Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another chance for a warrior?

Just when you started to forget about it, Argentina´s first friendly match of 2007 is just around the corner.

We are just two weeks away from the attractive clash between France and the Albiceleste at the Stade de France in Saint Denis (Paris).

While we wait for COCO´s squad to be announced by the manager himself later today, there is strong speculation around one big name that could be making his return to the national team.

It´s not under the happiest situation but he might be recalled due to a number of injuries in players that cover his position.

I´m talking about Javier ZANETTI. We have to wait and see but knowing that BASILE likes to play with classic and traditional defensive backs, PUPI has every chance of earning yet another cap and prove PEKERMAN wrong after the former manager didn´t give him a ticket to the Germany World Cup.

I think that this is a great chance for ZANETTI to prove he is still an elite player.

As for the rest of the squad, I´m hoping to see Diego MILITO getting the call and I would like to see Sergio AGUERO in action too.

MESSI, TEVEZ, Leo FRANCO, SORIN, Fabricio FUENTES and Pablo ZABALETA are all out with injuries so I expect at least a couple of surprising names to be pulled out of the hat by COCO.

Don´t know if I´ll be online when COCO announces the list so I trust any of the readers of this blog will post it in a comment below.


SoydeRicer said...

The list is as follows:

Roberto Abbondanzieri
Leonardo Franco

Roberto Ayala
Gabriel Milito
Rodolfo Arruabarrena
Nicolás Burdisso
Fabricio Fuentes
Javier Zanetti
Jonás Gutiérrez

Aldo Duscher
Esteban Cambiasso
Leandro Somoza
Pablo Aimar
Fernando Gago

Javier Saviola
Hernán Crespo
Diego Milito
Sergio Agüero
Lisandro López
Luis González

alwin said...

Hi All,

Thank you Soydericer for the list. If this is confirmed, then the only thing worrying is that I don't see Higuain's name on the list. Lets hope he is not on Domenech's list then.

The squad looks solid with youth and experience over there. A few surprises like FUENTES of Villarreal and GUTIERREZ of Mallorca in defense. I don't know much about both of them, maybe someone could shed some light. Nice to see ZANETTI recalled and I think he will start in right-back.

As for the Midfield, solid tackling DUSCHER gets a call, I can't recall when his last appearance for the Albiceleste was but I would think that he would relish it having already won a few caps I think. He will not regret choosing the BLUE and WHITE stripes over the AUSTRIANS. I would think DUSCHER, SOMOZA and CAMBIASSO will fight for the holding midfielder role. As for creativity in the park, I would think GAGO and AIMAR will have to fight for it. Actually i don't see much left sided players here except for CAMBIASSO. Im still figuring out how they might line up ? I would think LUCHO GONZALEZ will join them in the midfield as well, most likely on the right wings.

Upfront, I would love to see DIEGO MILITO starting alongside in-form SAVIOLA. CRESPO might get the nod to start too, so im not too sure how BASILE will line them up. They will all get chances I fancy and im sure LISANDRO LOPEZ will like to maintain a call every time if he keep up his scoring form for PORTO.

In a nutshell, I would think they would line up like below:-


Roberto Abbondanzieri (GK)

Javier Zanetti (Right Back)
Rodolfo Arruabarrena (Left Back)
Roberto Ayala (Center Back)
Gabriel Milito (Center Back)

Pablo Aimar (Left Midfield)
Luis González (Right Midfied)
Fernando Gago (Center Midfield)
Esteban Cambiasso (Defensive Midfield)

Diego Milito (Striker)
Javier Saviola (Striker)

The reason why I start Aimar on the left is because he will be playing very close to CAMBIASSO who is dominantly left footed. Hence when AIMAR cuts into the center, i would think CAMBIASSO will cover well on the left for him.

These are just my thoughts, im not COCO BASILE and I really don't know what's in his mind, so all we can do is predict. What about the rest of you?

We would have to win this one against the FRENCH, we are overdue a win and what better to get kick-started at St. Denis. I really hope I get to watch this game live in Malaysia and I cross my fingers for a telecast.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Higuain: So far no new rumors other than the fact that Domenech likes him. At the moment though I wouldn't worry too much since it's only a friendly and both Higuain Sr and Jr have stated that Jr wants to focus on his club career at the moment before choosing a NT. Remember that he turned down the call up for the Sub 20 team. Also it is possible that Basile doesn't want to burn bridges too early with Real Madrid and take two of their new starters for a friendly and run the risk of injuring them (like Maxi R). Gago gets a go now because obviously Mascherano is not match ready (due to the incompetence of the both West Ham coaches but we won't go into that because it will be a VERY long post). If Basile is serious about Higuain (and as far as I know he hasn't said anything for or against the player) he probably communicated to him that he will try him out on a later date (also remember that Basile is under numerous constraints regarding who he can call up for friendlies and Higuain doesn't feature on the Russian's list). Basically it's not over till the fat lady (or talented french/argentinian foward in this case) sings.


andaman said...

Nice to see Pupi back on the team. And Diego Milito, great, it's good Coco called up players according to their performances. Another one I'm hoping to see back in the team is D'Alessandro. Guess he'll have to wait longer. Anyway, I like this team. Hope I can watch it live, on telly or via internet will do. Vamos Argentina!

