Friday, July 02, 2010

Brazil are out!

Now this is some surprise.

Not only they are out of the World Cup, they we also leading inside 10 minutes (perfect scenario for a counter-attacking team like Brazil), but they also conceded two goals on set-pieces, which has been one of their main attributes.

Holland are through and they now await for the winner between Uruguay and Ghana.

I'm not going to go too crazy about this Brazil elimination. There is still a lot to play for and frankly, I posted it a few days ago, I wanted a dream final between Argentina and Brazil. It's not going to happen now and I hope at least Argentina play their part and make it there.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

My thoughts Seba, we need to win and go for it. We have been given a gift. We need to, everything is written for us. We win, then for sure we will be world champions. I feel it in my heart and my mind.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts?! Fuck Brazil! Fuck England?!

ok. Enough.

What about tomorrow? I heard that Messi missed friday tranning also. But maybe thats a caution and let him rest anyway. He will play tomorrow right? Nothing has been changed?


Anonymous said...

Brazil might be out but that still doesn't make much difference to me. We still need to beat Germany. Not to forget, chances are we might meet Spain in the semis. And we haven't even kicked the ball yet. So this is no time to party people.

Paulina said...

I'm sad that Brazil are out. They are a South American team, and one of the few hopes for SA to get the WC.

This means that Arg. need to fight for it against Germany, because that's a huge hurdle. They have a better chance at winning the WC with Brazil out now. But if Arg lose tomorrow, it just means that a fing European team will win the WC, and would much rather see Brazil win than a European team.

Anonymous said...

it raises our chances to win it, so i am happy they are out. i don't like holland, but the only thing that matters is that now are chances are higher.

we must do it, i think we will show our best in the last 3 games. i read an interview with maradona today, he has a total clear mind and pure determination.


messidona19 said...

Brazil outtt!!!!!! I wait for this moment every 4 years!! This match was intense!!

lz said...

"But if Arg lose tomorrow, it just means that a fing European team will win the WC, and would much rather see Brazil win than a European team."

Paulina, Uruguay is still there! More credit to our neighbors! They will beat the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why suppiced im not it was a team of work horses and donkys i said they would go out to holland as a argentina holland or argentina uraguay was my final prediction

why suppriced there a bunch of ball hoofers plus a crap striker and a has been kaka

robino oooohhhhhh scary NOT

Argentina_fan_from_India said...

Time to celebrate this!! :-)

This is what EXACTLY I wanted...!!

So happy now...just need our team to win tomorrow to make it DOUBLE happy!!

No sentiment whatsoever towards them!

Anonymous said...

can the ip addree of the guy saying IF argentina loose tomorrow be revieled so we can go round his house and beat him to death

argentina are loosing to no one so dont even try to go there

fearing that 4-4-2 crapy germany side would be like fearing donky brasil

shut up man we are wining this thing

salvio supporter said...

My thoughts are Argentina-Netherlands like in '78.

Brasil can go play jogo uglynho somewhere else. And tell Robinho that yelling at the referee is not correct.

batigol said...

Brazil out and shut the Melo's mouth up!

lz said...

Salvio supporter said,

"Brasil can go play jogo uglynho somewhere else."ha ha ha.

And yes, Robinho was out of his mind yelling at the referee with his usual sense of entitlement. Not surprised of his behaviour here.

johnny said...

Iz, you took the words out of my mouth about Robinho's entitlement. I've never liked him. In fact much of the team seems to have a sense of entitlement. Is that Brazil ? Is that Dunga ? Good riddance to an ugly bunch of spoiled assholes.

Sebastian said... two cents:

- DUNGA had a nightmare today. After missing ELANO (injury) and RAMIRES (suspended), he had no option but to play Felipe MELO because DUNGA was not going to change his reliable system and use only one holding midfielder. It started quite well for Felipe MELO, though. With an assist for ROBINHO to cut through the middle of an incredibly open Dutch defence. Then, after a very professional and solid performance from Brazil in the first half, it all went bananas in the second. DUNGA tasted his own bitter medicine and got knocked out with two set-piece goals. And one was an own-goal by the liability that is Felipe MELO. Not to mention the oldest trick in the book -CK to the first post, a flick by an attacking player and a second header inside the area-. And little could gigantic LUCIO and JUAN did to stop the fantastic midget that is Wesley SNEJDER!

