Sunday, November 05, 2006

ZANETTI and Diego MILITO bursting the net

After a great mid-week with Lucho GONZALEZ, Lisandro LOPEZ and Julio CRUZ all scoring in the Champions League, we've got to the weekend and so far (Porto will play tomorrow) we only have 2 Argentine in the score sheet.

Javier ZANETTI (for top-of-the-table Inter against Ascoli)

Diego MILITO (for Zaragoza against Getafe -ABBONDANZIERI suffering the scoring power of joint-top-scorer in La Liga -with Freddy KANOUTE both with 8-)


linda said...

Congratulations to captain Zanetti - fully deserved, what a great guy.

And also to Diego Milito - it's encouraging (and worrying - Barca play them next week) to see that Zaragoza are doing so well, even when their 'brain' Aimar is injured. It's a shame that Pato let in 3 goals, but the way he's going I believe he still has a chance for the Zamora (best goalkeeper in La Liga) award at the end of the season. How wonderful would it be if both pichichi (top scorer) and Zamora went to Argentinean players?

john said...


If it happens, then that will be great news. This reminds me how a couple season ago GABRIEL HEINZE won the Man Utd Player Of The Season as voted by the fans. This came to a big surprise for me as despite the present of ROONEY and Christiano RONALDO, the OLD TRAFFORD faithful chose him.


alwin said...

Hi Guys,

Congratulations to all the Argentinians that performed well over the weekend. Zanetti still gives his all without question and they way he is going there still looks to be another 3-4 good years from him. As for Diego Milito, well...he is just waiting at Basile's gate.

Yes Linda, The Zamora and Pichichi would be mark a remarkable season for Diego Milito and Pato. John, Gaby's player of the season was true resemblence of his form and guile when he first joined and yes it was suprising he won it but it sure feel good to know he has captured the hearts of the Old Trafford faithful.

I hate going back to this but i just need to stress my concern in West Ham. I saw the game last night and was upset at not seeing Mascherano not even on the Bench. Tevez was named on the bench, but when Pardew decided to go offensive with 20 minutes left, he brought on Sheringham and Harewood. Yes, some might say it was a brilliant substitution that led to the goal, but i still think he should not have started Zamora in the first place.

Pardew played a 4-5-1 with 2 sitting midfielders in Reo-Cocker and Mullins in the center and Bowyer was given abit of freedom in the centre of the park. My question is, out of the 3 chosen yesterday, we all know Javier Mascherano is miles away from the 3 of them and he doesnt even get due consideration. This is just not doing any good for Javier. Then when Pardew decided to play 4-4-2, he brought in the 2 big guys and poor Tevez was spotted warming the bench to no avail. I think Sheringham was good for praises and Pardew should have started Sheringham and Tevez up front, i think this will be the ideal partnership for West Ham. Tevez will roam and create for Teddy who still looks shary despite his age.

Pardew mentioned that he in Gelsenkirchen when we demolished S&M 6-0, and he was blown away. As i was watching the live game yesterday, the commentator did mention about Pardew previously criticising Arsene Wenger for his not so ENGLISH policy at Arsenal. I really dont know whether both Carlitos and Javier are in good hands or not. Just my opinion, i would definetly like to hear what you guys think? -argentinfan...any comments?:)

Have a fantastic week ahead my friends....


andaman said...

Hi all, congrats to captain Zanetti. I don't follow Serie A much but it's always nice to see Argentine names in limelight.

I saw Diego Milito's goal in highlite. So skillful and beautiful. Zaragoza's first goal of Diogo also came from a D'Alessandro's corner. Not to mention that 2 out of 3 of Villarreal's goals came from the assist of you-know-who that wears number 8. Pato is doing quite well actually, I think he only conceded most goals in yesterday's match.


ArgToWin said...

Hello everybody, have not been here for a while. Glad to know its going lively .. VAMOS ARGENTINA.

Was busy recently watching all games that involves Argentine players, Messi and Saviola (Barcelona), Aguero and Galetti (At Madrid), Milito, Aimar, Alessandro (Zaragoza), Placente (Celta Vigo), Zanetti, Crespo and gang (Inter).

I also watch all the games that Masch and Tevez but was quite disappointed that both did not feature in recent West Ham games. From what I observe, both M & T don't fit into West Ham. Its better they get transferred in the Jan window so that they can get more chances to play.

Also I hope to see Gago move to Europe.


helen said...

I have been a great Zanetti fan for the last decade. I watched every game Inter played this season. He changed many positions, from right defender to left defender to midfielder and he played brilliantly at every position. When I watched him play I couldn't believe he is actually 33 - he looks so young and energetic.

It is plain cruel and stupid for Pekerman to drop him from this year's world cup squad and take some really bad ones like Scaloni or Cupre. Pekerman lost his gamble and the whole Arg team was buried with him.

Whoever wears the No 4 shirt in the national team is going to have a hard time to follow his steps. I wish his successor best luck.

linda said...

Helen: I think over the years, Pablo Zabaleta will develop into a player who can replace the great Zanetti at right-back. He's young, but a real leader and someone who works hard. (I'm biased of course by my affection for the 2005 WYC-winning team, but still.)

Alwin: I think your concerns about Tevez and Masche are spot on. They need to get the hell out of there. It's clear Pardew will fall back on his tried and trusted (and mostly English) players and they'll be left sitting around. This is just bad for the development of two 22 year old talents. Very frustrating.

Pato had only conceded 4 goals in 8 games before the Zaragoza game. Not bad.

alwin said...

Hi All,

Helen, yes Zanetti give his all and adapts well in every position that he fills in. Maybe Pekerman might be wrong in not bringing him to the WC, but i think he didnt suit to Pekerman's plan for 2006. Correct me if im wrong but i think Pekerman starts with a 4-4-2 but then when the team attacks, we will switch to a 3-5-2 with SORIN pushing up to left midfield and Burdisso to fall back and make a 3 man defense. That is why if you realised the righback that was chosen we are pretty defensive minded ones (Burdisso, Collocini), except for Scaloni whom him self had a horror game againt Mexico.

I would think that Pekerman only decided to change to this tactic just prior to the World Cup to confuse opponents who might be expecting an overlapping ZANETTI and SORIN on the flanks. The reason might be for him to make a 3 man defense is because RIQUELME will cut into the center, SORIN will cover the left and MAXI RODRIGUEZ will be storming down the right. Just my opinion, only PEKERMAN will truly know why he dropped ZANETTI.

Linda, yes true ZABALETA is going to be a great replacement for ZANETTI and he was the captain on the victorious WYC2005 campaign, so lets all give him the full support that he will become one of the best full backs in the world.


helen said...

Linda and Alwin,

I don't belive it is a smart decision to change your defense line right before WC. You surprised yourself much more than your opponents.

Burdisso is a mediocre player who always sits on the Inter bench. For the rare occations he did played he was always rated one of the worst players on the pitch. I feel sorry for him because he wasn't in the same level as his teammates. Such a guy was picked as the starting right defender in WC while Scaloni and Coloccini as substitutes. Do I need to comment on Scaloni and Coloccini? They were simply jokes.

Arg defense played mediocre to say the best in the knockout phase, with their right side main weakness. I was sad but not surprised when Arg was eliminated. After all, only teams with excellent defense can go far in World Cups. I am sorry but Pekerman did his opponents a great favor by dropping the best defender in the world.