Monday, November 06, 2006

Five in four for Lisandro LOPEZ!

I must admit I was a little bit disappointed with the start of his European campaing playing for Porto.

He left Racing Club at top-goalscorer in Argentina and he struggled to become a first team regular in his first season.

But now Lisandro "Licha" LOPEZ seem to be enjoying himself and he is full of confidence while he keeps on getting more and more minutes.

Today he scored the first of Porto's 3 goals away against Vitoria Setubal and he kept his streak alive, scoring 5 goals in his last 4 matches!

It all started against Hamburg for the Champions League 3rd match day when LICHA got a brace in a 4-1 win.

Then he followed opening up the scoring against Benfica in Portugal biggest derby match.

Last Wednesday he scored again against Hamburg and with today's strike he's declaring he has no intentions to stop this impressive run of form.

Here's to LICHA keeping it up and getting another chance to play for Argentina!


john said...

Dear Lisandro,

If you’re happening to be reading this blog, keep up the good work that you've shown in recent weeks.

And lets hope Coco notices your potential and then deliver us the goals to carry us all the way to 2010.



linda said...

I have a question about Lisandro, having not seen him play too much before. What kind of striker is he? To use an analogy, is he more of a Saviola or a Crespo?

We have a lot of 'Saviolas' but not enough young 'Crespos'. So more options for the latter position would be great.

john said...


Thats pretty to tough question to ask, as there is little coverage in terms of live matches on Portuguese League.

However what just came into my mind is that can he adapt to a much tougher league such as Spain, Italy or England.

For example, how many of you remember MARIO JARDEL from Brazil? Throughout his time at Porto he was a goal-scoring machine but he failed to live to that expectation when called up for Brazil and while playing for Bolton Wanderers.

However I really do hope he is more a Crespo, as you're right on Argentina having more Saviolas than Crespos type of strikers


Seba said...

He is not a powerful striker in the BATISTUTA or CRESPO way.

He is very fast and he has a knack for scoring.

Is very lively and has a devastating pace which he complements with the ability of finish with both feet.

Ideal to use in counter-attacks but he can also hold the ball and create chances for his team-mates.

At Racing Club he used to score in big derby matches (especially against Independiente) and that's a plus in any striker because we've seen many 20 or 30-goals-per-year striker who will score a hat trick in an easy 5-0 victory but not too many who can score the opening goal or the winning goal in a derby match.

I think LICHA has the pace and the ability to succeed given the opportunity in bigger leagues.

I remember him playing in a frienly match against Hungary (the same friendly in which Lionel MESSI made his first appearance for Argentina and saw the red card after just a few seconds). LISANDRO didn't have the chance to play the whole match and he was never re-called.

We'll have to wait and see but he definitely isn't a powerful striker.

Anonymous said...

i have heard a lot about this new argentinian wonderkid gonzalo higuain. can any1 tell me just how good he is? how does he compare to the other two argentinian wonderkids messi and aguero

john said...

Hi All,

Breaking News....

CHELSEA has made a bid of £10 million for the signature of Gonzalo HIGUAIN. Not sure how far this is true but that is what stated in the papers today. Perhaps anyone else would like to confirm on this?

Personally I’m not too happy about this at all, because of all clubs it is CHELSEA that we’re talking about here. We all know what fate is waiting him at STANFORD BRIDGE when he signs. Probably warming the bench and ending up with the reserves and making rare first team appearance.

It looks like its going to be big week for this young fella on deciding where does he go from here.


L said...

Seba: Thanks for the info! In my opinion one of Basile's biggest challenges (besides deciding on a playmaker) is finding someone to replace Crespo for the next World Cup. Diego Milito looks like a good bet, but he'll be in his early 30s by then like Crespo was for this World Cup. If Fer Cavenangi can make it out of Russia and back to some form then he'd be perfect. I guess this problem is why so many people are waiting for Higuain's decision.

John: I'd wait for confirmation with a quote from him or his agent saying they've received an offer. These rumours are often false when they have to do with big clubs. If Higuain is going to go, it makes more sense for him to go play in the French league.

That said, we all know how Chelsea like to buy players just so other clubs can't get them, so maybe they're up their old hoading again.

linda said...

Oops, sorry, that was me. Wrong account. :-)

john said...


Thanks for the info. However I must say this that I’ll be gutted if another of our upcoming stars is been snapped up by another nation, as it was the case with David Trezeguet.

Furthermore HIGUAIN should realize what a great opportunity that he is throwing away if he chooses to play for France. He could be part of a Albicelestes golden generation that consist Carlitos, Messi, Kun, Gago, Mascherano and many others.


Anonymous said...

