Monday, November 06, 2006

Don't say OUI, say SI!

Raymond DOMENECH, France national team manager, is due to name on Thursday the squad for their upcoming match against Greece.

Now the rumours about Gonzalo HIGUAIN being in DOMENECH's radar are no longer rumours as the young River Plate forward is believed to be included on a preliminary list ahead of Thursday call up.

L'Equipe, the popular French newspaper, have published on their website a piece of news about this and you can read it here:

And you can translate it here:

You can also watch him in Spanish and saying that his priority is trying to win the league with River Plate.

I wouldn't want to be on his shoes right now as he is facing a decision that could hunt him down forever if he is not happy with it.

I guess we're gonna have to keep waiting and I wish DOMENECH, BASILE and the press can leave him alone while he gives this thing the time to think it properly and get to a final and very personal decision.

And we'll see which side of the road will he be on February 7th, 2007 when Argentina and France will meet up in Paris for a friendly match.


john said...

To All Albicelestes Supporters,

I must admit that this particular article does not put a smile on my face.

I'll be devastated if GONZALO decides to play for France. He is definitely a great addition for our future.

Coco and the AFA should start doing something about this and take this matter seriously.


helen said...

Yes, this HIGUAIN guy is absolutely vital for the Albicelestes future. All the world class forwards you have - Messi, Aguero, Tevez, Saviola, are smaill, and the problem of future No 9 is a big one.

This HIGUAIN guy doesn't have any French blood, he doesn't speak French at all, he was born in France yes, but that's all the relationship he has with France. I couldn't believe he would really prefer France over Argentina.

SoydeRiver said...

Seems to me this isn't even about which country to represent but rather which country presents him a chance to play and shine. Also having a european passport opens up some doors no?

That being said, I left Argentina when I was 5 and I would never chose any country but Argentina.

Vamos Argentina!!

linda said...

I think it's true that players do choose based on which country will give them a greater chance of playing. It would be a great shame if Gonzalo went for France, since the young generation of Argentina could use a center striker like him, but I can understand the reasoning since there's hardly the same competition for places in the same age group in France.

Bala said...

Hi to all ARGENTINA Fans,

I delighted to see a website dedicated to Argentina website. Vamos Seba.

As a Batistuta fan, i hope to get more information about him.

Its been long since i heard of that "Lion King".

For me he is the best striker in the world. I wish him all the best n my dream is to meet this legend.

Many Thanks & Regards,

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