Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday's NewsWrap


After Alfio BASILE's debut friendly match against Brazil in Arsenal's Emirates Stadium in London (Sept. 3rd) there is more information regarding the future friendlies for the remainder of this year. And it is with great enthusiasm that I have to let you know that Argentina will be playing a friendly match against both, China and Japan! Argentina will visit Asia and will play on October 7th and 11th. Venues and other details are yet to be confirmed.


It is known that BASILE has a lot of favourite players still competing in our local league (Fernando GAGO, Sebastián BATTAGLIA, Hugo IBARRA and Rodrigo PALACIO to name a few), but for the friendly against Brazil in London, he will call up a team formed exclusively by footballers playing outside Argentina, mostly in Europe, of course. There is another little thing to that, BASILE will not only pay attention to La Liga and Serie A. He’ll concentrate in other leagues because he wants to have players with a little bit more activity. Of course there’ll be exceptions to this and I hope to see MESSI and AGÜERO, to name just two. With this scenario, the names dancing in COCO’s head are:

Clemente RODRIGUEZ (left back) and Fernando CAVENAGHI (centre forward) –both playing for Spartak Moscow-

Daniel BILOS (midfielder-forward, playing for Saint Ettiene in France);

Federico INSUA (playmaker, playing for Borussia Moengengladbach in Germany) and Martin DEMICHELIS (midfielder, Bayern Munich, Germany);

Gabriel HEINZE (defender, Manchester United, England) and Gabriel PALETTA (defender, Liverpool, England).

And finally the Corinthians duo Carlos TEVEZ and Javier MASCHERANO.

These look like certainties, but nothing is confirmed yet. We’ll have to wait and see. And of course, due to the contract signed by AFA with the Russian company (RENOVA), BASILE will have to call up 8 players from the World Cup squad plus: Germán LUX, Gonzalo RODRIGUEZ, Leandro SOMOZA, Hernan PELLERANO, Fernando GAGO, Federico INSUA and Fernando BELLUSCHI.


Anonymous said...


Pretty much excited to know on what is in Coco plan? The team strategy? The team formation? Who is likely to feature?

Can't wait for the Brazil match because this where all question will be answered.

Just to let you know that in our Malaysian league, we had an Argentinian player by the name of Juan Manuel Arestogui. Heard of him? He scored a hat-trick for his team in a Cup final here in Malaysia. We also had other Argies plying their trade here such as Bruno Martelotto.


Joey said...

Are you kidding me??????????Are you really coming to China????????


You will be surprised how hugely popular Albicelestes are in China!

Will Messi come? Will Kun come?
Will Maxi come? These three are now the darling of the Chinese fans!

Albicelestes, welcome to China! (By the way, when you play in the Olympic 2008, you will feel like home!)

Joey said...

Seba, I have a question.

Are there a lot of Argentines have double or even triple citizenship?

I remember you told me you have Italy passport as well.

I was reading information about Atlético de Madrid and I was shocked because among the five Argentina players over there (Kun, Franco, Galletti, Ibagaza, Maxi), four (eveyone except kun) have double or even triple passports.

I was confused before because, say, Inter Milan have something like 6 or 7 Argentina players and they couldn't put more than 3 non-EU players on the field. Now I guess most of them have EU passports.

Is it very easy for your Argentines to get a EU passports?

Joey said...

In China, you can not have double citizenship.

When I got my US cititzenship, I have to give up my Chinese cititzenship first. I would like to keep it, but I couln't.

Anonymous said...

During the World Cup I heard that Cafu was facing a possible prison sentence because of his Italian passport. Probably the implications were the way in which he obtained it.

Papua New Guinea

Seba said...

I'm excited about COCO's plans! He plays offensive and attractive football. What I can tell you from scratch is that you won't see a defense of only 3 at the back. He will play with two centre backs and two full backs.

One roadrunner in the centre of midfield (pretty much like MASCHERANO in the last World Cup). Two wide men (like MAXI) and one clear play-maker (probably INSUA to begin his tenure).

Two up-front. And it's known that BASILE loves Carlitos TEVEZ. So one spot will be covered by him. The other? It could be MESSI but COCO could also use him as play-maker.

It's early to keep on throwing names to the table. Let's wait for COCO to do it! Oh...and by the way...he has to submit the list by August 19th. So 9 more days for the mistery to be solved.

As for the passports, you are right Joey. The majority of the Argentine players competing in Europe hold the double-citizenship.

In the past, you had to give up your primary citizenship when you wanted to obtain a second one. Now it's not necessary.

But the criteria is clear: third generation of Italians or Spaniards.

Having an Italian grandfather I had the right to ask for the Italian citizenship and so a lot of my co-country men playing in Europe.

That's why you can see a lot of Argentines playing for one single European team without using the non-EU spots they have as a limit.

There were, of course, a lot of irregularities in many cases and some players even had to go to prison!

VERON had troubles because it was discovered his papers were false. But he is in the clear now (don't know what happened with his case!).

joey said...

Let me get this passport thing straight: you ONLY need to have an Italian/Spanish grandparent to get the citizenship. You do NOT even need to live in that country for a certain period of time?

In that case, all your descendents will have Italy passport as well, isn't it? Because they have an Italian father, grandfather?

I have to say this is pretty wierd. US is considered an immigration country but it is far more difficult to get US passport. Even if you have a US parent, you have to wait for 1-3 years, and that's only for green card (permanent recidency). Then you have to live in US for at least 5 years before you are qualified for citizenship!

Seba said... some cases, you don't have to live in that country.

It depends on how and when you do the paperwork.

If you do the paperwork through the Italian Embassy in Buenos Aires or any other Argentine city, you go today and they'll give you an appointment for 2012 (or something like that!), such is the number of people looking for their Italian citizenship.

If you do it in Italy, it will also depend on each town's council. It's very complicated.

In other cases (where you don't have a father or grandfather from Italy) you will need to live there for 10 years or so. It's not so easy to obtain it.

I'm not sure about my descendents, but I guess they will have the right to be Italians as I'm considered Italian as well as Argentine.

I've got to say it's a weird thing, but I'm not complaining. I could play for Napoli one day without the need of using a non-EU spot in the squad!

Will they give me the Number 10 shirt like a certain Diego Armando in the '80s ;)