Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MASCHERANO free to join Liverpool


MASCHERANO has played for West Ham and Corinthians since July
West Ham midfielder Javier MASCHERANO has been given special dispensation by FIFA to join Liverpool from West Ham.

Under FIFA's rules, a footballer cannot play competitively for more than two different clubs between 1 July and 30 June the following year.

MASCHERANO, 22, has already represented Corinthians and West Ham in that time.

But FIFA said: "The FIFA single judge ruled that Javier MASCHERANO is eligible to play in official matches with Liverpool with immediate effect."

In the statement FIFA explained its ruling was determined partly because the South American and European seasons overlap.

A Liverpool spokesman confirmed: "FIFA has confirmed the player is entitled to play for Liverpool.

"However, the move from West Ham still needs to be ratified by the Premier League - and we await their decision."

MASCHERANO arrived at Upton Park with international team-mate Carlos TEVEZ on 31 August.

But he has played only six minutes since the defeat at Tottenham on 22 October and had been desperate to leave the club.


john said...

Hi There Everyone,

I must say I'm very happy for Javier's move to Liverpool. I believe that Rafa being someone who speaks Spanish may able to bring the best out of him. From the beginning when he and Carlitos join West Ham I always had that bad feelings that things are going to work out for them. An Englishmen will never understand how an Argentine superstar should play. Never will!!!

Furthermore Liverpool FC is a big football in England, or if not in the world and that's way our boys should be playing. Now my main concern is over his availability for the Champions League encounter against Barcelona which I'm sure is going to explosive (he did played for West Ham in the UEFA Cup!!!)

I'm very happy to know that Saviola is in scoring form at the moment and what a match that will be when Messi makes a return.

Great to know about Maxi's recovery but Aimar injury is something we should be very concern about. Assume if he can't make in time for the France game, then I do hope Coco will open his eyes on D'Alesandro whom I feel should be given the nod.

Regarding on our Under-20 team, the fact that they made it to the World Youth Cup and to Beijing 2008 is something that which we should be thankful for. But I do agree with you Seba on the manner which we've qualified which us was very un-Albicelestes.

However I believe come 2008, it is Coco Basile's responsibility to take control of the team just as Bielsa did in Athens 2004. And when that moment comes, I do really hope things will get better.

Other Sports...

In arguably our first World Championship assignment for 2007, our men's handball team have just ended their campaign in Germany. We manage to finish third in our group after losing two games and winning once. We lost to the host Germany by 27-22 and then defeated by Poland 29-15. In our final game we manage to avoid from finishing the bottom by beating non-other than Brazil!!! In the standings decider we manage chalked up win over Kuwait (28-25) before losing to Ukraine (22-23).

Overall we've finished 16 out of 24 teams, after going down to South Korea (31-38) in the 15th/16th play off.



ianm said...

Seba, is there any chance you could post an update on the main transfers in the Argentinian league before the season starts? Thanks

Seba said...

I may not be as thorough as this website here:

Hope the link helps!

It´s in Spanish, but I think you´ll get the point.

It´s a blog only dedicated to football transfers (worldwide but with great coverage for Argentina and Latin America)

Should you need any help translating or understanding terms or conditions of any of those transfers, ask me and I will help out.

ian said...

Great move for Masche! There'll be better understanding between Masche & Rafa on what Liverpool needs from Masche and how Masche feels Benitez can integrate his style of play into Liverpool's system.

In the end I just want to see all our Albiceleste heroes get regular 1st team playing time.

Papua New Guinea

p.s. Vamos to Saviola for rediscovering his form at Barca. He's certainly made Rikjaard eat some humble pie....

alwin said...


Mascherano's move is indeed a welcome coming into this weekend of fixtures. I was reading an article in the newspaper yesterday by a british writer, i forgot his name, but what he was trying to say is that, if Mascherano turns out to be a hit at Liverpool, it will reflect badly on the judgement of English managers namely both the ALAN'S who nearly ruined his future.

Rafa will nurture Javier and everyone knows the talent and commitment from Javier, so now he just needs playing time and silence all the critics who have been giving him too much of stick. I hope he can advise TEVEZ to get the "HELL" out of UPTON PARK too.


Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

Hi is rather late in the day....but I would wish a very happy new year to all of you......John.....that was a brilliant piece that you wrote

Missed out on football,cricket and other sports....for a really long time.....but it seems my staying away from the television has helped lot of my favourite players.......Saviola is back on fire.......Mascherano is off to Liverpool......Zannetti is back into the team......

glad to learn about the U-20 team's last gasp victory.........but equally distressed to read about Tocalli's tactics........I will go along with the view that Basile should be given the charge of U-20 team and the Olympic Menotti in Japan 1979 and Bielsa in Athens 2004

Even Indian cricket team has finally hit some rhythm is about time that they get into their stride with just two monhs left for the world cup.......

the good news is that I will again start travelling next, my favourite teams and players can stay protected from my evil shadow and continue with their rich vein of form :)

But any news on who will be Aimar's replacement??.....I really like D' Alessandro......but I am skeptical of his ability to control the whole game....But to his credit, he was outstanding in Copa America 2004 and Olympics....May be he can grow with experience........Seba, who do you think will be Aimar's replacement?

andaman said...

