Friday, December 01, 2006

Fantastic performance by "DAVIS" NALBANDIAN

I was lucky enough to have Dubai Sports in my hotel room so I was able to watch the action live from Moscow.

When I started watching, Juan Ignacio CHELA was already trailing by 2 sets and I thought he could have pulled an amazing comeback but DAVYDENKO was solid today. Even though the sensational Argentina supporters made him struggle at some stages as MARADONA and company really got to his nerves!

Then David "DAVIS" NALBANDIAN simply destroyed Marat SAFIN. He looked in control since the very beginning when he broke SAFIN's serve in the opening game.

Tomorrow the doubles will be something special. It has the makings of a classic and could prove decisive for this Davis Cup final.

On Sunday, NALBANDIAN will play the first point against DAVYDENKO and we'll all be hoping a win can give us the elusive trophy we want to win so hard.



risingson said...

Hey I have a question. I'm putting up a blog dedicated to what the starting line-up and formation should be for the argentinian NT. When I do this, I'd like your feedback, and I'd like to get feedback from as many people as possible. Since I just started blogging, I don't really know how to get people to comment on my blogs. This is my attempt!

Seba said...

They destroyed us in the doubles. We had no chance against TURSUNOV and SAFIN and we can only pray to win both singles on Sunday.

David will take on DAVYDENKO and if he wins, then it'll be anybody's game, with SAFIN having an edge.

But you never know. He is a guy who can lose his temper and anything is possible.

I haven't lost faith yet.


Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

Great to be back to the blog after so long.

Nalbandian has brought Argentina to parity....what a fighter he is....Every Argentine should be proud of much like Leander Paes for India...

All the best for the decider.


john said...

Hi Everyone,

First and foremost, great to have you back Seba. And how are things going for you in Doha? I was watching opening ceremony the other day and it was simply spectacular.

Great to have you back also Subh. So what is your expectation from the Indian continent for the 2006 Doha Asian Games?

And finally there goes another weekend and by now everyone should know that Russia has won the Davis Cup by beating us 3-2.

One part of me is sad that we ended up the year without any trophy to shout about after losing in various World Championships, from football to basketball to tennis. But another side of me is simply very proud the way our racket kings performed against the Russians. No doubt the Russians may have home court advantage and playing on hard court but our boys with the backing of Diego Maradona and the large numbers of Albicelestes supporters gave them a match that they will never forget. For this, I salute you, David NALBANDIAN, Juan Ignacio CHELA, Agustin CALLERI and Jose ACASUSO.

Apart from this there were some other great news…

Inter beats Siena 2-0 with goals coming from Nicolas BURDISSO and Hernan CRESPO.

Diego MILITO keeps on scoring but Real Zaragoza went down to Osasuna 2-1.

And finally in the NBA, Chicago Bull’s Andres “Chapu” NOCIONI scored a career high 31 points in the 111-108 win over New Orleans/Oklahoma Hornets.



Seba said...

Everything is going great workwise. But the cold weather is simply too much! Nobody expected it to be like this and we even had like 4 days of rain last week!

Hope it changes soon.

Saurabh...I was at the Al Sadd Stadium watching India defeating Maldives. They got a winner in the 89th minute after frantically looking for it.

They need to beat Iran now to win the group because a draw will not be enough to qualify as one of the best two runners-up.

Yesterday I interview the great Bora MILUTINOVIC and today I had a chat with Iran's Brazilian coach Rene RODRIGUES SIMOES. Good guy.

As for the Davis Cup it was heart-breaking to see our team coming so close to the dream and yet ending so far.

It was a great performance by our boys and the doubles proved to be the only difference between the two teams.

Better luck next time.

Thanks for keeping us updated John!

And too bad Malaysia have lost twice at the Asian Games now. I didn't have the chance to see them as they play at a different venue but I'm sure you watched the games.

Boca have lost today and Estudiantes were about to win but conceeded an equaliser in injury time and now they are 3 points behind Boca with only one week to go. It's going to be dramatic and I reckon Boca will edge it.

Great job by Diego SIMEONE as Estudiantes manager. He sure had a season to remember no matter the final outcome.

Saurabh said...


After a long time, I got a weekend where I could sit back and watch sporting action across different fields...

was not a great one....i must say....from the Indian perspective....Cricket team got a 0-4 drubbing from SA ....but our away record has never been, i did not expect much from an injury plagued young team.....but the reaction in the media has bordered on hysteria....

