Friday, August 04, 2006

Football is back!

I just came back from the stadium after watching my team Racing Club defeat the newly promoted Nueva Chicago in the start of the Apertura tournament in Argentina.

Great atmosphere, great expectation but a horrible game of football.

We won 2-0 thanks to two penalties, very well taken by former Fulham striker, Facundo SAVA (pictured below). But that was it. Nueva Chicago was the better team in the first half and they deserved a little bit more.

The best thing of the night????

I saw my childhood friend Juan Manuel passing besides me and as I recognised him we couldn't believe it!

I watched the whole match with him talking about life and everything that happened to us since the last time we saw each other.

This is like the 4th time I lost touch with him only to see him again in the stadium 2 or 3 years later!

I'm way much happier about this encounter than with the result!

I'll publish some pictures and hopefully some videos too (as soon as I have the time).

Hopefully, the pics and the videos will help you to see just a little glimpse of how we live football in this part of the World.


Joey said...

Let me see...looks like that the Race club jersey is very similar to your national squad jersey...old style...

Joey said...

Seba, can you give me an update on Ayala?

To be honest, I didn't like Ayala very much before. Perhaps what happened in 1998 impressed me too much. Remember both Owen and Bergkamp evaded him as the last defender to score those two magnificent goals.

But, after this world cup, I can say I really love him. I think he is the best player in Arg 06. It is such a great pity that I only appreciate his great talent and contribution when he is leaving.

One of the saddest things is that we may never see those two veterans, Ayala and Zanetti, to play for Arg national team again.

Having said these, because of Ayala's age, I hoped he stay in Valencia and enjoy his last few professional years. But now it sounds like he doesn't have a very good relationship with the club and is on the move. Wherever he goes, I sincerely wish him best luck and I pray the club treat him nice. I also hope he goes to a big club so I can watch him play. I have ordered the DIRECTTV with sports package, which enables me to see all top lsoccer matches in Europe and south America.

Can you give me an update? Thanks.

Joey said...

I just googled Ayala's latest news and what some Valencia's fans said about Ayala really shocked him. I couldn't believe valencia fans wanted to kick him out.

As I say, Ayala is now one of my favorite Arg player and I hate to see him be treated like this. I read he might go to Man Utd, which I don't believe is a good move for him. What really happened?