Hi all,

Good news on Mascherano. I'm very glad. Rafa being a good coach and able to communicate with him in Spanish will bring out the best in Javier and he will silence his critics both (some of) media and football fans.

Bad news and bad luck for Aimar, he has been doing so well with R.Zaragoza. He'll be out for a month. Maybe D'Alessandro will be given a chance? though his form at the moment is not as good as Pablito.

Seba said...

Welcome back Saurabh! Good to hear from you.

Let´s see...

I think it´s impossible for BASILE to coach the U20 in the World Cup. When MENOTTI took a young Diego to the title in Japan 1979, things were ran very differently at the AFA. Now (unfortunatelly) TOCALLI is in charge of the youngsters (only because he is benefited for working all those years with the youth alongside PEKERMAN, because I think he never showed any tactical knowledge).

The Olympics are a different story and from what I recall, I think they always fell into the senior national team manager. So I expect BASILE to go to Beijing with the U23.

As for replacing AIMAR. I was looking at the midfielders in COCO´s original list and I don´t see a clear candidate to become the playmaker for us.

Let´s see:
Fernando GAGO, Aldo DUSCHER, Esteban CAMBIASSO, Luis GONZALEZ, Leandro SOMOZA and Jonás GUTIERREZ.

DUSCHER, SOMOZA and GUTIERREZ are there to stop France and not to generate our game.

GAGO, CAMBIASSO and GONZALEZ are all multi-tasks players, but I don´t see CAMBIASSO taking the playmaker role.

It´ll be interesting to see if that position will fall to LUCHO, because he is not a typical "Nr 10".

I don´t think he will give GAGO that responsibility in his first ever game for the Albiceleste.

So I expect he calls up another player and it could be Federico INSUA (he had him for a long time at Boca but he is not having a great season in Germany) or Andres D´ALESSANDRO (played before for Argentina and is showing a good level of performances for Real Zaragoza).

If not...who else?

I must say that if it was another position, it wouldn´t be such a problem. But BASILE is not known for playing without a playmaker.

Anonymous said...

So no word yet on Mascherano right?
I also heard regarding Aimar's injury that Aimar himself is considering getting surgery to correct the underlying problem. Any word on if that is true? Wonder how much that is going to delay his recovery time?
Duscher is also out right? I just read that he won't be making the friendly eithe due to injury.
Gago is still unknown.


Anonymous said...

So it's two days till the game and as far as I know no other enganche has been called up. Does Basile have something against D'Alessandro since he keeps ignoring him? I'm trying to decide if Basile is ambivilent to the result like the Spain game and is just counting down until the 30 of March (or May?) when he can reveal the team he wants for the England friendly or if he is going to experiment with 3 forwards (a 4-3-3 formation of something). Are the any of the fowards who could push back a bit? Saviola maybe? I remember he used to steal the ball from defenders and come down the field a bit during the WC. He is also one of the fantastic 4 dribblers from River Plate... Still I just see him as a forward. I'm really anxious now because I don't want another loss, even if it is a friendly.


ArgToWin said...



alwin said...


Did you just mention about an ENGLAND friendly match? Is it confirmed? I can't wait for that!!!

As for D'Allensandro, im also puzzled as to why he is out of the radar, he is a quality player and he demonstrated that when we won the Olympic gold in 2004. Hs is calm on the ball, has a great vision for defense splitting passes and has a high work rate. Isn't that enough to at least stand him a chance for a shout.

To be honest with you, i will not tolerate any manager that keeps ignoring players if it's not footballing reasons, a personal matter should not come in the way for the good of a nation waiting in anticipation. Let it be PEKERMAN or BASILE or any upcoming manager for that matter, if you guys are listening and if you do have personal matters with your players, please put it aside. There is no point having talents in abundance if personal grudges take the driving seat.


Seba said...

Just a short comment here and I´ll post a little game preview later on.

The friendly match against England is confirmed as far as I know and it´s going to be played in May this year at Wembley.

As for tomorrow, BASILE regrets that there are no other playmakers in the list of players he took to France and he has hinted that he is going to have to change his preferred formation and use a different one. With four midfielders (one of them could be floating occasionally behind the 2 front men...and my guess is Lucho GONZALEZ).

More to come later (if work leaves me a little time to type in).

Anonymous said...

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