Monday, December 11, 2006

Por Dios PARDEW is gone!

I can't help but to feel a little sad about it because I think he is a good man and a hard-working professional. But I think Alan PARDEW being sacked by West Ham United is great news for Carlos TEVEZ and Javier MASCHERANO.

Even though I still don't know who is going to replace PARDEW, I believe that CARLITOS and MASCHE would have never shone playing for him and his system.

It is ridiculous to use TEVEZ the way he is being used, without giving him the freedom he needs to terrorise defenders.

As for Javier, how can he be the midfield boss for Argentina (playing against world-class opponents) and not even making it to the bench at West Ham?

It is obviously due to bad management and I hope that with this change at the helm, that is coming to an end.

Favourites to replace PARDEW are Alan CURBISHLEY (great experience in the Premier League but I'm not sure about his relationship with foreign players) or Sven Goran ERIKSSON (a man who knows about managing Argentine players as the backbone of his Lazio side that won the Serie A in 1999-2000 was formed by Nestor SENSINI, Diego SIMEONE, Matias ALMEYDA and Juan Sebastian VERON).

We will see what happens but it is very clear to me that things can't go worse (I hope I'm not wrong here!)


helen said...

West Ham had very poor result this year and it is natural to sack the manager. Hopefully his suceessor will do better.

The whole world know that Tevez and Macherano only use West Ham as a jumping board for big clubs and they are not going to stay. is extremely risky to build your team around someone who can't wait to leave. And if you saw Mancherano's recent performance it is simply awful. Anyway I wish them best luck under new manager.

Anonymous said...

Magnusson is a bit fickle isn't he. I swear that last week he was declaring his undying love for Pardew. How he was the best manager in the world, how he was going to give him all this money to buy talented Englishman etc, etc. I feel bad for the guy though think that he was a bit loyal to some players who should have been cut or moved to the bench. I have say though, that after seeing their performance I really have to wonder if it isn't possible to sack a couple of the players as well. Tevez and Harewood were the only two who really stood out as making an effort to win. The midfield and defense were a horrible, horrible mess. Even when Argentina beat Serbia-Montenegro this past World Cup I feel that Serbia-Montenegro made an effort for at least half of the game. West Ham were pitiful which was surprising considering their precarious position.

Anyway enough about that. I'm surprised that there has been little mention (though I haven't checked the previous topic yet) of the latest Boca defeat (I swear that after seeing that game my first though, since I'm a Boca fan, was Die LaVolpe Die!!!! Just kidding, though how depressing is it that the title has eluded us for a second week). Now it comes down to the game with Estudiantes (whimper). I really hope that Gago fixes whatever was messing up his game this past Sunday since Veron will not allow those mistakes.

Ok I'm done now. Taking some deep breathes into a paper bag...


john said...

Hi There Everyone,

It was another exciting weekend and I was please to see some our players in action.

Goals from Hernan Crespo and Walter Samuel propelled Inter to their 11th consecutive victory.

Great to know Diego Milito keeping up his good form for Zaragoza and I really hope that Coco will call him up for the friendly against France.

On a sad note, our golfers at the World Championship in Barbados could only manage to finish 5th. Represented by Angel Cabrera and Andres Romero, we were leading during the first two days of the event. Anyhow, well done guys.

Now regarding on Alan Pardew sacking, from my point of view I guess it was just a matter of time. When a new owner takes over the club, there’s always going to be speculation regarding on the future of the manager and even the players as well.

Let put the Carlitos and Javier issues aside. There have been other players who featured for West Ham last season that was simply awful this season. So where has it all gone wrong?

My next question is that is Alan Pardew a big man to coach world-class players like Carlitos and Javier? Well for me the answer to that question is Pardew is good coach but being a good coach is not enough to coach great players.

Of the two that was mentioned by Seba, I would prefer Sven Goran Ericksson due to the fact of his experience and knowledge of the game. We all know that he was a joke for England but we can’t deny his achievement with Lazio and Benfica.


andaman said...

Hi all,

Boca really picked a crucial time to stumble. They should have the title in the pocket. Would it happen if Basile still the coach? La Volpe looked confused all the time if you ask me. As for Gago, hope this Real Madrid thing not the reason to mess up his game for his sake.

Just curious, Argentina league have playoff to find the champion if 2 teams tie at the top standings at the end of the season? No looking at head-to-head or goals difference like European league? Anyway, the playoff on Wednesday will be a cracking match. Diego Simeone has done very well for a newbie. Hope I can watch the game via the net.


john said...

Hi There,

Andaman, I would like to congratulate on Thailand winning the men 4 x 100m relay. It was simply an outstanding race and perhaps one of the closest finishes I’ve ever seen.

Yes I do agree with you that La Volpe seems to be having a tough time settling in Boca. Maybe it’s perhaps that he has been away from Argentina for so long. There have been rumors saying that some players are not happy with his approach or methods.

Nevertheless I amazed with the wonders that Diego Simeone, alongside with Juan Sebastian Veron has done with Estudiantes. I’m sure the play off will be a cracker.

It was also great to see Claudio Lopez, another former Lazio star, in action for Club America from Mexico in the FIFA World Club Championship. By the way, was Saviola included in the Barca squad for this tournament?


alwin said...

Hi All,

West Ham was a team that over acheived last year and set a benchmark too high for themselves this year. PARDEW is not solely to be blamed for the bad performances, but more of the players of last season who just didn't turn up this season.

Anyway, as for TEVEZ and MASCHERANO, this could be their break and im sure any manager in their right mind will know where to play both of them.

A Basic 4-4-2 with MASCHERANO running the midfield and TEVEZ playing alongside SHERINGHAM. I belive both of them can complement each other where SHERINGHAM will be the Target man, providing the nod on's and knock downs for TEVEZ to guide the ball into the net. I believe they would work together, eventhough some might questions SHERINGHAM's age but i think with what WEST HAM have upfront, he is better than HAREWOOD and ZAMORA. Dean ASHTON's return could also form a formidable partnership with TEVEZ, because ASHTON is also a good Target man. In the end it's up to the new manager and i hope the best for T&M.

PARDON me ALLAN, but you ran out of ideas and it was for the best interest of all.