Tuesday, August 01, 2006


WOW!!! I know this is not very professional but hey! Listen to this:

Argentina will face Brazil at the brand new Arsenal's Emirates Stadium in London. The game will mark the debut for Alfio BASILE at the helm of Argentina. DUNGA, his Brazilian colleague will debut against Norway on August 16th and he already left RONALDO, RONALDINHO, ROBERTO CARLOS and CAFU out of the list for that match.

The friendly match is scheduled for September 2nd and I'll do everything to try and attend that match but it looks like mission impossible at the moment!

This is the kind of 'friendlies' (because it's never a friendly against Brazil) I like to play!

It remains to be seen what will happen with BASILE and his Boca Juniors compromises as he has to stay at the club until the Recopa against Sao Paulo (there is a clear clash with some of the dates: Argentina vs. Brazil is schedule for September 2nd while Boca has to play the following day for the first leg and the 14th for the second leg.)

More news to follow but you can't ask for a bigger piece of information!


Cico said...

Hey that's excellent news!! I am a argentina fan living in london: i cannot miss a game such as this!!!

How do you get tickets? Are they available on a website or something? Please help me before they are sold out!!

Joey said...

Well, that sounds like a really exciting game!

If I couldn't watch it on TV, I will definitely watch it on line!

cico, you are lucky...I hope I am in london as well!

by the way, why should they play it in London, instead of Arg or Brazil?

Joey said...

I just received a phone call from my friend back in China. He was so excited!

You must have know that Atlético de Madrid is visiting China this week at Shanghai. My frind was actually there watching their training session. He told me how all the fans were enchanting "AR-GEN-TI-NA, AR-GEN-TI-NA" throughout the training session, which must have made all non-Arg players embarassed!

Besides, he actually got MAXI's signature! He could hardly talk on the phone! Man, he was just happy happy happy...

Joey said...

He told me that he kept on shouting to MAXI "I love you, I love Argentina, Argentina is the best..." and MAXI gave a broad smile. He prepared a huge poster of MAXI's wonderful volley against Mexico and MAXI happily signed it.

Now he wondered if MAXI actually understand English. I assured him that even if MAXI don't understand a lot of English, he is sure to understand those ones (because so many people say that to him!)

He told me he is going to be MAXI's fan for the rest of his life:)

By the way, his frind got Franco's signature. He told me that France can speak good English.

Anonymous said...

further evidence that the people just wanna see beautiful football. Well needless to say the Albiceleste are the finest exponents of the beautiful game.


Anonymous said...

Hey Seba and everyone else,

I know it's a little early to be thinking about who will play and all but what are your thoughts on the possible lineup. The choice of playmaker particularly. I've been hearing that Insua is a favorite of Basile. He wasn't on your list of midfielders so I was curious to see what you thought of him, especially since I've never seen him play. Also I know that you have discounted Riquelme and Aimar for the next WC because of their age (I agree) but what are the chances they get to play in this game or even in Copa America? Hehe, it might be too soon for this but after the WC I'm feeling a little deprived.

Seba said...

Joey, I've got no doubts MAXI understood all the affection coming from fans like your friend. Did your friend tell you anything about KUN AGÜERO?

As for the match being played in London, I think is a strategy for it to have a better exposure. Plus, with the majority of the 22 players competing in that continent, it's way much easier to play in Europe than to have them come all the way to South America.

As for INSUA, I didn't have him on my list but only because of age. And because I didn't know who the next manager would be. Now that I know it is BASILE and he is a fan of INSUA, I won't be surprised if he is called up.

I think INSUA is a fantastic player. He is so elegant with the ball and you can see he has quality the minute he touches the ball. I hope he has a big impact in Germany now (he will be playing for BORUSSIA MOENCHENGLADBACH). He played for MALAGA (Spain) in the past and didn't really stand out.

But for what I've seen from him playing for BOCA and INDEPENDIENTE (winning the league with both), I have to say I like his style. He is a play-maker but not in RIQUELME's mould. He is faster and more electric (if you allow me the expression).