Yes but on the flip side, if he were to play for Argentina then he would have to rescind his French passport which would hurt his chances to play for a European club. It's a very tricky decision for an 18 year old to make. I honestly wish that Domenench wouldn't push the issue so much at the moment. Give the poor guy some time to make up his mind.
While I would LOVE for him to play for Argentina, I understand the draw of playing for France (guaranteed getting signed for a European club without having to worry about the foreigner quota issues). Also keep in mind that Basile hasn't even called him up and directly stated that he is interested (unless I missed something). Has Basile said he was cosidering him? La Nacion said today (or yesterday, I forget) that Basile hasn't called Higuain or anything.
So this Sunday will be exciting, Barcelona against Real Zaragoza. Who to cheer for? Messi and Saviola or Aimar, D'Alessandro, Milito brothers and Ponzio? Very hard decision...


john said...

Hi There Argentinafan,

Then I guess logically speaking if Gonzalo HIGUAIN looking at a long-term career prospect then most likely he’s gonna done the Les Blues jersey. But sincerely I do hope he would choose to stick to the Albecelestes colour.

Regarding on the match, I guess most likely I’ll throwing my support for Real ZARAGOZA. Not that I’ve got anything against BARCA as they are fantastic team. My reason will be the fact that ZARAGOZA has the most numbers of Argentinian players and of course they will be the underdog in that match. However with the quality that both sides have, I’m hoping for explosive encounter.

Anyway Linda, this is one match that I guess you wouldn't really want to miss, since you are a Barca and an Albicelestes fan. So whose your pick?


john said...

Hi There,

Just wanna share with you all some good and bad news.

Julio Cruz scored for Inter in their 1-0 over Messina.

On the other hand the impressive run by our beach boys in the Beach Soccer World Cup has come to an end. We've lost to Uruguay 2-1 in the quarter-finals (Sorry for the wrong info as I did mentioned that we were in the semi-finals in my previous comment)

Anyway VAMOS ARGENTINA to all them putting a great effort.

To all Albicelestes supporters, have a great weekend ahead.


andaman said...

Hi all,

Too bad Asia don't get to see Portugal league, only in some UCL games but the Argentinian boys are doing good in every leagues.

In Higuain case, I hope Domenench doesn't purposely push the issue to pressure the kid to hurry with his decision. He's only 18 and it is a big decision.

Barca v R.Zaragoza match will be a cracking one. Both teams with beautiful offensive games. Many Albiceslestes boys strutting their stuff and I think Aimar is back in the team after a knee injury follow by influenza. Hope life will not be too cruel for him with more injuries.

Have a nice weekend, fellow Albicelestes supporters. Cheers!!

alwin said...

Hi Friends,

Yes, Barca vs Zaragoza will be the pick of the matches this weekend and it's at 4.00am on Monday morning in Malaysia due to the winter time, but who cares, im just gonna watch the game and then go to work after that. May the best team win and my support goes out to all Argentinian players on the field.

Lets all cross our fingers and hope that Tevez and Mascherano get playing time at the Riverside when the Hammers take on Boro. I will reserve my comment until after that game. All i can say is that im craving to watch Tevez live in action and can only wait and see how it goes.

Andaman, it's a sad thing that South East Asia dont get the Portugese league coverage as i would definetly like to have more viewing time of Lisandro. As for Lucho, he is a great midfielder and seeing in there too will be wonderful. Andaman, i will be coming down to Bangkok for a business trip on January, maybe we can catch up then. Feel free to drop me an email to and we would be able to communicate further.

As for the rest of you, whenever i get a chance to drop by your country i will let you guys know and just to extend the invitation that you all are welcomed to Malaysia anytime and John and myself will take good care of you.

Wherever you are this weekend, lets all lift our glasses and give a big toast to Seba for this great blog that has surely extended our network or friends around the world.

VAMOS Sebastian Garcia!!


Seba said...

Alwin: What a great message! I feel honoured by your words and if there are Argentina fans becoming friends thanks to this blog...then I'm more than happy!

linda said...

Barca v Zaragoza (2nd versus 3nd, which is a surprise) is hopefully going to be a brilliant game between two attacking sides, playing football the way it should be played.

I'm backing Barca, but only just - after all, D'Alessandro, Aimar and the Milito brothers are some of my favourite Albicelestes. It's interesting that Aimar admitted they'd be happy for a point. Even to a Barca fan like me, it seems like too many teams go to Camp Nou already intimidated and with no will to win (unless they're Atletico Madrid, who are Barca's 'curse' team and always win). So Barca are used to taking advantage of this innate fear. But we'll have to see if a patched-up and roughened up Barca side can do something in this tricky match.

In particular, I'm hoping for a return to sparkling form for Leo Messi, an appearance by Saviola and a solid game by our captain Puyol, who is having his first game after his bereavement.

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