Another news that make me smile is Cavenaghi's move to Bordeaux. I was hoping he'd come to Spain but France is better than getting lost in Russia I guess. Masche and Tevez are next on my watch.

Seba said...



He is not in the list because he needs to do some paperwork to obtain the Argentine passport but he has spoken and he said: ARGENTINA!

"It was a decision I took with my heart. All my friends, my family and my football are from Argentina, I couldn´t make other decision"


Anonymous said...

Yay! You beat me to it Seba.


john said...

Hi There,

First and foremost like everyone of you I’m too getting very excited about the match against France. From the looks of it, Coco’s squad contains a mixed of experience and youth. Great to see the likes Gago being called up and of course I’m keen to watch Lisandro in action as well.

Thanks Seba for sharing with us the great news that Gonzalo has decided to don the Albicelestes colour. I’m sure he will be great asset in the future, no doubt it.

And if Los Pibes makes it to the Beijing 2008, what a mouth-watering team we will have. Gonzalo, Kun, Messi, Gago and Zabaleta are sure bets to be featuring in the event next year. Who else could be joining them?

Andaman, its great news to know that Cavenaghi is out of Russia and has moved to Bordeaux. I’m sure he will settle well in France and if he does, I would like to see Coco gives him the chance that he has been waiting all this while.



Inter Milan fan said...

Seba, I don't agree with you about Zanetti.

'I think that this is a great chance for ZANETTI to prove he is still an elite player. '

You are wrong. Pupi has already proved he is a great player, the best right defender in Argentina history.

I am a fervent Inter Milan fan and I watched him play year after year. Zanetti is the best in the world. Simple as that. He does NOT need a friendly match to prove that.

Actually, I would rather he is not called. After over 10 years of loyal service and 100 caps, he was dumped under extreme cruel situation right before world cup and Pekerman took bad defenders like Scaloli and Coloccini instead. I hate to say it, but a team with shabby defense line like what Arg had in 06 doesn't deserve the title, not even the semifinals.

Coco called Pupi because he doesn't have anybody else. He treated Pupi like a piece of old furniture- use it in need and throw it away when he is tired of it. It is absolutely disgusting to see a great and loyal player be treated like that.

john said...

Inter Milan Fan,

I totally agree with you that Pupi is already a proven great player and I’m pretty sure no one is going to deny that. But at the same time, I feel your preference of him not being called him up is a bit unfair. At least from Pupi’s point of view.

He deserve this recall to the national team and the reason being the fact on his performance for Internazionale who are going from strength to strength in Serie A. After all what has Pupi achieved from all these years? I would strongly lobby for his inclusion in Coco’s plan for this year Copa America. Looking at his age (33 or34?), what better way is there for him before he retires.

Having mentioned about his age, we cant be thinking of him for long term plans. That’s the reason why Coco has opted him out of his early plan.


alwin said...


ZANETTI’s inclusion has nothing got to do with him not proving himself previously or whether he is one the best in the world. It's plain and simple; he is included because of the injury to ZABALETA, that’s how I look at it. Looking at his age I would not think he would feature for 2010 but then again, I never knew ZANETTI tiring out, he always seems to be running every time I watch him. If Zanetti honours this call he will wear the ALBICELESTE with pride and not think of previous grudges with past management.

Yes, i do agree on certain things like his exclusion from the 2006 squad which was very saddening, but at the same time I feel that we went out of the World Cup not solely on bad defending. We played the HOST and I think that speaks for itself in a major tournament, a host rarely fails to at least make the semis (outer influences). Anyway, that is history and let’s looks towards the future.

Whatever it is, if you are an INTER MILAN fan or a BOCA JUNIORS fan, lets not forget that the reason all of us here unite is because of our love for the ALBICELESTE and bring on the LES BLUES!!!



ArgToWin said...

Since 1994 when I first saw Zanetti played for Argentina, I have always been a Zanetti fan. Not only he is a great soccer player, he carries himself very well in every game he played. When he was not on Pekerman's list last year, I felt Argentina did not bring the best team to WC2006. Anyway, I will not grumble about this again.

Hopefully, a Zanetti-type can appear in the Argentina team !

Seba said...

Hi Inter Milan Fan, thanks for writing and sharing your views on "Il Capitano" with us.

Let me clarify one thing: Javier ZANETTI doesn´t need to prove ME that he is still up there with the best in his position.

He has a great chance now to prove it to BASILE. That was the sense I wanted to give to that comment.

I know how you feel about him because I was priviledged enough to attend an Inter match at San Siro and I felt extremely proud of the love ZANETTI was getting from the "interisti". Being born in the same country and being a long way from home that night against Villarreal for the Champions League, it felt like he was playing in his backyard.

And that night he played an absolutely brilliant game. One that led me to believe that he was no doubt going to be included in our WC squad.

PUPI is such a great example of a sportsman committed to his role with the club, the national team and most importantly, the community.

I wish he makes the most out of this opportunity (and I don´t care if he was call in just to fill up a spot). I´m sure that COCO will have a hard time leaving him out of the team in the future and maybe, like John said, he might end up playing the Copa America.