Thursday, July 01, 2010

Argentina to wear Albiceleste v. All Black Germany

I was trying to confirm this information that I know is of great importance for the superstitious among you and I heard it from the man himself: "We will wear our traditional Albiceleste shirt and Germany will surely be dressed in black" said Diego Armando MARADONA in an interview with Telenoche, the prime-time news journal of Canal 13 in Argentina.

It remains to be seen whether we will also be wearing white shorts and white socks (a la v. Brazil in 1990 when CANIGGIA scored in Italy 1990 at the round of 16).

Germany will wear their 'away' black kit.

Why is this important for those who believe in external factors? Because we wore the Albiceleste when we won the 1986 World Cup against Germany (dressed in green back then) and we wore our blue away kit when we lost the final in 1990 and when they knocked us out four years ago in the quarter-finals.

Thank goodness I didn't pay much attention to one of FOX Sports' 'experts' when two days ago he announced that it was going to be Argentina which had to use the away shirt according to FIFA rules. I don't know where he got that information from, but boy he was wrong and it was a good thing that I didn't post a thing about that back then.

As for more important team news, MARADONA confirmed that Martín DEMICHELIS will start. He still needs to decide who's going to be his partner in central defence. It's going to be one of BURDISSO (he's got the upper hand because of his better fitness) and SAMUEL.

He also said MESSI is fine and will be ready to play.


Anonymous said...

Dan said,
I am proud of how Diego and the rest of the team are concentrating on football and not a war of words. The time will come soon enough for no more talk. I believe we will win and our players are pissed off privately, even Messi who was compared to Ozil. Germans will eat a lot of words when they lose. My guess is 3-1 or 3-2.

Anonymous said...

Argentina will win 2-0. Golazo from Messi and a tap in from Pipita. Book it ladies!

Anonymous said...

Seba you should post the video of the German DT picking his nose and eating his buggers. It is something else!

Anonymous said...

Let me ask who would you prefer Samuel in his curren form or Burdisso?

Allan Ng said...

I am so glad we playing in our traditional colours. I love our lads in light blue and white. The dark blue shirt does nothing for me, Italy and France are blue and even Brazil has a dark blue away shirt.

I think it will be a tough game and very competitive. But we will prevail and Messi will score.

Unknown said...

Hmm, Anon number 1, you just have not been reading the news. Diego dove right into the war of words. He did not take long diving in.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how it is decided who will wear what?

Also, is it necessary that one team wears away colors always, or only when there is a clash.

For example, in Uruguay-South Korea, why did Korea wear all whites, when their home colors of red would not clash with Uruguay's blue?

Anonymous said...

the famous blue and white will dine on octapus soon :)
im going for 2-0 to argentina.

Sebastian said...

To the last anonymous comment. There isn't a rule that tells you one of the teams should wear the away kit.

I've checked on and it seems like the team listed on the left (go to MATCHES) gets to pick which shirt they'll wear. I don't know if that's the rule or if that's how it's decided, but all the other examples -from the group stage and the round of 16-, seem to indicate that 'theory' is correct.

We've seen many matches in which both teams used their respective home shirt (ARG-Nigeria and ARG-South Korea are two clear examples).

I don't find an explanation for Korea wearing white v. Uruguay, though. But managers are entitled to choose their colours as long as there isn't a clash with the opposition.

For Friday, Holland will wear orange and Brazil will wear blue.

Argentina_fan_from_India said...

Wow...that's good news!

Jag said...

Regarding kit selection I think FIFA bases it on standings. We, Argentina, finished with 9 points but Germany finished on 6 points in the group stage so technically, we finished at a higher standing. Therefore, we are assigned as the home team and get to pick our kit. However, that doesn't explain why we were wearing blue shorts and socks against Mexico, which I thought was a terrible choice (if it was a choice, or FIFA made us wear it that way).

I think the same thing happened in 2006. We finished on 7 points in the group stages but Germany finished on 9 so they were assigned as the home nation and got to pick their colours. Yes, Germany hosted so that probably played a big factor too but if we go by standings then it makes sense as well.

I hope we are back to wearing the light blue and white shirt with black shorts and white socks. There's nothing better than that. I think it'll be like the friendly in March in Munich wear we wore our home kit and Germany wore the away kit with white shorts (to off-set the black shorts we wore) and black socks (again, to off-set the white socks we wore).

Anonymous said...

Ha..ha..ha..German try to provoke by accusing us 'provocator'. Demichelis is sure to plays, now between Burdisso and Samuel must be determined. I don't know how bad Samuel injury. Without him, our defense not too convincing. And, it seems the squad is similar to Mexico match. Maradona insist he'll never change the system.

gebrihell said...

Ok, good thing in my opinion. I really can't wait for this game. This website is the first website and the last i surf every day during this world cuup especially. Hehehe. Let's all hope and pray we can whack the german and send them back to berlin, bonn or munich. I hope messi will display a masterclass. maybe it's a good thing demi is playing, he knows klose and muller well. i just hope we have someone to help messi out this time, unlike the game versus mexico. good news is tevez is on fire! when the anthem is sung, he closes his eyes and concentrates fully. the camera never fails to catch this moment, focusing on carlitos for a long time. i noticed this during games versus korea and mexico. the one against nigeria i don't know because i was too nervious and had to go to the toilet!

and to john, hi!! i thought everybody in this country supported engallnd or brazil. yeay!