Plus...Brazil were just unstoppable whenever they were leading at any stage in any game. They showed nothing after they fell behind today. did show something. They showed they were acting just like his manager. They were bitching about, they were asking for yellows and reds for their rivals (when BASTOS should have seen a second yellow and KAKA should have been booked for throwing an arm out to try and hit OOIJER). They were kicking everybody around, just like DUNGA did when he was a player (see Felipe MELO's red card incident). And at one point, Dani ALVES fouled a Dutch player and he was hit in the face by the swinging leg of that Dutch player (I think it was VAN BOMMEL). What did Dani ALVES do? Surely he went down, grabbed his face and waited for the team doctors to assist him, right? Wrong! Since Brazil were trailing, he just kept playing without even thinking it twice.

Yes, some of our players could do the same every now and then, but I'm talking about Brazil right now and I'm talking about what I just saw. more thing. Trailing 2-1, with the game in the line. With 10 men against eleven. DUNGA calls up NILMAR (the brilliant Villarreal forward). Surely he is taking a defensive player out to try and score a goal that would keep them alive. Right? Nope! Wrong again! He replaces Luis HANDIANO with NILMAR! He takes out his top-scorer. The man who took him to South Africa with his goals. The man who won him the Confederations Cup with his goals. The most important goal-poachers he has. That was plain stupid by DUNGA.

And he deserves to go out today.

Vishnu said...

i said its ur dream that day...!
and in said its my nightmare...

i won the battle....hail the weasley

p2bn said...

Man it was intense. And the Brazilians constantly bitching out at the referee when he was so fair to them. I won't speak any more until hopefully we win the Germans tomorrow.

Vamos Argentina

Apocalyptic Creator said...

hail wesley ..
Go netherlands.. Goooooo
I was so upset when they gave away that stupid silly easy lucky 1st half goal to Brazil. I had been sick of seeing teams gifting Brazil their 1st goals... chile, ivory coast and now holland.
I was sick in my stomach to see that and thought Brazil will now be just playing counter attack and frankly the 1st half was just as boring as a "jugo uglynho " (I fancy this term :).
the 2nd half was again teh pathetic Brazil, no creativity just relying on fast counter attacks. When you dont play with the ball, I was thinking sometime it must come back to hurt you.
The great difference btw a Spain and Brazil is after the 1st goal Spain will just play keep ball so well that the opposition wont even get the ball forget equalising.
Anyways, it was time for Dunga to get some of his own medicine. Holland got a lucky 1st goal and the 2nd goal was also quite lucky in terms that the Brazil defence was sleeping and it was amazing to see the hailed brazil defence been caught napping. I had seen Lucio been asleep many a times so i always had my doubts, nice to see them caught with their pants down in the field.
Melo, Robinho, Alves and to a certain extent kaka could have done better to concentrate on playing rather than moaning, graoning or kicking.
Infact Handiano (another great name-work) who I thought had the best chance of scoring a 2nd was replaced and i knew at that moment that Dunga has just gifted the game to Holland.
For all those who kept on singing praise for Dunga and his effective style.. (here goes up their a@#$%)
at least if they had played in style they cud have gone with their head held high.
Someone criticised Pekerman's substitution of Requelme in 2006 WC when Arg was leading 1-0, what would you say of Dunga's substitution of Handiano for Nilmar, Dunga really showed his mentality and that cost him the game...
shows what happesn when you play such the game with such a philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Well said Apocalyptic Creator!

johnny said...

I heard a rumor that Dunga resigned.

Anonymous said...

the 3 teams i dislike the most are gone :)

lz said...

