higuain. Has he decided that or is just speculation? please let me know.

Seba said...

No official word yet, but he looks to be inclined in favour of Argentina.

Later today, Coco BASILE will name the squad to play against France on February 7 and we´ll see if Gonzalo HIGUAIN is on his plans.

Remember this time, despite COCO´s idea to form a team with players performing in Argentina in the present, he will have to pick a team with all our European-based stars and one big surprise envolving a big name.

Stay tunned because I´ll write a little bit about it.