The Davis Cup was a bitter loss....indeed....But i think the team can go back with its head high knowing that that it had given evrything on the field.....

saw a brilliant goal by Crespo....I must say that he has not received the recognition and respect...he deserves....his goal scoring record has been as good as anyone in world football....

and what is up with Burdisso.....I believe he got a hattrick in one of the Cup matches....great indeed....

Leo Franco.....stopped two penalties.....I know I m being unfair but cannot help pondering where was all that in Berlin.

and was mad with the West Ham match..... Tevez had such a brilliant game and yet the team lost......He made such a brilliant pass to unmarked Lee Bowyer who incredibly missed it. And I could not believe that Mascherano was sitting out when the whole West Ham back four and midfield looked so shaky.......

Sooner they get out ...better it will be ....and not only out of West Ham but also out of clutches of MIS.....

Seba....the irony of Indian football is that while we could watch Davis Cup, EPL, Primeral liga, Serie A and other matches, there was no telecast of India's football matches in Asian Games....even finding the schedule took some time for me....

Beating Iran will be very tough.....I think we messed up by drawing with Hong Kong...if we had won that we could have gone as the two of the best second placed teams....but will keep hoping against hope for an upset....

John......athletics and track and field events are not given much importance in India....I have not been able to follow much...will be able to spend some time now.......we were hoping for gold medals from shooting....but they bagged three silver yesterday.....

We have good chance in tennis for few gold medals..the old firm of Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza in women.... gold is always a coveted medal....but our recent form has not been very encouraging...........

Women's weightlifting and athletics can spring few surprises like it did in 2002 games....

What about Malaysia's chances......hopw do you rate them...

john said...


I’m not putting too much of hope on Malaysia winning medals but if there is one event that we stand a great chance and that event is squash. As you know, Nicol David who is the current World Champion and World Ranking No.1 represents us.

Apart from this there is good chance in badminton, but that depends on how we fare against the likes of China, South Korea and Indonesia.

We used to be among hockey top 3 best in Asia but in the past few years China and Japan have seem to improve and if not better.

In football, we did won the bronze medal twice before and even had qualified for the Olympics on two occasions but that is all history now. Malaysia football is currently very much at a bad state. In the past we should to beat the likes of China and Japan easily but these days even their Under-23 can beat our first choice senior team.

In fact the bitter truth is that the support for Malaysian football is not like what it used to be. Matches are played in empty stadium, as the quality of the game is sooo bad that people here would rather sit at home and watch European games.

I really hope things could be better but from the way the football authorities in Malaysia are running things it may take a loooong time before we can see some results


ArgToWin said...

Saurabh, regarding Crespo, I fully agree with you. Same goes for Javier Zanetti. Both are truely world class players and deserve more recognition than they are currently getting.

alwin said...

Hi All,

Seba, hope you are enjoying the games and surviving all the weather in Doha. I heard that there was a roof leak in the badminton arena!!.Takecare amigo.

Subh, Hope your Indian contigent will fare well and all the best to them. I was watching the Kabbadi event and i think India are world beaters in that event. Still trying to figure out how the rules are, mind letting me know? Just abit confused from what many people tell me.

John, Malaysian football is hitting rock bottom and the only way it would change is when it is managed in a proper way. Also, the fans need to stick by the team no matter. Yes, all of us here support the Albiceleste and we always want the Blue and White to triumph but at the same time also, each one of us here who is not Argentinian will root for their own national team success in any sport. Lets have the confidence that even if the Malaysian Football team may not win a medal this time around, it's the level of performance and effort that counts. One day i wish to see Malaysia qualify for it's first FIFA World Cup and play amongst the best in the world.

Yes, Nicol David is on a hot streak and a gold medal is expected from her. The GOLD medal targets set for the Malaysian team. Squash and tenpin bowling are expected to deliver two gold medals each with bodybuilding, cycling, karate, sailing and wushu tipped to contribute one each. Hence it's 9 Gold medals in total and Ester Cheah has already delivered 1 for the Bowling.

Of the seven, Sadly only sailing and cycling are Olympic sports. Makes me wonder why does a sport like Squash not being featured in the olympics until now. Anyway, that is for the IOC to decide.