John said...

Gabrihell, I've been a fan since 1986. Yes! We are the minority in this country but a very STRONG minority.

Rune said...

Two things on my mind:
1)We were kinda tested against Greece since we had to play for so long before we managed to get the 1-0 goal, and we were tested against Mexico since they were clearly the better team up until the ref handed us that first goal. BUT what happens if we concede a goal first? If we are down 1-0…….How will this team respond to that?Will they handle the pressure? It’s all been going smooth, maybe to smooth, up until now when it comes to getting results and getting the first goal. This is a very big question in my head. What happens if we’re one goal down, we would have to attack like mad and the other team can counter attack us???
2)A more positive question mark. In my opinion this team haven’t been playing really great in any of our games so far in this world cup. It’s been better than we feared, but not really great. We see potensial, we see some nice attacks, we see some positive things that make us dream about what can happen if suddenly everything clicks for this team. What happens if we for once get to see our team playing really well, as a team, as a unit, for one entire game? What happenes if Messi and Tevez just suddenly links up really well like we all know they can, not trying to dribble before looking up and trying to find a team mate in a better position? I guess we all know the answer to these questions. That is what comforts me right now. We still haven’t seen a really good game from this team(unlike the team in 2006 with the game against Serbia in the group stage). If we get a game where everything clicks and all our star players have a great game, Germany would be dead and burried, they wouldn’t stand a chance. I just pray that we for once can get all of this just when it matters most. No more under performing as a team but with great potensial blah blah blah. Come on guys, deliver us the goods right now when it matters most.

Anonymous said...

Germany to ease past Argentina: Ballack–fbintl_afp-fblwc2010arggerballack.html

rey said...

messi has not been in today's training session!

NINAN said...

Friends, this is my preferred lineup against Germany. Please put in your valuable criticisms.
Formation: 4-3-1-2


johnny said...

Dunga is nuts today. Apparently he thinks no Brazilian player ever deserves to be carded. Even more ludicrous when you play his hacking, no holds barred style.

Mohd said...

seems official now that we are going with the same formation against Mexico.
lets see what will happen tomorrow and will comment then...

Argentina_fan_from_India said...


I'm lovin this wow! wow!

Anonymous said...

bye bye brazil hahaha. melo is a dead guy in brazil. and i hate mark van bommel. he committs 20 fouls every game, and never gets punished.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH TO Brsil, pinche Brasil!!!!

Mohd said...

bye arrogant Brazil...common Arg, throw jerks Germany out and now we have a world cup :)

johnny said...

The Samba Gangsters are gone ! And, I would bet Dunga won't be far behind.

Anonymous said...

Arrogant Brazil craaaaaaaashed out!!

Need a separate thread to celebrate this :-)

Anonymous said...

it would be unfare for argentina not to wear there home kit

because we have changed are colours 3 times already at this world cup if germany havnt thats unfare

the wierd home top blue shorts vs mexico was are 3rd colour set im sure germany have used 2 at the most why should ateam that has had 3 already not get to choose THATS MY PENNYS WORTH

Anonymous said...

the system will not change some tactics will ITS BILARDOS SYSTEM AND BILARDO KNOWS BEST GENIUS BILARDO

Anonymous said... tevez

Interesting link! It's the analysis of the Argentina and Germany PK takers.

Argentina stats:
1. Carlos Tevez takes all 7 of his PK for Manchester City without any miss.
--notes: he missed a crucial one against Ecuador or something in WCQ, though.

2. Lionel Messi makes 9 out of 10. Just one miss for Barcelona.

3. Diego Milito also has the same record: 9 out of 10 for Genoa and Inter.

4. Veron is another reliable PK shooter.

5. That link says that Higuain might be a good PK taker, but I disagree.... I think Maxi is a better one. In the game against German
y, if it's a draw in late minutes, I would replace Higuain with Milito.

Notes: that's why it's good that the likes of Veron is on the bench because first of all, he can't play 90-120 minutes. Second of all, he's a good PK taker. If Veron started, then for sure, we would sub him in the second half because he wouldn't last 90 minutes. That way, we waster a good potential PK taker.

In Germany:

1. Podolski makes 5 out of 7 this season.
2. Schweinsteiger makes 3 out of 3.
3. Trochowski makes 6 out of 6
4. Klose and Ozil are good PK takers as well.
5. Their goalie, Nauer is a special one in PK as he stopped 4 PK out of 10 attempts

The complete stats:

1. Tevez 7 out of 7
2. Messi 9 out of 10
3. Milito 9 out of 10
4. Higuain 3 out of 4
5. Maxi 1 out of 2
6. Jonas 1 out of 2
7. Veron ???
8. Romero 1 out of 1 (just one opportunity and the opponent scored)

1. Trochowski 6 out of 6
2. Schweinsteiger 3 out of 3
3. Podolski 5 out of 7
4. Jansen 1 out of 1
5. Gomez 1 out of 1
6. Marin 1 out of 2
7. Ozil 1 out of 2
8. Klose 2 out of 3.
9. Kiessling 2 ouf of 2
10. Nauer 4 out of 10 (Saving 4 times)
11. Wiese 7 out of 10 (saving 7 times)


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Yang Kuo said...

the wierd home top blue shorts vs mexico was are 3rd colour set im sure germany have used 2 at the most why should ateam that has had 3 already not get to choose THATS MY PENNYS WORTH.
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