"World Cup 2010: Brazil head coach Dunga confirms resignation after Netherlands defeat --> World Cup winner sticks to his word..."

He had already said that he would leave after 4 years anyway. Of course, I guess he hadn't planned to leave this prematurely ...

Anonymous said...

I am a fan from Indian i really feel Argentinian every time i sit to watch the world cup. The journey began long time back in 1990 when i was 9 years old.I knew "MARADONA" and the "Blue" colour and i had nurtured the stories of 1986 heard from my father.....all I knew was, it was an inconsolable cry after the end of 90 minutes during the 1990 finals. It never matters to me who else in world cup wins or losses....the only aim is to slowly witness Argentina progress....slowly feel glorified at the victories.....every news on "Maradona - Messi & Argentina" i follow and nothing but "win" is what matters.
Brazil is out.....yeah! many are rejoicing while others are sad, I will say they actually couldn't match their opponents today, I am nervousness is for husband and i are sharing every bit of information we gather....we have wind up all our work so that tom we can dedicate for the match.I dont understand deep technicals of football match...but i know when maradona walks on the sidelines and albiceleste posseses the ball and messi dribbles around......the world stops for me...and when the goals are achieved and the match is decided in our favor.....exuberance knows no limits.
Tomorrow its going to be our day....and I am sure the octopus...the Germans ......and every one who dream to avenge on us shall have to submit to "Maradona's mesmerizing 11"

KaiserKai said...

Hey, really nice blog.

I am a German living in the USA.
Love reading the other side of things.
This in my mind is a true classic game we can look forward to tomorrow.

I hope it will go down in history as one of the all time great showdowns.

I certainly respect the Argentinian team, a fantastic side.

Good luck and lets hope for a fair game from both sides.

Soon we will know

lz said...

Beautiful words and greater commitment to the albiceleste, "Anonymous" fan from India! I enjoyed reading your post. I will make a toast to you and your husband after Argentina wins tomorrow (I am not even planting the seed of doubt about tomorrow's match against Germany. It's going to be a great match --and there is no reason for us to doubt that we will emerge victorious).

For now, a toast to Argentina's neighbors in Uruguay. Congratulations on your resilience and determination. What a round day today! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Seba, what are your thoughts about Uruguay? What a game, what a game!

rey said...

We will not sub our star players this time. when we are winning. The germans were given a gift 4 years ago, this time they have no home town support... and they ONLY beat england (no big achievement) the germans face a strong team now. So do we!!

Anonymous said...

The end of the "Jogo Bullshito" !
Very arrogant Brazilian team that at the end went mad like the time Argentina beat them at the olimpics.

I'm happy for Uruguay !!!


johnny said...

Preemptive strike-I've been reading some opinions about Suarez's obvious handball when he kept that shot from entering the goal. Some misguided folks whining about that and opining that in a situation like that there should be a rule that it would be an automatic goal. Do they stop to think what utter confusion there would be if there was such a rule ??!! Who could say how many situations would arise where the referee would be expected to award an automatic goal ??!! Suarez was a hero for knocking that ball back where it came from ! He received a straight red for his trouble and won't play against Holland. Heads up play in my book. AND, if you can't make the penalty shot, well, tough luck.

Anonymous said...

Dan said,
I believe we will win tomorrow. I think it will be a tough game tomorrow, but I think everyone on the team knows by now you cannot play defensive football, and win. We saw the best defensive team in the world today lose a game they clearly could have had because of their cynical game. Glad they are out.
Our guys will be fired up tomorrow, and don't be surprised if Messi finally goes off on Germany. I think it will be a tough game though. All in, I predict 2-1 or 3-2. Maybe now that DiMaria signed with Real Madrid we can see the real DiMaria show up for a game.

If we win, I do not believe our team fears Spain (presuming they win). I think Messi will have to do some soul searching to determine how he feels about defeating his club mates. Sneijder was the man today putting 1 or 2 past his club goalkeeper in Julio Cesar. Props to him for being a man, a sport, and a competitor.
Messi needs to remember that when Pujol or Xavi go for his ankle. I remember when they played Spain in an exhibition and Xavi fouled him hard and it was Heinze that complained and got in Xavi's face, not Messi. The world cup just started. Let's kick some ass.