Sorry incase i took too much of your time, but i was just like to share with everyone here that state of Malaysian sport and their prospects in the Doha Asian Games.


Anonymous said...

I saw both West Ham's and Real Zaragoza's games this past Sunday. So sad that Zaragoza didn't win theirs, they really deserved it since they were the better team. Poor Ponzio! To score the winning goal against your team!
Regarding the Tevez situation: I think I'm going to be in the minority here and say that I want him to stay at West Ham. I think that the move will eventually do him good. Learning the English game will only increase his adaptability making him a stronger player. Remember that it took both Henry and Drogba a lot of time to adapt to the Premiership and now both are very prolific strikers for Arsenal and Chelsea respectively.
I was very impressed with him this past Sunday, the guy was on fire and it was really nice to see the fans appreciate his efforts. It was cute, they were singing "There's only one Carlos Tevez..." or something to that effect.
The same goes for Mascherano, yes it's quite a bit of bad luck that Mullins has been doing as well as he is but I feel that it's only going to make Mascherano better, having to fight for his spot. A little healthy competition always helps doesn't it? I mean look how Heinze has improved after his injury at Man Utd with Evra being favored at times. He was looking pre-injury for most of his last game.
Anyway my point is that if Mascherano and Tevez were to leave now (if FIFA were to allow them) the whole thing would have been a waste of their time. I've heard that both have been training on their free days on their own. I admire their determination and would like to see it pay off. Also, with the way Tevez played on Sunday, if he keeps it up a goal has to happen.

One more thing: Sad about Boca not winning (saying this as a Boca fan) but at the same time I'm a little happy. This week's game is going to be so exciting!


john said...

Hi There Argentinafan,

It’s been a while since we heard from you. So how are things with you in St. Louis?

Yes Tevez performance was outstanding and I do really hope that he improves on this. What is now is missing is a goal to complete the whole jigsaw. However I must say that you can’t compare him to Henry and Drogba. Not that I have anything against both players, as there are fantastic players. But South American players tend to have adaptability problem went it comes to the Premiership.

Correct me if I’m wrong that in South America football is based short passing and short tempo but in the Premiership it is fast and tough. That’s why the game suits players like Henry and Drogba.

By the way about Boca, I think they’re good enough to earn a draw to clinch the title.


Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

Hi all

John and Alwin...Malaysia's draw with Pakistan was impressive indeed....

Sad to learn about the decline in Malaysian Football. It sounds so similar to what has happened in India. Our home games are no good for we hardly have people wtaching it in the stadium.

And what makes it worse is that it seems to me that things will turn for worse. School children nowadays hardly pursue sports seriously. With unreasonale increase in workload due to tutions, children hardly have anytime to play.

Commercialisation of education has meant that schools (barring few elite ones) do not pay adequate attention to sports. Some of the new ones do not even have proper grounds.

Neighbourhood spaces for the kids are getting eaten up by the real estate development bug. When I moved to New Delhi last year for work, I had great trouble in finding public grounds for jogging. Either they had vanished or had become exclusive clubs.

This wll hit all sports (not just football) in the long run as I firmly believe that schools and neighbourhood grounds and lanes are best cradle of sporting talents.

Moving to a brighter note, I did not know that Chess has been included in this Asian Games. We have already bagged a gold and the country is hoping for few more.

Argentinafan, I must admit to my ambivalence on the Tevez-Mascherano affair. One part of me says that they are fightes and will adapt to EPL just as they did in Corinthians. However, every time I watch Hammers play, i tend to think otherwise. John has already pointed put the difficulty with the pace and physical nature of English football and West Ham seems to be the quintessence of English football...the players play at a vary high tempo with very little subtlety. While I had thought that media attention will be less with a mid-levl club, but it seems my assessmet was wrong. English football is media circus, be it Chelsea or be it Charlton.

Alwin, I will explain the rules of Kabaddi after I brush my memory. I played that game last when I was nine. (The more sinister reason is that we would not want to share our know how with others for that is an assured gold medal for India:)


alwin said...

Hi All,

Subh, Malaysia threw it away against Pakistan, we could have stunned them. Anyway, a great result nontheless. Regarding Kabaddi, well i think only India can lose it as they have the medal in their hands rather than win it in Kabaddi. I heard that they have a player who is the "David Beckham" of Kabaddi.

