Thursday, July 01, 2010

SOS: It's the MESSI fever!

I wish this meant something like MESSI-mania or similar. But unfortunately it has to do with what is going on with our number 10 and his health.

Lio woke up with high temperature and didn't train today. Javier PASTORE replaced him in training exercises.

DI MARIA started and so did Maxi and BURDISSO. VERON was out of that tested starting XI.

Not good to hear. I guess we can only hope he gets better soon and is in great shape for Saturday. There is no way he is going to miss out on this game because of this fever. If it continues, he will still play. The only problem would be how much will this affect him.

In the meantime, German captain, Philipp LAHM, said at a press conference that Argentine players are not known for being gracious in defeat. He then said: "We will see how they take it once we defeat them on Saturday".

Two days without football in this World Cup, two German players having a go at Argentina. I take it as a good sign. They are probably nervous because they saw what the 'Chorizo vidente' predicted.


Anonymous said...

No sign of messi who has a temperature but will surely play v Germany

Anonymous said...

Oh man, hopefully Messi recovers soon and it's nothing serious.

Anonymous said...

Until the 1986 WC QF vs England, Maradona was just another great player. Then the goal of the century happened, which elevated him to legendary status.

24 years later, it's Messi's chance. Is he merely another great player, with great skills who has won several trophies and awards, or is he a legend who people will talk about 4 decades later.

If he is indeed a legend in the making, this is the perfect moment for him to show us some moments of magic. It doesn't get much bigger than a WC QF against a team that has caused us so much heart break over the years.

Vamos Argentina!

Anonymous said...

germany shitting their pants. joachim löw is saying: "argentina is the favourite, we have nothing to lose bla bla bla". he is searching for an excuse in case of a loss before the game started. germany always does it when they feel inferior.

by the way, first i was happy about Rawschan Irmatow as the referee, but then i realised that he was the ref in argentina - greece, and messi and maradona were unhappy. do you think we can trust him? i don't want to think about it much, but i can't stop.

however, i am 1000% convinced of a victory. don't give a shit how it happens.


johnny said...

Jeez ! Get well Messi !

The Germans seem nervous ! I guess that's what happens when you are depending on an octopus and a booger eating coach !

hugo said...

johny: I wouldn't go into comparing what's been out (or in) of the respective coaches noses....

johnny said...

Hugo-Diego is not a blowman now, and in addition, I have done my share of blow in the past, and look at me now- a paragon of sanity, rationality and perspicacity. Give me a coke snorter any day over a booger eater. And, I am betting Julio Cortazar would agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Messi will play, that I can assure you of.

hugo said...

very good johnny!!
Cheers, hugo

Paulina said...

JOHNNY - Julio Cortazar would NO DOUBT agree with you. He's my favorite writer :)

johnny said...

Hi Paulina ! Wow ! Always nice to hear from Cortazar fans ! Forgive me Seba but I digress ! Cortazar-what a wonderful writer and just as wonderful a human being. I'm reading "Around the Day in Eighty Worlds" at the moment, and just finished "62: A Model Kit". And, my favorite short story ever-"End of the Game". Vamos Julio and Argentina !

Paulina said...

End of the Game is one of my favorite stories ever. Bestario as well. Rayuela is one of those books that you fall in love with, just the best depiction of love and craziness ever. LOVE Cortazar. You should check out his interviews..probably on youtube. He was a brilliant interview.

Anonymous said...

Germs will be wearing their away jerseys and we get to wear our home jerseys. A lot like 86 when we won it all. Great news!!!

johnny said...

Thanks for the tips Paulina !

AH said...

I am Asian, have lived in Argentina, Germany, Holland, USA, Canada, Italy and some other countries, but when it comes to soccer, Argentina has a special place in my heart (and imagine my brother-in-law is a German!). Argentina has all my loyal support. Vamos vamos, vamos a ganar! Beat Germany!

Carlos said...

i've heard of biting your fingernails when nervous. i wonder what it means when you eat your boogers.

Anonymous said...

we are here to win.....the magic of M one on field and the other off the field shall wind and shall make the germans retreat. This saturday the entire universae shall conspire so that messi scores and maradona rejoices at the victory...and tevez shall agin prove his mettle.

Anonymous said...

I think the germans are making these comments to try and get Tevez or Dimechelis sent off. That might be the weaknesses the germans will try to exploit. Hope diego can see this too and remind them all not to fall for this.

airesucs said...

Lionel Messi amaneció mejor de su fiebre y participa del entrenamiento liviano matutino previo a emprender viaje a Ciudad del Cabo, a las 12 de nuestro país. Su presencia en el partido ante Alemania está totalmente asegurada.

For all the non-spanish speakers - Messi woke up today feeling better and he will participate in light training before his trip. His presence against Germany is completely assured.

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