Umang said...

Well I am no fan of Brazil, but I must say, they got beaten by a crafty opponent. Of course, it's an old trick to fall to ground when you are with tbe ball and in vicinity there is an opposite player. But this kills the game.

Brazil also does this, but today they werent bought for their play and Dutch were falling all over the place and they were getting all the attention from the referee.

Who lost in this??? Not Brazil and definitely not the Dutch. It's the game that has lost it. Players are killing the game, in order to win.

I believe it's a high time there should be a committee looking at all the fouls awarded in the game from different angles, and if they find any foul-play by the player, the player earns a yellow card (after the game). This will obviously help the flow of the game.

In this world cup, it was like we were watching the diving competition rather than football except some genious like Messi.

Italians, Germans, Dutch, even Brazileans and Cristiano Ronaldo are few to name. This costs a lot to the team which play in a proper spirit of the game. This should end.

And I would have rather seen Brazil playing in the next round then those Oranje, who are not here to play football.

Argentina4life said...

ya ya its fine that brazil lost and coz brazil is one of our main rival everyone can be happy but celebration??? what celebration?? why are we celebrating on brazil loss rather then we must hope for Argentina victory and then if it happens then we should be celebrating our victory rather then brazil loss... i just want to say we should concentrate in our match rather then other!!! VAMOS VAMOS VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with Umang. FIFA should look over game films and issue cards to those people who are clearly diving. That would eliminate the problem completely.

M3SS! said...

Anonymous from India, ur comment almost brought tears into my eyes. I have been following Argentina for 12 years now since 1998. And I have been waiting for the day when I will get to cry for Argentina in JOY. Let it be on 11 July, 2010. Let the tears of joy flow. ARGENTINA Till Death!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi M3SS & Lz,thank you for liking my comment. love for the argentinian albiceleste is unconditional. its been 20 years that i have been following WC with a hope and believe that this year shall be the year of the "special" south americans. Mine is a cricket dominant nation and we dont have a team to be pride of in our home country.On my free will i submit myself to be part of "ARGENTINA". today me and my husband have decided to show respect when the "national song" shall be sung on the field. we have jersey's that we wear when we sit to watch argentina's take on the rest of the world. yesterday after the dramatic dismissal of "ghana" it was difficult to sleep...the excitement for today's match was already sooo high. I surely wanna have tears of joy today.......i surely dream to see messi "score"....i surely wait to see "mesut ozill" being dominated by our you Argentina........

Renjith said...

Hi, Anonymous...
great to see a very passionate Argentina fan from our country where less than 20% ladies knows football WC is happening.. Thank u very much for your post which brings more spirit to support Argentina...
Yes....Today, we are going to win in a huge margin, I guess, like Barcelona Vs Arsenal match....Messi is going to mesmerize this WC....and to add frustrations to Brazil...

LaTiNo said...

I was as happy for the Brasil loss as I was for a win for Argentina!!!

Whatever will happen to Argentina, now at least I know BRasil won't win AGAIN! And that gives me some ease of mind :)

btw, I live in Holland, so I was watching with all my Dutch fellow-workers ;)

Sreenivas Raman said...

I donno if anyone has pointed this out yet... in both 1970 and 1990 WCs (20 years apart) ex-world-cup-winning players had won the WC as managers. 2010 is the next iteration of the cycle. With Dunga out, Maradona is the only candidate left.

Anonymous said...

we lost it...andthat too with such poor show of performance, i am hert brocken, our defence was indeed the eyes are ful of tears as i write this, i waited for four years and i am heart brocken........
i love you argentina....this was my last WC-2010 match...i dont want to see any more match........
i am still am an agentinian hopes have dream are shattered.......i will re ignite the hope for world might change then...but my love for all of you "albiceleste" shall continye...
annonymous from india

Anonymous said...

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