Argentinafan, glad to have you back also, and i have to echo your comments on TEVEZ and MASCHERANO and it's only matter of time when the goal comes if they are still going to be there giving it their all. TEVEZ is particular was at the heartbeat of all West Ham's moves and i think he will be starting more matches to come.


Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...


I know I can do better but this peice from wikipedia is quite informative and some of the rules that are mentioned like defenders forming chain by linking hands, we never observed as kids.

You need to be good at holding your breath in this game. For an attacker has to come back in his/her own half without losing breath. You have to touch as many opponents as possible and come back (the more you touch, more points you get). But if you are pinned down, you are eliminated.

So, an attacker has to be strong to be able to come back even after being pinned down. If you are thin like me, you just have to rely on speed and prayer. And as I found out that most times even that is not enough.

As far as Indian Kabaddi team having a Beckham of our own, I just hope we do not go the Real Madrid way.

About the gold medal being for India to lose, I must say that people used to say the same about our hockey team when we won seven olympic golds in a row ....and now we have not qualified for semi finals for last 24 years.



Kabaddi (sometimes written Kabbadi or Kabadi) is a team sport originally from South Asia. It is popular throughout South Asia and Southeast Asia, is the national game of Bangladesh and state game of Punjab, India. The name — often chanted during a game — derives from a Hindi word meaning "holding of breath", which is indeed the crucial aspect of play.

Two teams of seven players (wearing socks and boxer shorts, sometimes briefs) occupy opposite halves of a field of 12.5m x 10m (roughly half the size of a basketball court). Each team has five additional players that are held in reserve. The game is organized into two 20-minute halves, with a five-minute half-time break during which the teams switch sides.

The teams take turns sending a "raider" across to the opposite team's half, where the goal is to tag or wrestle ("capture") members of the opposite team before returning to the home half. Tagged members are "out" and are sent off the field. The raider must not take a breath during the raid, and must prove it by constantly chanting (called 'cant' or 'dak') during the raid. The chant-word is kabaddi in India and Pakistan hađuđu in Bangladesh, do-do in Nepal, guddu in Sri Lanka, chado-guddo in Malaysia, Zoo in Iran, and techib in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the defenders must form a chain, for example by linking hands; if the chain is broken, a member of the defending team is sent off. The goal of the defenders is to stop the raider from returning to the home side before taking a breath. If the raider takes a breath before returning to the home side, the raider is out and is sent off the field.

A player can also get "out" by going over a boundary line during the course of the play or if any part of the player's body touches the ground outside the boundary, except during a struggle with an opposing team member.

Each time a player is out the opposing team earns a point. A team scores a bonus of two points, called a lona, if the entire opposing team is declared out. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins.

Matches are staged on the basis of age and weight. Seven officials supervise a match: one referee, two umpires, two linesmen, a timekeeper and a scorer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone,

It has been a while, real life is very hectic. St Louis is cold and icy at the moment John (I would love to be in Argentina or any other Southern Hemisphere country right now, hehe). I'm lucky though that I still have my power, there was big ice storm last week and a something like 300,000 people are without power at the moment (though I think the power company is restoring it as fast as they can).
I understand both of yours and Saurabh's comments regarding South American's adaptability though I do think it's a bit of misconception or perhaps a self fulfilling prophecy since Veron was such a public case of failure to adapt (although to be fair, I really think it was more of a manner of him being misused rather than him not adapting). Also, the reason I brought up Drogba and Henry is that both are players that are used to the European style of play and should therefore take less time to adapt. If it took Drogba (who is very talented) 2 years to fully adapt to the Premiership we can't expect Tevez to come in and start scoring goals or say that because he has failed to do so at this point that he should cut and run while he can (Mascherano too).
Comparing his performance on Sunday to his performance on when he first started you can see that he has started to adapt his style of play to the English game, which once he masters, will make him a even stronger and more flexible player. My point is though that with the amount of hard work that both have put in along with the talent we know they both possess, I think that they should see it through until they are asked to leave (rather than trying to get out).


alwin said...

Hi All,

Subh-Thank you very much for your insight on Kabaddi, a very interesting sport indeed. Yes India was a powerhouse in Hockey, they did start their campaign well with a 6-0 trashing of Bangladesh, but then i guess losing 3-2 to China is a shock result. Anyway, Malaysia drew with Japan 2-2 today following their first game draw with Pakistan.