One thing will be for sure is that BASILE will use only those players based in Europe (maybe TEVEZ and MASCHERANO -both playing in Brazil-) will be the lone exceptions.

Expect to see MESSI and AGÜERO featuring!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah give it to me baby. Can't wait. I'm already counting the days.

Messi,Aguero,Tevez,Insua,Riquelme,Maxi the list reads like a who's who of attacking flair.

I swear the English will be treated to a real footballing spectacle.And they'll be wishing that their pathetic national team should be playing more like the Albiceleste.

Seba what is your probable line up for that match?


Papua New Guinea

Anonymous said...


I must say its time we (both Argies & Brazil) should give the English people a lesson or two on how football should be played.

The English people (and the media as well) have always braged about the fact that:-

a) they created the game...true but who tought them to play?
b) they have the best league in the world...maybe but how many times have they conquered Europe?
c) their players (Beckham, Lampard, Gerrard, Owen etc.) are the best in the world.....yeah right we saw that in the World Cup

On the other hand I'm sure all the English press covering the game will be waiting for the final whistle so that they can a word or two. But I have confident in Basile and Co.

Vamos Argentina!!!

Little Miss Bitch said...

Don't call us ARgies...I hate that term!

joey said...

Yes, KUN! He is the darling of Arg fans!

My friend left after he got Maxi's signature but two of his friends stayed in the hotel waiting for KUN. Around 3 o'clock KUN came out but they didn't get his signature.

Can you imagine what they did next? They immediately called a taxi and followed KUN!

After some Hollywood car chasing experience, KUN stepped out of his car. They didn't miss the chance and got his signature this time!

KUN was doing some shopping. But these two guys didn't want to leave and followed their idol. Finally KUN gave them big hugs and took a picture with them!

These two lucky guys described their feeling: 'When KUN smiles, my heart melt completely!". So how about that!

joey said...

Yes, yes, do you think we are going to see KUN in the ARG-BRA match?

joey said...

Seba, my friend scanned KUN's signature and sent it to me, it reads:


So I assume that he is going to wear No 20 in Atlético de Madrid.

Do you want this picture? I can send it to you through email so you can post it here!

Lena said...

I wish I lived in Europe!

I'm an Argentina supporter in New York.

Anonymous said...


I feel your pain. I'm in Seattle :(

Seba said...

Joey, please send all you have to my usual e-mail address: argentina.correspondent@gmail.com

I'm thinking of doing a picture special tomorrow.

I'm going to watch Racing Club vs. Nueva Chicago with my grand father and I think it's a good idea for me to take pictures and show you what it is like to go to football in Argentina!

Anonymous said...

joey, don't forget me: ingi.kaile@gmail.com

Joey said...

seba and ingi,

please check your email. I just sent you the pictures, many of them. The contents are over 8M. Let me know if that's too big and you actually have trouble receiving it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

GOD bless.
Papua New Guinea.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joey,

Dont mind forwarding to me as well.
My e-mail is arcade.zen@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Hi Lena,

Your from Seattle....Nirvana, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chain, Soundgarden Rulez!!!

Joey said...

John, I have forwarded you the pictures as well.

Whoever wanted those pictures, which include many pictures of Maxi, Kun, Franco and Torres, and their signatures as well, please leave your email address. Be sure that your email box can receive a message as big as 8M.

Seba said...


Incredible pictures!!!!

Will definitely post something about it if you allow me to publish those pictures!


Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot buddy. You guys are pretty lucky of managing to get close to our heroes. Please show them the great Chinese hospitality throughtout their time there.


joey said...

Seba, as I say, these pictures were taken by a group of people. They published them on their own web site. I am not very sure if they want us to publish them as well.

Anyone who is interested, just leave your email address here and I will be happy to send them through emails.

Anonymous said...

So many fans from around the world.
It's because of the Albiceleste that I love to watch soccer. They give the true meaning to the phrase "beautiful football"..

Papua New Guinea

Anonymous said...

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