Looking forward to the Champions league match between PORTO and ARSENAL. Hopefully LUCHO and LISANDRO will be able to shine against the Gunners, a win for PORTO might spell the end for Arsenal.

Argentinafan- West Ham will be playing Wigan at Upton Park today, hopefully TEVEZ will get another start and pull the strings again. Seeing MASCHERANO starting will also be a great bonus.

Vamos Argentina,


john said...

Hi There Everyone,

Porto and Arsenal progress to the knockout stage of the Champions League after both drew 0-0. Vamos to Lucho and Lisandro

As for West Ham, they were beaten 2-0 by Wigan at Upton Park. Just for everyone’s info Tevez was in the starting line up and Mascherano was not even on the bench.

Thanks Subh for sharing with us your knowledge on Kabaddi. There is an event, which is big in the South East Asian region, just as much as Kabaddi is in India. It is called Sepak Takraw. If anyone of you had the chance, I would certainly recommend you to watch it as involves a lot technical skills such as the bicycle kick. More or less a combination of football and volleyball.


john said...

NBA – Tall Argies In Action

Andres “Chapu” Nocioni continues his remarkable form for the Chicago Bulls as he scored 14 points in their 121-94 win over the Philadelphia 76ers.

Meanwhile in the San Antonio Spurs/Charlotte Bobcats match, there was not 1 but 3 Argentina players in action.

Manu Ginobili and Fabricio Oberto scored 13 and 7 points respectively to help the Spurs beat the Bobcats by 96-76.

And finally Walter Herrmann makes his debut for the Bobcats by scoring 6 points. Vamos Walter!!!


Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...


I have been hit the road again travelling through the North Eastern region of India...but managed to watch the Barca-Bremen game....and some parts of the Man Utd. - Benefica game.

Benefica deserved to lose ith such atrocious defending. However, Barca game was good and with Ronaldinho in sparklng form, they really made light of injuries to Eto, Messi and Saviola.

John,I have always been amazed with skills of Sepak Takraw players. Incidentally, people of State of Manipur and few other indigenous tribes in the North East Region in India have a traditional game very similar to Sepak Takraw.. May be it has something to do with the historical and ethnic smilarities between South East Asian people and the indgenous tribes in North East region in India.

India may soon have a national team. In fact, one friend of mine from Manipur was arguing that India's neglect of this game and failure to send a sepak takraw team to international competitions till now is yet another sign of pervasive neglect of the region by mainland India.


john said...


I'm not surprise that Sepak Takraw has even caught India's attention. A couple years ago I even heard that Brazil was taking up the sport. I guess maybe due its almost similarity to football plus with all the acrobatic skills involve, its makes the game very much exciting to play.

I also know that you're big cricket fan. So have you been following the Ashes series which going right now? So who's your pick?

I have been following cricket in recent times mostly on the news and papers, but the problem in Malaysia is that live cricket matches are on pay per view and it is quite expensive. Despite of all this, I'm definitely going to subscribe for next years World Cup.

NBA - Tall Argies in Action

Walter Herrmann continues to improves for the Charlotte Bobcats as he scored 8 points, despite going down 62-92 to the Houston Rockets

Manu Ginobili shines as he became San Antonio's highest scorer (22 points) in their 111-82 win against the LA Clippers. Fabricio Oberto scored 6 points.



andaman said...


Long time no here. I'm happy Thailand won gold medals for both men and ladies sepak takraw teams. It's quite a fun sport to watch really. To think that it used to be sport played for leisure after a hard day's work. Sepak Takraw have come a long way.

Anyone watched lovely goal started and finished in Argentina by Aimar and D.Milito in Zaragoza game last night. And I wanted to clobber D.M.'s head for missing that penalty which denied him up there as lone pichichi. Anyway the penalty was a gift from the ref.


alwin said...

Hi All,

Andaman, yes Congratulations to the Thai Sepak Takraw team, they are very good and Malaysia has to play second fiddle.

Diego MILITO will somehow break into the National Team, without question, any idea when is Argentina's next international match? Can't wait for it, i would think it's somewhere in 2007 and lets all hope a new year, a new leaf and many happier days for the ALBICELESTE.


Seba said...

Hi everyone! Nice to see you're keeping the blog updated with news from several sports! Gracias!

As for Argentina's next international match it'll be against France in Paris on February 7th.

I can't wait for that!

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